Watch Newt Gingrich Lincoln Day Dinner Speech

In West Palm Beach tonight, Newt Gingrich spoke before a large crowd at the Palm Beach County GOP Party Lincoln Day Dinner. Watch the full speech below:

Note: If the speech is slow to load and buffers a lot at first, just pause it for a couple minutes and let it load.

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142 thoughts on “Watch Newt Gingrich Lincoln Day Dinner Speech

  1. I take it you people are too young to remember Newt from the 90’s or you wouldn’t even consider him as President. He can talk a good line but he wants to be Dictator not President. Wants to write laws with executive orders that is totally unconstitutional.

    1. Seeing as I am almost 40 I very much remember Newt in the 90’s where he did great things for the conservative movement more than any other candidate. perhaps you are to enamored of the constant attacks he was subject to for being a conservative by the drive by media?

    1. who is glenn beck anymore?….he used to be on tv…have not heard from him since guess i don’t get his channel

  2. Looking at Newt it is obvious he is dog tired and wore out. But even in that condition he has the passion to articulate an inspiring path for America’s future.

    Hell Obama can’t even do that when he’s been vacationing and playing 5 rounds of golf in a week….

    1. The 0 can’t do it even when he’s reading off the teleprompter (wait, he does that all the time, doesn’t he).

      I can hear the dinner conversation now, ‘Michelle, pass the salt and…can you scroll down?…ahhh, the pepper, please.’

  3. Willard Romney = The empty bucket candidate. Bob Dole never understood the joke. A man trying to win the Presidency without a motivated base is like a man standing in the bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle.

    Now we hear one of Romney’s advisers tried to redistrict West out of his job and what comes to mind is the following Reagan quote:

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -President Reagan

    Newt/West 2012!

  4. That was a good speech but I wish he wouldn’t have Calista stand next to him every time he gives a speech. I don’t know why he does that. I’m trying to get over my petty dislike of her, but even when I manage to rise above that all I keep thinking of whenever she’s in the same shot is “LET THE POOR WOMAN SIT DOWN”. My feet and back hurt just watching her.

  5. Among the many interesting points Newt made was his discussion how he has separated himself from the Obama approach.

    I believe he is correct in his assessment that you will not beat Obama in a 52% to 48% fight. I like this analogy and it pretty much sums up the position McRomney will be in.

    There is no question a Newt Presidency would be a total different course than the current administration.

    A clear choice. Newt imo is very clear in his intentions.

  6. How can anyone compare the stumblinb stuttering candidate MITT RONMNEY for president when this man has the passion, the experience and the presence of mind where ever he speaks and he can silence his not so reliable supporters in a matter of wit and words! This man knows and understands that this might be our last stand to take back the America that we all know love and respect from a man who started his demolition journey the first day he took office! His agenda was weaken a country whose history he never cared for, who had to depend on then Sen Ted Kennedy’s edorsement to defeat the democratic/ freedom loving people whose CONSTITUTION gurarnantees them their rights! NEWT GINGRICH is the man for these serious times and will change Washington by defeating Barack Obama. We must all be commmitted to take not only the Presidencty, but the SENATE AND HOUSE TOO. Under RONALD REAGAN WE RAN THE CORRUPT GOVT UNCER JIMMY CARTER OUT OF OUR WHTIE HOUSE. AND HE STILL….REMEMBERS IT!!! I hope all of FLORIDA WILL RECOGNIZE NEWT HAS A GENUINE LOVE FOR AMERICA AND IT COMES NATURAL! HE DOESNT’ SURROUND HIMSELF WITH LOSER BUT WINNER WHO WILL CELBRATE THIS ELECTION WITH A WIN FOR A MAN WHO WILL NOT ONLY LEAD BUT OFFER SOLUTION TO ENDING THIS NATIONS LONG NIGHTMARE AND SIEGE THE BY THE LEFT WING LIBERAL SOCIALIST PARTY. USA USA USA*****

  7. Inspirational speech! Mitt just doesn’t have the emotional wherewithal to accomplish what Newt does. No one had or has, that talent like Reagan did, he could literally bring tears to tired, weary eyes…but I’ll take Newt, who to me, could surely be, especially with the house and senate, a reasonable Reagan second act.

    Now on to the funny. I saw a photoshopped picture of Mitt this morning with a dog kennel, (complete with dog inside the kennel), strapped to Mitt’s head. The twine that bound it to his head was tied under his chin. Oh boy it was hilarious…just can’t find a link to it. Can you picture it though? 😀

    The voters in Florida should disallow/deny the tactics of Mitt, the MSM, and the “conservative” talking head hookers a win in this pimary race. They cannot allow lies, slander, and caricature to be rewarded. What they, with the apparent blessing of the GOP establishment, is and has been doing, with and for Mitt, is nothing short of disgusting. The tactics, and the individual trying to benefit from those tactics, need to be slapped down, with a vengence. A righteous indignation they will not soon forget.

