LIVESTREAM: Watch the Audit the IRS Rally beginning at 11:30AM in Washington DC

Beginning at 11:30AM ET you can watch the Audit the IRS Rally right here on our Tea Party Patriots livestream. I will be providing more livestreams when they become available:

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240 thoughts on “LIVESTREAM: Watch the Audit the IRS Rally beginning at 11:30AM in Washington DC

  1. Thanks Right Scoop for the stream, I enjoyed it. I am not alone – that’s a great feeling.

  2. “You stand here in defiance of tyranny…”
    Tyranny will soon reply with force. Be willing and prepared when they do.

  3. While trying to find any coverage of this on CSPAN, I stumbled into barack giving a speech in Germany or wherever he is.  And the man is still whining about making Climate Change a serious priority.
    Nevermind that the entire AGW fraud has been brought to it’s knees by real scientists. Nevermind the fact that we’ve seen no warming in sixteen years.
    The man needs to be locked up for his own good.

    1. I read that Obama in 2008 (I think) had over 200,000 attend his speech in Berlin.  Today, they are reporting only 4500!

  4. I give them all due respect, but the elitist are just laughing, to get this country back isn’t going to be done with words…

    1. KentMaxwell  
      this country is being harmed from with in by WORDS spread forward and broadcasted  by  the left, liberals and mainstream liberal media. Shall we maintain our silence ? …. no . But you are on point KentM. It shall be more than just words. 
      We must find solution for the many issues that are laid at hand in front of us all that our politicians can’t dealt with or screw up and present them to our reps, discuss over the airwave, publish them and communicate with the country through whatever mean that we can get to the individual citizen and interact in a mannered level two ways. We have the unemployment, the illegal alien , the social affairs i.e homosexual want to get married, the healthcare, the foreign affairs and security, the terror threats , our Energy resources and many more to handle beside the many current scandals issues from many gov. dept. that has gotten out of control.
      We have our work cut out for us that word and deed in search and implement solution to cure the many investigated uncovered mishandle and corrupt behavior  and acts of those that don’t play with rules and our lands by laws & constitution,

    2. KentMaxwell Yes, it isn’t going to be done with JUST words, but assembly is a step in the right direction. I salute all those who came out today.

    1. JaniceOutten  
      No. Because ‘The Tea Party’ is not ‘a party’. It’s a loosely knit organization of people (of every race, religion, color and creed), who are plain fed up with being “Taxed Enough Already”.

  5. FOX NEWS!!  Akin to other major media outlets … FOX News provided no coverage leading up to the IRS rally and over two hours into the rally of thousands … any coverage has failed to materialize.  Why?  Think about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  What is wrong with this picture?

    1. Tamikosmom 

      It is more than the IRS that intimidates. GOPe establishment FOX Media props up the squishes who call these  folks whackobirds.

    2. FOX doesn’t want to encourage anything that might upset the GOPe applecart. They saw what happened last time.

      1. ernst1776 dave_k_smith Also CEO of Breitbart, and friend of the late, sorely missed Andrew Breitbart.

    1. WolfieUSA It was up around 15k for a while, but the stream was unreliable and a lot went to C-Span feed.  That stream doesn’t list how many are watching.  I bet it is at least as many.

      1. PJRodman WolfieUSA 
        MSNBC will report later that 25 people showed up, 20 of which were speakers, 4 were lost homeless people and one was out walking his dog.  But we’ll know the truth! 😉

    1. WolfieUSA Yes – that’ll actually achieve something. So spread that e-mail address around.
      IMHO, this is more important than just shouting slogans.

      1. colliemum WolfieUSA  
        Yup, Cruz actually wants to DO something, not just SAY something!  Excellent!  What a great Patriotic Guy!

        1. WolfieUSA colliemum Have done so as well, not that British twoofs will get involved, lol!

        2. WolfieUSA colliemum Twoofs, I’ll have you know, are the many dogs who tweet, paws on keyboards …

  6. You have to wonder, what are all these congressmen/woman getting out of destroying our country? What is in it for them in the long term? I understand, as far as our current Executive, he is the wolf in lambs clothing.

