Full Speech: Herman Cain is running for President!

***UPDATE: New video added***

Herman Cain is running for President and below is his full 2012 Presidential candidacy announcement. I must say it’s one of the best speeches I’ve heard from him. Enjoy!


UPDATE: Here is the mini-version of Herman Cain’s Presidential Announcement video that played before his speech:

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119 thoughts on “Full Speech: Herman Cain is running for President!

  1. Uh huh.  I think I’m prepared to make the prediction that Herman Cain will win the primaries and get into the White House in 2012.  I’ll even make that bet again with my old man for $100 assuming he disagrees with me this time also.  It’s just too bad that he’s a manchurian candidate for the Fed being used to play on peoples’ anger about what they’ve done to us as a nation.

  2.  Love this guy.  He’s been on the top of my list for months, even before most people knew who he was.  I just like him and I trust he is a viable GOP candidate.  He makes Romney and Gingrich look very weak, at least in my opinion.  He is a breath of fresh air.

  3. Love, love, love the second video. 

    I changed my mind about the sun glasses after seeing that.  They’ll make a great campaign tool. 

    I’m picturing Cain rallies where everybody puts on sun glasses for the big finish.

  4. Whats important about Cain is that he is attacking the unbelievably bad Democrat president.  Note he is keeping his eye on the real problem and not being distracted by differentiating himself from other Republican candidates.

    At this point this is enough.  I just hope that all Republican candidates will tag-team this  current president rather than fighting each other.

    “Electibility” is a useless exercise that liberal press places on conservative candidates to discourage the people from voting for the best candidate.  It is based on predicting what people will vote for.  I resent people who try to predict how I will vote.

  5. Mr. Cain hits for points, there’s no denying. He delivers a very solid speech.

    I think he seemed to prepare to mention, near the end, that he wanted to “abolish” Obamacare. But it didn’t happen.

    I will only vote for a candidate that makes repeal of Obamacare a top-level priority.

    He’s got the right stuff, though. I hope he stays healthy, and I hope he gets to debate Obama. That would be a contest I would pay to see.

  6.  I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in America, Individualism, Capitalism and Heman Cain seems like a winner. If he stands for individualism and depleting the role of government intervention into our private lives, he’s got my vote. Finally, a guy that had to make payroll and put in an honest days work is in line to represent the people that have to do it everyday. Let’s see what this guy can do. I liked the message!!

      1. Capitalism, plain and simple. The only collusive nature in Capitalism, which you refer to as corporatism, is when government colludes with companies to create monopolies. Only by government intervention can a company or corporation disenfranchise other companies and the people. Any solid conservative realizes that government is the sole reason there is unfairness in business practice. Without government, you have fair play and wealth creation, which in turn creates an environment where a dollar buys more and inflation ceases to exist.

        1. Yes, I know, you’ll never find a more staunch ally of the free market here than me.  My point is that Cain is not a free market kind of guy, he’s the kind of guy who will point at the the current status of the economy and call that Capitalism, or say we need to go back to what we had before Obama.  When you support Corporatist bailouts as a solution to problems caused by Corporatism and other economic meddling, and then deride critics as “purists,” that doesn’t make you a free marketeer.

          That kind of “the answer to the problem is more of what caused it,” thinking is what lead Bush into his notorious “I had to abandon my free market principles to save the free market,” nonsense.  It’s just as bad as the people who point to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and say “what we need is more empire!”  Oh, shoot, Cain has no problems with empire either, even though this globe-trotting militarism is bleeding the economy and the people to death.
          It isn’t all that surprising though, he was part of the central banking regime, which is the epitome of the marriage between moneyed private interests and the government.  He’s also doing the Tel Aviv two-step, so all of it makes perfect sense.

          1.  I’m watching his speech and he says that he wants to cut entitlements, lower tax rates, take capital gains tax to zero; he sounds spot on Dan. But, what you said about Bush is spot on my friend. Bush was as liberal as Obama! He wants to give the states the right to enforce illegal immigration laws; I fully support that idea. I didn’t know about his previous job, though. I’ll check him out, but he sounds pretty spot on.