    Floridians, Vote Newt! Give the GOP the finger and let’s Tea Party our way straight up Pennsylvania Ave!

  8. Do any of you people even know Newt’s record???? He is CFR Globalist, insider lobbyist. And you are supporting him, America is doomed. You will get 4 more Of Obama if you nominate him.

    1. Heh. Such a rat, they made a horror movie about him. (Sorry, had to. & in case you’re too young- Willard)

  9. That sounds really great. Herman Cain and Rick Perry co chairing a jobs committee. Recipe for disaster if you ask me.

    I was expecting Gingrich to say “and then after I repeal those three bills I will go to the bathroom. When I return I will convene my moon comittee……”

    1. The Wilson refrence: “When your opponent is in the process of commiting suicide, don’t murder him” in refrence to Walter Mondale. And you have a problem with that?

      Oh well, you better alert Glenn Beck with your important observation. Also notice how he talked about Lincoln, and how Lincoln believed in …. in…. in in in , I can’t say it!!……. P-P-P-P-P-Prrrrrooooogrrressss.. PROGRESS, there i said it.
      The fact that Lincoln championed the railroad is proof that he was also an evil progressive, or else Newt wouldn’t have mentioned it.
      This is proof that Newt only believes in progressives like Lincoln, Mussolini, Washington, Ghengis Khan, Wilson, Kennedy and Hitler. The conspiracy widens…
      More Glenn Beck Kool Aid fast!!!

      1. grim, you may have the million dollar idea, sell these becksters that drop by some of that blood red beckaid…

        Everyone becomes a progressive except the person in the mirror, it will make blood shoot out of the eyes when a progressive is seen or heard.

  10. awesome….I a little nervous cos the latinos want romney and we have so many freakin latinos in florida:( But I cannot stand romney and I will not change my Newt vote….

  11. I was beginning to get really annoyed at Herman Cain, then he does this and now I’m a happy camper. And a double endorsement from Sarah Palin. After ‘Bloody Thursday’ and the Drudge Report onslaught I was feeling pretty hopeless for Newt’s chances. It’s scarey when you see the establishment and RINOs and media join up like that. I’m convinced a good half of the people who are against Newt really never even listened at length to any of his speeches. If Newt can win Florida I will be psyched.
    Notice the part of the speech where Newt said of Lincoln embracing ‘progress’ to develop a rail system, I’m sure that’s all Glenn needs to say “oh my God! Newt’s a progressive! See I told you so!” Glenn Beck talks out of his a*s, which where his brain is.

    I’m really clueless as to *why* anybody votes for Romney. What inspiring or interesting thing has he ever said? Exactly what has he ever done for Conservatism?? Exactly *why*do they think a guy like that can beat obama??? (don’t bother with poll data, Reagan was down 30 points to Carter) When does anyone ever listen to Romney and think ‘wow, yes that would be great!’ He’s as exciting as a bran muffin. (saying nothing to how dishonest he is)
    And Rick Santorum… yeah, yeah he’s a good Conservative, but if he doesn’t see the writing on the wall, his name will be Mudd in the Conservative movement. Rick Perry had a better shot and he dropped out and endorsed Newt. Sarah palin too and now Herman Cain. He is only going on because of ego, he has no chance in Florida, no path to win enough delagtes. He simply does not have the vision and communication skills of Newt. His votes only hurt Newt and help Romney, period. So does Rick really want to be the guy to help Romney win the nomination? (and lose the presidency i.m.o.).

    1. Well said grim!!! There you go with those positive outlooks.

      beck is a magician, or would that be a ventriloquist speaking out his @$$ with so many heads stuck up there.

    2. Very good points grim..

      grim quote:
      “I’m really clueless as to *why* anybody votes for Romney.
      *What inspiring or interesting thing has he ever said?
      *Exactly what has he ever done for Conservatism??
      *Exactly *why*do they think a guy like that can beat obama??? ”

      good questions.

  12. If any of you were inspired by Newt, Cain and West tonite, then by all means DO NOT keep it to yourselves -forward copies of their speeches to everyone you know, it’s time we start really speaking up and being very LOUD about it! The Obama has got to go!!

  13. Thanks, Newt for taking a stand with the rest of us and telling it like it is. America is still the greatest nation! Together we can kick Obama and his regime of bums OUT!

  14. Florida, Are you going to give us a NEWt aste of Fresh Squeezed Florida Orange Juice or just a frozen watered down version of WMR imitation?