    1. @DjAM77, Don’t get sick, that’s what they want you to do, that’s what they hope you will do, and then you’ll give up, don’t do that,  but  just stay in the fight.
      Tea Party Patriot

      1. @caffeinated_Fog,  respectfully,   these guys were a little tired too!
        respectfully it’s noy just over there…. now!.
        ( note for AmericanBorninCanada: our American Duckie, see”  a mustard seed grows when it falls on good soil,)  and the rain fell and flourished it until it became a tree, that gave shade to all who where tired and hot, who just needed rest. ABC your still the best.)
        Tea Party

  7. I am watching the Senate and the house, they are Coming and going and voting. The Senate is voting on Immigration right now. The House is talking. they are there, the Politicians. you wont see those that say they support the tea party and vote against us at every turn.

  8. Don’t know, He certainly should be. Tea party? Perhaps because he doesn’t hold office? See him when he is on Fox. He should relocate and get back in DC.

  9. Watching on C-SPAN – they wanted my e-mail address on the stream above …
    This is an excellent meeting, with excellent speakers.

  10. So far as I’m concerned, we don’t have ENOUGH politcians up there speaking. If they were, we could overcome this ‘regime’.

    1. JaniceOutten 
      Where is Allen West?  He is not on the list of keynote speakers at this rally.

  11. Have any politician up there flapping their lips ever sponsored any legislation to end the IRS, establish a flat tax (or, although I disagree with it, a “fair” tax)?
    I thought so….
    I like it better when these events don’t have a bunch of politicians speaking….

    1. @SheerPolitics,   my friend I believe as they are invited guest and speakers, I’m thinking these politicans are the ones standing and fighting against abuse of power. What the Tea Party movements need is for more Americans to stand with them in the fight so they will have a hand in protecting and defending their liberty.
      respectfully my friend, a mustard seed prevails much when tended.

    2. SheerPolitics All speakers at rallys are politicians, whether in office or not.
      This is a good thing, and we need more of them.  Lot’s more of them.

  12. I wonder what happened to Glenn Beck’s whistle blower that had info that would topple the Govt.

        1. judds_gal SierraBear
          Focusing faith in God first will assist in grasping the protest adequately.

        2. judds_gal SierraBear
          Here is a quote from you 5 days ago: “More blood has been shed in the name of Jesus than any other religion. Get your head out of the bible and start reading history.”
          I just want you to know, that whoever is writing things and signing your name/moniker to them, is an abject fool. If that pair of shoes fit your feet, continue to trip all over yourself.

        3. Rshill7 judds_gal SierraBear 
          I disagree, more blood has been shed in the name of state rather than religion.

        4. SierraBear Rshill7 judds_gal But the blood has been shed in the NAME of god. And god is always on the side of whoever’s waging the war.

        5. judds_gal SierraBear Rshill7 You’re about the most uneducated a thing I’ve ever seen at this site.

        6. judds_gal SierraBear Rshill7 
          Wow! Check your history books again. This time concentrate on the “gods” of the likes of Pol Pot, Mao or Hitler.

        7. SierraBear judds_gal Rshill7 Don’t recall them saying they were murdering in the name of god. ‘
          Why are you so threatened by someone else’s beliefs or lack thereof? Your tone is decidedly un-christian.

        8. judds_gal SierraBear Rshill7  Yours is entirely uneducated.
          It was you who wished others would drop the God stuff, remember?
          Practice what you drool, ok?

        9. judds_gal SierraBear Rshill7 
          So, now we are determining what is or is not Christian from the viewpoint of secularism. Did I miss something?

        10. SierraBear judds_gal Rshill7 No, now we’re determining that you’re an angry, threatened bible-thumper who can’t look at anything objectively and have been obsessing about a post I made a couple of weeks ago about a totally different story. Take a chill pill.

        11. judds_gal SierraBear Rshill7 
          Threatened? Hardly. Angry that clueless individuals such as youself choose to remain ignorant concerning the abyssmal mess that the left has wrought? You are damn right!