            1. We’ll see, Bush ran in 2000 on being anti-nation building, and Obama ran on getting out of Iraq.

              Cutting taxes is good, but there are some people who want to use the Laffer curve to cut taxes to increase revenue for the government to spend, rather than cut taxes for the principle of it being wrong to use death threats to rob people.

    1. Ron Paul used to work as a doctor, so I wouldn’t say Herman Cain’s the “finally” in terms of previous work.

  7. folks we have to let palin, cain, west, ron paul, santorum, gingrich go….the mainstream will tear these folks apart, elections are a numbers game…dems won’t vote for these folks…moderates wont vote for them, and the reason is simple, the moderates get their news from the mainstream media, and you know what the mainstream will do to these folks, and none of them have Reagan’s wit to spin the mainstream media on it’s head, so what you are left with is another 4 yrs of obama. Folks need to get with reality here, Romney, pawlenty, daniels, bachmann, are electable, the rest are a pipe dream.

    1. You know I agree with you. But everyone knows that whoever we put up against Owebama, the mainstream media will tear them apart.

    2. Ignore the MSM…we can control OUR message now. We don’t need the MSM anymore, just a belief in ourselves and in our ability to get our message out unfiltered. 

      1. how do we control our message….mainstream media is a behemoth, they control the internet, the news papers, the channels…conservatives think that talk radio and the internet are enough, how many moderates listen to talk radio, as for the internet…google is an internet giant, and they are a liberal company, they push liberal blogs and messages…moderates don’t know about sites like the rightscoop, hotair etc.. it is very tuff for people like palin, cain west etc…they don’t have Reagan’s ability either so how do they win ?. You are right in the sense that msm will tear any conservative apart Rino or not, but i think folks like daniels, pawlenty, bachmann have an image of moderation behind them which i they won’t be able to spin. The reason why obama got elected is that he appeared to be moderate… and this is what it is all about appearance of moderation, folks like palin, cain, west don’t have that image…unfortunately.

        1. Obama appeared to be moderate? He said he was going to shut down the coal industry, destroy the oil industry and tax companies for producing CO2. He also made it abundantly clear that his main goal was wealth redistribution. Remember Joe the Plumber. That seems quite the opposite of moderate. People voted for him based on race, plain and simple. If any other nutjob got up there and said the things he did, Americans would have laughed him off the campaign trail. He had no substance; remember, everything was based on “change.”

        2. So stay home instead of voting! We need strong and supportive people to step up to the plate and place a conservative in the oval office. We don’t need conservatives that play nice with MSM and reach across the other aisle to gain approval. 

    3. Yep. You’ve convinced me. It’s time for this year’s version of Dole/McCain.

      Yes we can’t!
      Yes we can’t!

    4. So you base your vote on who the media will allow you to vote for. Do you do everything someone tells you to, or do you believe in standing up for what you believe in? Conservatives basing their votes on who mommy and daddy media approves of- pathetic and weak-minded to say the least!

  8.  “6pm 05/21/11 , still here thanks to the one and only true GOD , who sent his Son my Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse mine and your sins . PRAISE GOD .
    A Great speech by Herman Cain , love his PASSION , love his VISION , love his RHETORIC , NOVEMBER 2012 is looking mighty FINE with Mr. Cain at the HELM of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !”

    05/21/11, I STAND WITH ISRAEL .(period)

  9. I wanna leader, Mr. Cain.
    Let the reader stay inside and play with the kids like Common…

    I can not wait for the up coming Presidential debates!
    When it comes to a battle of wit
    Obama’s totin’ a cap gun, and Cain’s got a cannon!

    LUV it!!!


  10.  He’s a Federal Reserve Chairman.
    Anyone of us could talk like Ronald Reagan, just as Herman Cain is doing. To find out what he is all about ask him this
    Will you oppose the reauthorization of the federal reserve next year.
    Will you work with the House of reps and the Senate to force the Fed to open ALL of it’s books to a public audit.
    Will you demand the Attorney General file charges against ALL persons who commited financial crimes if the audit reveals any. No matter who the persons are.
    If he answers yes to the above questions, then I will support him.Otherwise he’s a Fed Reserve canidate and is just the ” right wing ” version of Obama.

