Live Action exposes Gendercide – The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas

Abortion for any reason is a disgusting and barbaric act but just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Live Action exposes how Planned Parenthood facilitates gendercide – the aborting of a baby because of its gender. Live Action reports on their YouTube page:

Over 100 millions girls are missing today. These girls were victims of gendercide. The war on baby girls begins in the womb.

What makes this even worse is that the Planned Parenthood counselor says that it’s difficult to tell the gender until the child is around 20 weeks, when the brain and almost everything else is already developed. So the abortion would have to occur at that point when the child is already developed.

It’s heart-wrenching to even hear this kind of stuff. But it’s happening everyday and thanks to Live Action for exposing it:

(h/t: Daily Caller)

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74 thoughts on “Live Action exposes Gendercide – The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas

  1. OK Scoop…what’s up with the troll?

    I highly recommend this article from First Things for those so offended by the “attack” on PP. The author beautifully illustrates how “civilly” we accept and believe that killing children somehow really is a helpful and caring “service” or health care for women.

    It is all just different opinions right? How I feel and how you feel are both valid- and we can skip along and be tolerant of each others feelings…so civilly of course.

    Thanks, Carrie’s mom

  2. Live Action has not exposed anything. This ONE video was scam in which nothing happened. This does not prove that this is a serious problem in the US. It happens in India and China. I suggest that Live Action focuses on a country where the practice of female infanticide actually exists if they actually want to help women and children.

  3. the pregnant woman is the 1 who kept pushing the sex origin not the 1 from PP. The one from PP was giving her options and scams, give me a break! Reguardless we need to close down PP and start protecting the unborn children!

    1. The whole thing was a “scam” to make Planned Parenthood look bad. Why not get indignant about something that actually happens in the US?

  4. “(Laughing)… There’s nothing wrong with getting pregnant right afterwards (after an abortion).>”

    Makes. Me. Sick. Physically sick to hear this. The unborn girl means nothing. She’s just something inconvenient to dispose of.

    There are enormous problems in areas of the world where female babies are killed at birth or before. Thousands of men have no prospects for marriage. Violence is rampant.

    There is a reason that God’s world is 50-51% women.

    1. Go tell it to India and China. The actual problem is there not here. Didn’t you know about this practice before this fake expose?

  5. How awful. And to think Americans are paying for this through our tax dollars. This has to stop. We don’t do this in a civilized society.

    1. We don’t practice gendercide in the USA. It happens in India and China. This video proves nothing. It is just a scam. You tax dollars are safe. Maybe they will go to pay for the Iraq War instead.

  6. So if a man wants to beat his wife, is that a “choice” you can’t control as well? Killing little girls in utero is violence against women AND children.

  7. So if a man wants to beat his wife, is that a “choice” you can’t control as well? Killing little girls in utero is violence against women AND children.

  8. So if a man wants to beat his wife, is that a “choice” you can’t control as well? Killing little girls in utero is violence against women AND children.

  9. Chilling the comfort level in the discussion…Here’s your free trial pregnancy, don’t like it just bring it back and try for another. (why not bilk Medicaid while you’re at it right?) No big deal. I guess it is all in a day’s work of caring about women at Planned Parenthood.

    Diabolical. Throw some Holy Water on that woman and watch her writhe….evil dished out with sweetness and caring…chills. UGH

      1. Your support and defense of a company that advocates ripping a 20 week old baby girl from the womb-and discusses it with less concern than one might expect discussing wart removal- reminds me of Joseph Mengele.

        1. if you close your eyes and think about gum drops and unicorns while thinking happy gay thoughts, you can just make it all go away!

  10. This is what is called partial birth abortion and the whole thing disgusts me. However, there are some cases where it is actually humane to abort a fertilized egg. The mother’s life is in danger and she has other children. And I don’t care what anyone thinks, thinking a woman/girl should go full term with a baby fathered by a relative or rapist is appalling and lacking compassion. It seems the ones most against any type of abortion are men who will never be in that position to decide. So “judge not another until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.”

  11. Talking about getting pregnant soon after an abortion? You have got to be kidding me. If you just have an abortion why would you intentionally get pregnant right away? The pregnancy is a few month’s ahead of schedule or what? Abortions are fun for a sadistic mother? It makes no sense.

    Abortions at 5 months are abominable. Doing it for sex preference is even worse.

    1. It’s OK.. I tell myself… I just think about this: Just know God is watching. He knows! He sees! He sees the abomination… He sees the darkness… He sees the evil. He will JUDGE! The innocent child will be with God… The evil will burn in Hell!

  12. If you hear someone clapping when Father throws these planned parenthood people in the lake of fire, it’s me.

    Stay Blessed and stay strong.