      1. SierraBear judds_gal  So true, Sierra. And we have been dropping the ‘God Stuff’ since the 1960’s. Look at us now!

    1. judds_gal Yeah, all that icky “god stuff,” and that talk about illegal aliens.  And responsibility: that’s the worst thing of all.

    2. @judds_gal, hey let me just simply say it this way, if God, whos name is Jehovah is dropped, then believe me everything drops. It’s like having a sure structure you may hide beneath during a raging strorm, but when there is no sure support, when the storm comes and under strain of the weight of the storm the cieling will collapse upon you. Without the paryers, faith, and assurance then man is left to himself, and we see their abuse of power and it’s dred, because in some cases worsened by our lack of resolve as we see the miscreants grow in their numbers.
      But read the Blessings and the Corses in the last book of Deuteronomy 11:26. something to think about.
      respectfully my friend

  13. Off Topic……..
    Just heard that the Vince Flynn passed away this morning….RIP  Mr. Flynn…May God bless your family.

    1. therightscoop 

      Michelle didn’t like that hooker comment and had Valerie Jarrett pull the plug!

  14. Crooks and Hookers in DC only difference in Vegas is that they admit it! Go Glen!

    1. GetWhatYouPayFor another difference we sponsor it for the DC Guys VS. the Vegas people pay it themselves

  15. Meanwhile from another country that waited until it was too late to speak up…
    PAULO (AP) – Tens of thousands of Brazilians again flooded the streets
    of the country’s biggest city to raise a collective cry against a
    longstanding lament – people are weighed down by high taxes and high
    prices but get low-quality public services and a system of government
    infected with corruption.

    1. sDee That is What Dictators do – Sounds like Our Great country !!! that Woman Dilma who runs that country is a MARXIST COMMUNIST WITCH !! I wouldn’t even say she is a Socialist, I think the World or the Leaders because of FREE THINGS WENT NUTS !!!

    1. hbcampbell they haven’t said yet, but whatever the number they are going to say it is 100 People that Showed up.

    1. newhampshire They are there against Amnesty also, plus there is a Huge march against Amnesty in July. But with Harry Reid doing Cloture their March might be to late, so that is why a lot of them went there today.

      1. kssturgis62 newhampshire Both are under the Steve King press conference, that’s why they are on separate lawns.

    2. newhampshire There is an Amnesty rally on east side but police is trying to keep rallies separated. Beck is at that one.

      1. jensan1332 So why spoil it by featuring foreign agent Beck who trashed the teaparty when it was formed against the GOP in 2007? This is just the GOP making money. Beck is a quisling.

    3. newhampshire They know.  They are focused on the right thing.  You just can’t go back in time to change the name of the rally.

      1. K-Bob newhampshire They should stop trying to raise money on the name of our movement and don’t they know we hate Beck? He’s not ‘tea party’.

        1. newhampshire K-Bob Wrong planet. Tea Party folks don’t “hate Beck.”  Not the ones that happen to respect the Constitution anyway.

        2. K-Bob Excuse me I should have said the LEGIT tea party people, the ones Beck said should be rounded up as terrorists in 2007. Beck is a foreign agent, not working for us. When will you learn?

    4. @newhampshire, 
      respectfully those Americans are there on a Wednesday after noon in June because one day they said hey lets go to the Us Capital and let those in elected office know we are Americans and we care about our nation, our families futures and our fellow Americans futures as well. There is a deep meaning to what we are watching and are apart of, lets hope we as  individual citizens we never neglect our important work, our important part to play in the symphony of defending freedom and liberty. Never a waste to redress your government…..while you can without being shot down.

  16. There are a TON of people there. CSPAN showed the Crowd I am very IMPRESSED. I wish I could have been there !!

  17. I love Gohmert !!!! Louie is AMAZING !!! They have a lot of people for such short notice.

    1. WolfieUSA  He was on the morning talk show this morning and when he mentioned that ….the whole crew was in laughter.

  18. I am going to watch the Rally one way or another….whether it;s here or somewhere else….but I thank RS for live feeding .God Bless You.