    1. I’m all about the next president being “transparent,” and you do have good points. These federal entities need to be held to account, and we do need someone to clean house. The reserve, which caused the Great Depression btw, according to my boy, Milton Friedman, needs to be scrutinized to say the least. You can’t be the right wing version of Obama. The right wing is the polar opposite. To be right wing, you have to realize that government is the problem, not the solution. Therefore, I’ll take right wing any day. 

  11. Draw up a Cain/West ticket. Since Allen West isn’t interested in a Presidential run at the moment, maybe a VP position would be a little more appealing.
    Could you imagine those two in the White House?

    I CAN!!
    And I think they would make an awesome combination. True leaders are needed for the kind of transformation America needs. 

  12. the speech was pretty  good  but after Obama and his speeches  I’m looking for more than just a good speech.  We will see how  well he does.  Give him a chance  and  let him fall or  rise on his own merits.  So far I have many questions  about Cain like his support of TARP,  and the Bank stock purchase  as well as his answer on Afganistian war he gave in the first debate.   On Hannity  he said his economic policy was cut taxes and the fair tax.   not a lot of meat on that bone yet.   Not  enough  depth  overall and no politcal experience  to speak off  but his term as a FED member  might give him some knowledge that others don’t have.    Yet   but  he gives a good speech  so maybe there is more behind the man. that’s  what campaigns  are for .   I welcome him to the race. 

    1.  Thank you for bringing these issues to the surface unseen1 as I too have the same questions… while I found myself applauding loudly at several items Cain talked about I also couldn’t help thinking how BO sounded so gooood to those who were smitten with him during the campaign of 2008.  Indeed time will tell and I am certainly paying attention… 

      1. Obama was–and to the true believer, Chris Matthews types still is–a tabula rasa. He had done nothing in his life but be treated like “the up and coming new guy who will save us all.”  No need to accomplish anything. No need to write for the Law Review, just be “on” the Law Review. No need to defeat the strongest candidate, just buy off a judge and get that candidate’s sealed divorce records made public just before the election.

        Cain has a deep, wide, and remarkable list of accomplishments. One half of one tenth of Cain’s background would far exceed 500% of Obama’s.

        (Yes, there will be math.)

  13. I will definately be watching him closely.  Sarah Palin is my choice!   Herman Cain can be my 2nd choice.

  14. That little girl with a red liberty crown @ 2:12 in the 2nd video is carrying an Obama poster… Other than that, love the announcement

  15. Real clear foreign policy 20 minutes… Oh man I love it “DO NOT MESS WITH US!” Sometimes things stated simply, simply work and instill ideals into the enemy that are simply understood.

    Cain doctrine baby!

    1. “And to our enemies, I have a little something for them,” America, The Godfather is here 😉 

  16. The case for Herman Cain for President:   http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/05/21/case-herman-cain-president-solving-x/

  17. Great speech with a couple of real keepers.  We need a leader not a reader.  Classic.  Founding Fathers to the Defending Fathers.  I loved that one. 

    A couple of missteps that he should get past with more stump experience.  The sun glasses were a big mistake.  I laughed out loud when he said “we don’t do number 2”. I just have a juvenile mind I guess.  

      1.  It was a bad move for his announcement speech.  Many people will be seeing him for the first time so it’s important he make a good first impression.  Plus, the setting made the sun glasses seem unnecessary.  The black background.  No shots of the crowd so you couldn’t see if he was even outside, much less if it was sunny.

        I found them very distracting.  I spent a lot of the speech trying to guess if they even were sun glasses or those “transition” lenses that lighten and darken on their own.  I had a pair of those once and I hated them.  They were never light or dark enough for me.

        I don’t know.  Maybe a lot of people will think it’s cool, but I like to see a person eyes when they speak.

  18. I was watching CSPAN and 2 black men called in and said Herman Cain was a joke.  the only reason he is running is because he is black and the republicans want a black guy to run against the idiot.  I really need help understanding this.  If I DON’T LIKE Obama it’s because he’s black not his policies.  If I DO LIKE Herman Cain it’s because he’s black not his policies.  Does this make any sense?