  13. “and to think it could happen right here in America…i know that you think its not true…. but its happening to Christians right here in America wait till it happens to you” this is a line from a song by Larry Norman…”Right here in America”

  14. Planned Parenthood needs to be EXPOSED! and Live Actionis doing some great work. we need more of this undercover reporting

    1. Live Action seems to be doing a great job with fake videos and made-up causes. Can you even distinguish reality from a snow job?

      1. i think you made a wrong turn somewhere. you are completely lost.

        take a left at HuffPo and another hard left at Think Progress. btw, don’t feed the unicorns

  15. This is so heartbreaking to know it is going on. This need to be shared everywhere.

  16. if you look at the judgment that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah was it because of the sin of homosexuality or was it because of the populations acceptance of the sin…i say it was the latter. When a people become so evil as to embrace and encourage a sin or life style, can judgement be far behind.This action is straight from the pit of hell its self…destroy the life giving women and you destroy the soul and very survival of a people and in the and isn’t that what Satan has been doing from the very beginning…

    Gen 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
    Gen 3:2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:
    Gen 3:3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.
    Gen 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
    Gen 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

    and the lie continues to this day….Dear God have mercy on this once great country….open our eyes to what is going on around us…and give us the strength to expose it to the light of day…let us be the Watchmen on the Tower………..

    thanks to the brave people at Live Action for your hard work…..i will post this to twitter and my FB…this needs to be sent out across the country…

  17. Well I would have slept better not knowing this was going on.

    How long? How long will we put up with this? How long will God shed his grace on this morally-fading country? Christians must stand up and fight this evil, gross insanity. And Conservatives must stand up and fight Planned Parenthood. Defund this sham outfit NOW!

    1. As hard as this is to stomach, the more that this atrocity is exposed, the more people are truly aware as to what “Planned Parenthood” is all about nd can fight back when the Dems start preaching about the “War on Women.”

    1. It might be evidence of the “War on Women if it were true. This video was propaganda from a pro-life group. This is a practice that happens in India and China–not the United States. This group is merely creating an issue where none exists to get attention for their cause. Don’t believe everything someone tells you.

  18. Life is created by G-d and only he has the right to take it away. Only an evil person or group could do such horrible things to precious life.

  19. Some things you probably can’t be too open because there are people out there who will place judgement. You know?‘ – PP provider

    Yeah, like maybe the unborn baby girl that you want to exterminate – or maybe God?

  20. When the liberal/Democrats want to talk about the “War on Women” this would be the place to start the conversation.

  21. “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew: 19:14 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

  22. Oh my God, what have we become……
    Thank you Live Action for exposing, for this is incomprehensible, inconceivable cruelty to little baby girls…..
    Is what they are doing with medicaid legal?

  23. Is this what the President of the United States supports?

    Where did you lose your way America? What has happened to you?

    1. If he can support a baby born alive during a botched abortion be left in a garbage can to die, it’s not much of a surprise he’d support this. He’s evil, and it shows this country’s moral slide when someone like dear leader can be elected in the first place.

  24. Is gendercide really a problem in America? I’ve heard about it being widespread in developing countries that value boys over girls, but Americans by and large of supportive of equal rights. Nor do we have the agricultural-based lifestyle that caused boys to be treated as more valuable in countries like China.

      1. It’s not a policy; it’s a personal choice. I can’t chose other people’s choices for them. Should we not ban guns because multiple innocent people have died because of guns? “If one innocent person dies of a gun shot in America… Isn’t that problem enough?” No, because we can’t control everybody’s choice of what to do with a gun or with fast food or fast cars of anything else.

        1. That’s a bad analogy. As far as I know, it’s not presently legal to shoot someone with a gun, but it is legal to abort them.

          What would our country look like if I had the personal choice to legally shoot whomever I wanted? Much like Sharia Law, I suspect.

          1. My point is that people can make poor decisions, and we can’t change that fact.

            It IS legal to own a gun, but it’s not legal to murder people, just like it is legal to abort people, but its not ethical to personally chose to abort a fetus based on its gender. We can never prevent everybody from murdering people with their legal guns or genderciding people with their legal abortions. Furthermore, gendercide is not a problem in America. The boy-to-girl birth ration according to the latest census figures is 1.05 boys for every 1 girl, a figure that is well within the margin of randomness.

            My analogy was just to say that there are some things that are not inherently bad by themselves that can always be abused.

            Another way to say it, there’s nothing wrong with Skittles and Arizona Watermelon (not iced tea, as was widely reported), but when you mix them together to make the drug “lean” then it is bad. Should we outlaw Skittles, Arizona Watermelon and cough syrup?

              1. So you think that we should ban guns just because some people might use them to commit murder?

                You think we should ban abortion just because some people might use it to commit gendercide?

                That’s stepping dangerously close to supporting the Democrat-created fake “war on women.”