  15. Dear Mr. Speaker :

    With all due respect to Mr. Cain whom I’m sure has created many minimum and low wage jobs in the pizza industry but I have a different solution to this problem. GET CHINA UNDER CONTROL !!
    Disengage from The World Economy and bring all of our highly paid manufacturing jobs back to America.Jobs problem solved.

    1. I hate to tell you this , but there is no way in heck that America can compete with Asia , India in the cost of manufacturing.
      It ain’t gonna happen. Companies when given the choice of American labor scales or overseas pay scales , it is a no brainer. Competition dictates they go offshore.

      In the world economy America has been priced out of the picture. Why fight with a union or pay 15 to 25 $ an hour when they can pay $5 or $10 a day and get better production to boot… That’s reality.

      Read this and tell me America can compete with this… not in a million years.

      1. Quite simple. Asians does not work for Asians, they work for the party. The USA has proven time after time, free enterprize will win every time. First, you have to level the playing field, no more foreign products backed by their gov money. Stop this Obama insanity, and cut down the regulations. Newt has shown you a workable plan. Make your choice.

        1. Quite simple the man says… Level the playing field? That will not happen in our lifetime..

          I would encourage anyone interested to read the entire 7 pages of the linked article, as it brings into focus just how HUGE the divide is between American and overseas cultures are.

          America cannot compete against that , we can’t even conceive of the conditions they endure simply because they are so “foreign” to our way of thinking.

          or Google the following for the article:

          “In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad nyt”

          and just slow down and think as you read of how American’s would react to this kind of work environment..

          The Chinese worker is hungry, so hungry they are willing to endure. After decades of communism/socialism rule they will fight tooth and nail for anything they see as a better life, and if that means working 12 – 15 hours a day 6 days a week under extreme conditions so be it. Just goes to indicate to you how bad their lives have really been under the communist rule when they will submit themselves to these current conditions. Conditions that No American would put up with.

          America did not change over night from conditions in the early 1900’s to today, The Chinese will not either. It will be a long and difficult haul for the Chinese worker.

          Then someday many many years from now, when they are laid off from their Union job, sitting at home in their lazy boy watching Jerry Springer the 10th while collecting unemployment, they can finally tell each other they have arrived at the American dream…

          1. Suggest you take small trip to Asia. Collectively, I have been there 10 years. The culture will defeat any Union. Read books by Asian authors, about Asian business. Slave labor is accepted, as no American would accept. If man man works for himself, he always works harder. Asians are no different. But, Asians who succeed are universally hated. A few get rich, and they join the government in dominating the public. If China does indeed take over the world, in your life time, prepare yourself for humiliation, of the worse sort. If you think the Japanese were bad, they learned from China. And, practice your bowing, since you will be lower than a dog. And, the USA labor unions will be erased from all history.

  16. Good speech, but, why does Callista just stand there at arms length? It just looks odd to me. Maybe I am jealous. I mean no harm. I like Newt. No offense intended.

  17. Yes, here in Florida you have to be a registered Republican to vote in the primary. The few Dems left in our family scrambled in December to get their registrations changed so they could vote for Newt. Thankfully the Palm Beach County Board of Elections has quick turnaround so everybody got switched. Ballots are all in via absentee!!

  18. Hmm…

    “TEA Party” = us.. “we the people”
    “Republican Party” = them… “establishment”


    If Santorum, my faith… family… freedom… “consistent conservative” choice for POTUS, fades…

    … I’m votin’ for “progressive conservative” Gingrich.


    ‘Cause “progressive marxist” Pres. uh uh uh BHObama has gotta go!


    1. Art, if you are not referring to this, and you get a chance open this pod cast of the Mark Levin radio show, scroll the timer over to about 57 minute mark – the 59 1/2, 60 minute mark. I think this is from ML’s Jan 25th program.

      I was RIFLMAO

  19. Cain, Gingrich, West, Palin vs. the Romney and the GOP…

    Damn! Perfect! The clouds part…

    I’m not sure we need Newt but…

    Santorum needs to pick sides. The Tea Party or the Republican Party.

    This is “A Time For Choosing”!

  20. I watched it on TV. Newt was great, but I stayed on C-span to watch what was next.

    Mitt Romney was having a rally in a shipyard with a small crowd. The guy introducing him yells out, ‘Do you want four more years of Obama?’ The crowd cheers, “NO!

    Then he says, “Do you want four years of Mitt Romney?’ and the crowd says, ‘ya.’, but in a much quieter level of volume. It was hilarious. He had to be embarrassed.

    The ship behind him, by the way, looks like a garbage scow. Pretty drab rally.

      1. Romney looked very sheepish there. The shipbuilder that spoke before the introduction had to be the most boring speaker I have ever heard.

    1. I heard a LOT of hastily choked-off “NO’s” when he did that Then the embarrassed “YEAH’s” came out, kind of quiet, as you said. I wish I’d had it on record. I laughed so hard I almost horked up a lung.