    1. You can blame that on Cain.  He’s the one out there saying it takes a black man to beat a black man.

      1. I haven’t heard Cain say that.  I’m disappointed if that’s the route he’s taking. 

        1. actually he did say that.i can’t link because i am computer illiterate.i would not lie about this because i am a big cain fan.if someone finds his comment please show full context. 

          1. Jean oversimplified… Its just a simple statement, it does not overarching his whole process as president, he was just critiquing the media and having fun… Nothing wrong with his statement.

    2. they are framing the argument for you.this is done all the time on the msm.you loose no matter what. 

    3. Hey Abigail24, damn if you do, damn if you dont, that’s just how it is with liberals, they really are race obsessed.

    4.  That was almost as funny as the caller who said Herman Cain has no foreign experience.  They praised Obama for killing OBL.  Obama, who had zero foreign experience, and who is investigating the very CIA operatives that dropped OBL in his lap. 

    5. The Blacks of the democratic entiltlement class hate and disparage any conservative blacks that love America and believe in personal responsibility. The welfare state of the left has done more harm to God fearing, America Loving families than even slavery. Entitlement programs are the modern day Democratic slavery of people of all races. It chains them to the government for their very existance. As a social worker in the seventies I saw the families fall apart and give their souls to the government. Low income whites and Blacks. There are a lot more whites on food stamps than blacks. It was truly sad because their had been so much hope from the civil rights moverment but the Dems co-oped it and began their victim propaganda to achieve their socialist agenda to devide and destroy America from within. Once again they used Blacks to future their agenda. I admire and respect Herman Cain and would vote for him in a minute over Obama. At least he loves his country. Great Speech.

  19. you know what? he’s not my presidential choice and i don’t think he’ll win the nomination. but hey. whatever. it’ll be fun seeing his campaign for a while anyway, i like this guy. i’ll just follow his campaign until palin announces… lol 

    1. Herman Cain: President
      Michele Bachmann: Vice
      Ron Paul: Treasury
      Allen West: Defense

      Most of the other departments don’t need to have a head – they need to be abolished 🙂 

  20. gop field has become what is should not be, entertainment. There are very few serious policy oriented candidates. If it goes like this for long…sad to say obama is a shoe in.

    1. Obama ran an entertaining and vacuous campaign – and won. Do what you can and must to win, then you can get serious.

      Contrary to what some conservatives may say, Obama has achieved a lot (of his agenda). If it takes an entertaining campaign to win so that serious policies can be implemented, I say so be it.

      1. you are right and is precisely the reason why we are in the mess we are in right now…we voted for a vacuous guy on the left…i dont think we won’t vote for a vacuous guy on the right.

        1.  who is your pick?all your comments have been negative.why not say who your pick is and promote them.

          1. i prefer daniels, bachmann and pawlenty. These three a conservative and electable, the rest are a pipe dreams.

            1. Daniels and Pawlenty?  Those guys are the Dole Campaign on snore-oids. Neither one will get rid of Obamacare unless congress threatens to override their veto. You can see that in their endless talk of compromise.

              I think highly of Bachmann, but she is no more electable than Cain.  And that’s not an insult to her.

        2.  When you learn to use the shift key maybe then your deep thoughts about policy will seem less vacuous.

          1. no comparisons, it is a question of who can win…if you think cain can win then sorry to say this but you r livin a pip dream

        3. They said the same thing about Reagan, and how wrong they were. Reagan understood that you must be able to articulate principles in order to formulate policy. The Marxist in the White House has never articulated any principle except American inferiority, and that principle governs all of his policies. Mr. Cain just articulated a clear set of principles that are the foundation for a major shift in policy. Were you listening? 

    2. Wake up Odin.
      Crusty doesn’t cut it anymore.
      The only way to beat the ObamaPropagandaTravelingExtravaganzaYesWeCanMachine is to be entertaining as well.

      Only political junkies like us, and professional pundits, want to hear all-policy-all-the-time.
      The other people out there won’t even listen up and pay attention, if there is no entertainment involved. 