                1. All I said, in my first post, was you used a bad analogy, then chuckled at you in my second. I never talked about banning guns, you did. Also, I think we should ban abortion because it’s murder, plain and simple. There are situations that require extreme means sometimes, but abortion for convenience is your bailiwick, not mine. Try to stick to your own opinions, because when you try to create mine, you miss rather badly.

    1. …countries that value boys over girls, but Americans by and large of [sic] supportive of equal rights.‘ – b&d

      Most pro-choice advocates are supportive of equal rights – abort both boys and girls equally.

      1. Pro-choice activists always pretend they are all about equal gender rights, but really they just want to advance liberal policies. Giving people free birth control and censoring Rush Limbaugh, for example, is what feminists want now, but neither of those policies have anything to do with equal rights.

    2. 1. Did you watch the video? Is it or is it not in the USA? (It is).
      2. There is a huge problem with Canadians (mostly immigrants from the cultures that treat women and girls as inferior) entering the United States seeking gender selection abortions! This is very common in Seattle.
      3. DEFINE “PROBLEM” …how many babies have to be killed because of their gender before you say its a “problem” in the Untied States???
      4. If the woman in this video were seeking to abort her fetus because of a pre-natal test that indicated the baby was a. black or b. homosexual this would be considered an atrocity of epic proportions among the liberal elite on the cocktail circuit. When that starts to happen, how do you think progressives will feel about their cherished “right” then??

      1. This isn’t a video of a person seeking to abort her female fetus. It’s a video of someone pretending to want to abort her female fetus. In fact, gendercide isn’t a problem based on the fact that very few, if any, people support aborting fetuses based on gender.

        In fact, you can even look at factual numbers to prove this point. The ratio of male-to-female babies is 1.05-to-1.00, well within the margin of randomness. If gendercide was widespread, there would be many more males born. Furthermore, over 90% of abortions are performed before the first 20 weeks, at which point tests are not able to determine gender of the baby.

      2. Responding to #4.: The liberal cocktail circuit loves supporting so-called female issues, such as free contraception and censoring Rush Limbaugh. Of course they’d be angry if women were targeted for gendercide. In fact, the liberals want to pass new bills making it harder for companies to do business and harder to fairly compensate female workers, under the guise of “payment fairness.” You are wrong to suggest that the liberal media doesn’t care about gendercide and other female-related issues.

        You also questioned what would happen if the sting were relating to black or gay babies. James O’Keefe actually called Planned Parenthood and pretended to be a donor giving a donation for aborting black babies. But it wouldn’t really be possible to abort your baby based on it being black. Consider that your baby could only be black if you or your partner were black. You’d have to be a bigger Fluke than Susan Fluke to not know that your baby was potentially black.

        As to whether you could abort your fetus for being gay… Do you think that people are born gay? There are many commentators and activists who have made the case that homosexuality is a choice.

  25. Is someone surprised by this? This is an outfit founded to genocide blacks. So now they are genociding females. Next year, it could be anyone. The end jusifies the means.

    1. The double standard is sickening! If someone kills a mother with a pre-born human baby and they are likely to be charged with double murder! And RIGHTLY SO! But if that same mother, just the day before… was to to to a PP and have that very same pre-born human “terminated”… Well then… That’s just find and dandy! It’s as sick as it is depressing to think about!

      1. I agree. I’ve stated that point many times. The sickest part is, if we make an issue of it, the lefties would want to reverse their call for ‘double homicide’. It’s a sad, sad situation they have created.

        Human life is human life, no matter what stage of development it’s in, be it zygote, fetus, baby, teen, or adult.

        1. MY God, I thought when Liberals thought about this, they would reverse their support for abortion… I never dreamed they’d go the other way and call for an end to the “double homicide” laws. Wow! I’m with you.. A human life is human with a soul from the very moment of conception.

    2. Should perhaps be done by a Constitutional amendment if that would be quicker than overturning the awful Supreme Court decision of 1973.

  26. Texas? OMG! I thought this was going to be about China. This video made me cry. And nothing much does that. I guess all we can do is stand up for the “Silent Scream” those innocent pre-born human beings that need us post-born to stand up for them!

    Personal story: I once had a friend that argued that it was up to the parents if they wanted to abort a girl and wait for a boy… (shudder)… I think the best argument I could use against his cold rationalization was this: If your grandparents had done this, your mother would not exist and neither would you! Do you still think it’s okay? I think I made him think, I don’t know if I got though to him… Liberals… Confounding!

    Silent Genocide – Brought to you by Planned Parenthood and Lord Lucifer! I’m sorry if this seems like an over emotional post, but this issue… I know you’ll understand.

    1. This is the reason they are fighting Perry tooth and nail. If ALL the women in Texas knew why the Governor wants to shut them down any way he can…this is why

  27. Thank-you Scoop for keeping us informed via Live Action. I sometimes wish I could go back to being ignorant of these kind of things, but that would be the worst kind of cowardice. I will be sending this link to everyone I know, we all must face this to be able to change it.

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