      That guy was a horrible public speaker. Like a parody of bad public speaking. The guy before him was worse! He kept pausing between words to squint real long and hard at his folded sheet of paper. I really felt sorry for him. The Camera was on Mitt during that “Pre” introduction, and Mitt was jawing with some dude–ignoring what nice things the squinty pauser was saying about him.

      It was horrible. Like a garage metal band with two new guys, playing at a senior center.

      1. Ya, but I gotta admit, I would never had stayed that long at a Mitt rally otherwise. Maybe it’s a new strategy?

      1. That’s what bothers me. The Newt crowds are large, while the Mitt crowds seem small, then the polls say Mitt is walking away with the state. Makes you wonder about the polls. But, also, makes you wonder how many people vote because they are influenced by the polls.

  21. Whooooooo wheeee…

    Newt Gingrich was smokin’ hot tonight!!!

    Or, as the Mormon’s might say, “I testify to you…” (… no, I’m not a Mormon)

    …Newt Gingrich hit a bases loaded home run tonight in Florida when he adduced 4 presidents, Pres. Washington, Pres. Lincoln, Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Reagan, to defend American exceptionalism and America’s future honorable resurgence as the beacon of “FREEDOM” for the American people FIRST and for the world SECOND.


  22. What was the skip video between West and Herman, I was seeing a lot of people walking in the street.

  23. Now that was just AWESOME! Hopefully Scoop will repost the entire thing. It didn’t start working for me until the end of Mr. Cain. But Newt was great!

    1. I have been hearing all week, that Romney can’t come up with big crowds and Newt does, so why is Snake-Man Romney going up in the polls? It doesn’t make sense.

      1. Considering all the people “in the tank” esp LSM/ pundits, I don’t trust polls 100%. Look at 0’s numbers…headscratchers a lot. The thinking being that people are sheep.

        1. his 10 point lead is not believable to me, but all the polls tell me he’s so far ahead. It doesn’t make sense.

          1. when Gingrich is pulling in 4000 people at rallies to Romney’s few hundred, that tells me someone is fudging poll numbers to help Romney.

      2. The polls are meant to sway you or keep you from voting at all. Get out and vote and take all voting age family members and neighbors with you (if they are for Newt).

  24. Who, in this era could give a speech from the heart (without notes) like the one that President Newt Gingrich just gave.

      1. It was unexpected too, Newt didn’t know. Newsmax has the story. The tide is turning folks…people are unhappy at Romney’s underhanded attacks, and more than anything.. mad as hell at the Establishment!

      1. Oh my, here’s the token catty remark from someone who must not believe in GOD’s grace, mercy and forgiveness, in repentance and redemption…doesn’t believe that GOD could call people like St. Paul, a murderer, St. Augustine a philanderer, John Newton, a slave ship captain, and many other redeemed sinners, who have preached, written hymns, books, led nations, died on the battlefield.

        Must be something Mormons don’t believe in.

        But I guess lying twice on TV in a debate, is ok if it gets you elected. Must be a Mormon version of Islam’s Taqiyya – lying for the cause.

      2. must….resist……snarky……reply…… *quick visit to Ace’s*

        Oh, my g… the place is infested with Sarah-hating Romney-bots. Wow.

        *racing to Doug Ross’ place*

        Ahhhhhhhhh! Doug gets it.

      3. Being uselessly purposely pissy? You took a wrong turn at the intersection of FACTS and Democrap talking points, dear. You must have thought this was the huff-n-puff post.

        FACT: Newt has been VERY up front about his indiscretions (unlike the dress-stain king).

        BIGGER FACT: Herman Cain has been ACCUSED of cheating… not a single stupid, cobbled-together msm-ized finger point has been proven to be even remotely ‘true’.

        …you want salt with those lies?

    1. Whoops, it is C-Span. They just flipped to Allen West.

      The guy introducing him pointed out that West just got screwed in the redistricting plan, so it’s a big deal.

  25. The lady on C-Span, Professor MacManus (a Florida official? Newspaper writer? Poly Sci? dunno) just said that–unlike in 2008–this upcoming Primary election is closed. You have to have registered as Republican 29 days before the polls open in order to participate.

    Makes it interesting.

    1. When I voted in the FL primary, they looked my Photo Id, then at a computer to check the signatures, etc. Hope they do all that for the general election.

      1. I was surprised that Michigan also checks ID. They used to check off your address, but sometime ago they added the ID thing. No big deal, as expected.

      2. See? 2004 did some good for America. 🙂

        I’m glad they implemented something like that… it’s a good way to clean up all the scandal and crap that ACORN and demoncrats have been practicing for so long.

        Great job Florida!

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