        1. Uh, no…I know exactly why this country is going down the drain.

          But we need to win, to be able to save our beloved country.
          If we run a RINO, like we did in 2008, then millions of people will sit home in disgust and not vote…again.
          And we will lose…again.

          1. we dont have to run a rino but we do have to run someone electable folks palin, cain, west are not electable… elections are a numbers game, and moderates will not vote for these candidates…they are perceived as too far right…

                1. You are arguing for electability, not a correction to the status quo. Why have Bachmann with those two?  Your arguments are better for Mike Castle types.  Maybe Linc Chaffee.

    1. I think you need more than talking points to debate Obama especially when the talking points don’t even belong to you. I guess that is one of the good things about getting in the race first.  You can steal from others.

    2. I think you need more than talking points to debate Obama especially when the talking points don’t even belong to you. I guess that is one of the good things about getting in the race first.  You can steal from others.

      1. all obama had was talking points and he won.i want to win.if sarah doesn’t want her points used than she needs to get in and run. 

      2. Um…Herman Cain has had his own radio talk show for half a decade.
        He has been throwing out his own talking points.
        How do you know who is ‘stealing’ from who?

        And talking points are like feathers…once released, they are out there and people are free to pick them up or discard them.

        For example:
        I like Sarah Palin, a lot…but a lot of the things that she says that young people attribute to her as being ‘original’, are things that I have been hearing for years…long before Sarah was in public office.
        I’m not saying this to disparage Sarah, not at all…I like her.
        And she doesn’t seem to be hung up on ‘who said what first’ like some of her followers are.

          1. Thanks, H8 libs.
            Hey…you doing better today?
            I read some of your comments you made last night in the wee hours.
            Sounded like you were feeling no pain and bumping into things.

      3.  Nobody’s talking points are their own anyway Jean, everybody has advisers. Get a grip… Your underlying premise isn’t even fully aware of the reality of talking points, lol.

      4.  Stating basic conservative principles is not copying from someone else.  I’m a Palin supporter and any candidate who says they want to go back to “common sense solutions” is stating a principle.  I don’t care how many of them say it with those exact three words.  The key is believing they mean the same thing I do when they say “common sense”. 

        1. People think the next conservative has to have a bunch of brilliant answers to be considered for president. The next president needs to cut the federal governments role in the private sector and enforce and live by Constitutional guidelines, plain and simple! 

      5. First, Herman could talk about turning a business on the verge of bankruptcy around. Second, Herman could talk about creating jobs without other peoples money. Next, Herman could talk about Obama’s stimulus that didn’t help the unemployment rate. Also, Herman could ask Obama if there was any government sponsored program that he knows of that has stayed within budget. Finally, Herman could ask Obama why he thinks government run healthcare is such a godsend, if Britain is considering privatizing half of its healthcare within the next couple of years. Those are a couple of ideas Herman could use to make Obama look like a child that has just watched his kite fly away.

    3. All he has to say to Obama is, “have you ever had to make payroll, or make a business efficient enough to compete in the free trade marketplace.” Obama would shake in his boots if he had to seriously answer that question.

  21. I have seen Herman quite a bit in the last year, on Cavuto and on FBN shows.
    But this was a fired up version that I hadn’t seen yet.
    I loved it.
    Great speech!
    I hope he gets a lot more media exposure from now on.

    Go Herman Cain!

  22. I love Herman, but he needs to sharpen his message or nobody will take him seriously. He has great potential, but I am reserving judgement for now. 

    1.  I understand where you are coming from, I think we are going to get more and more substance now that Presidency is the reality for his momentum. Now depth will be articulated by challenging media, if he accepts their invitations to begin with.

      But I am not scared, I trust he will execute.

  23. Fantastic speech! And what a LOVELY family.

    You know what, I think I’m converted. My only problem is that Michele Bachmann might run. I love her but she and Herman will split the conservative vote and allow a RINO like Romney or Pawlenty to win the nomination.

    We need a conservative to win, not some Bush clone!

    1.  Wow someone who can directly channel Obummer. How did you know what he is thinking.

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