  19. cspan isn’t broadcasting live yet, 12:15
    the fbi director is still on at senate committee hearing
    he is being asked to investigate non profits who made criminal statements on their applications saying they won’t lobby for candidates in elections by the despicable whitehouse even if the cases haven’t been referred to the fbi by doj

    1. It is apparent that whitehouse is being deliberate in his intimidation of conservatives considering he knows they are outside right now.
      Mueller and whitehouse seem to be great buddies at the end of the session, lots of shared back slapping and camaraderie. Birds of a feather

  20. I wonder if they realize someone is doing a “FOREST GUMP” on the audio…she keeps dropping out at key portions of he speech

        1. dave_k_smith Orangeone JamesWesleyJr Thanks.  it’s working here again.  I hope C-Span has the video so i can go back to hear what I missed.

    1. JamesWesleyJr Republicans always drop the ball on the audio and video.  They need to cough up the big bucks and hire seasoned pros from major networks, not the PBS/CSPAN/roll-your-own crews.  This was a common lament of Breitbarts.  I wish to heck it would sink in.  Republicans are terrible at this stuff.
      If barack announced a sudden schedule change where he wanted to setup a small rally in opposition to this one, it would look like an NFL production, with the overhead camera surround sound, and everything.

  21. over 5000 viewers on livestream watching audit the irs rally we just need the sound to work, but thanks for streaming

      1. therightscoop Orangeone It’s only paranoia if someone isn’t interfering 🙂  Now why would we believe the gov’t might want to silence the Tea Party again?

  22. Thanks. Now CSPAN has updated their coverage time at 1pm EST. MMMMMM. Lost audio again. Crap….

        1. Orangeone WolfieUSA Hawkman007  
          It’s going on and off so often. 🙁  It’s playing for me right now anyway.
          I paused it and restarted it.  Don’t know if it helped or not.

    1. Hawkman007 i have it on the blaze also; they are losing at same time; must be the host.  God Bless Everyone taking part today whether you are there or are supporting online and by calling Reps and Senators!!!!

  23. I have had it with Fox as well. I try my best not to watch them too. Did we lose feed again?

  24. Unbelievable!!  Thousands in attendance at IRS/Immigration rally on Capitol Hill and NOTHING is being reported by the major networks.  A virtual blackout at the moment.  I am currently tuned into CNN.  I just accessed
    What is going on!!

  25. yea gb has arrived and stream is working wish I was there thank you all for being there prayers to you all

  26. we are on the cusp of govt tyranny, and the utter absence of media coverage of these citizen events is evidence of how close America is to the despotism of Germany in the 1930’s.

    1. metalchick007
      Glenn to speak Wednesday in front of the U.S. Capitol
      Monday, Jun 17, 2013
      This Wednesday, June 19, in Washington D.C. there will be an open forum that will feature “border security, anti-amnesty members of Congress.” The debate is slated for 9AM to 12PM and then again from 2PM to 5PM. In between, members of Congress will join with an already-planned Tea Party rally against the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative organizations. Glenn will be joining the event and speaking at noon.
      “There are 70 Republicans now in congress that we sent there,” Glenn said. “They’re standing up this week and they’re about to be slaughtered.”

    1. TIMERUNNERSC Not for me either!  It’s not working over on Gateway Pundit’s site either.

  27. 11:30 AM ET?  Why am I unable to access the live free.  Story of my life.  The message “OFFLINE” appears.

  28. Isn’t the Immigration “Press Conference” also going on and will it be live streamed?  Can’t find it anywhere?

      1. goldilockspryor they are sending the ppl from Immigration to the other side where IRS debate is???  Captiol Police, that is~

        1. Glenn Beck is speaking at the immigration press conference….if you follow him on Twitter, he is tweeting about them splitting the groups up

        2. Stehekin912 thanks that is where i got the info of them dividing the people!!!!!  What the hell?

    1. goldilockspryor
      Glenn to speak Wednesday in front of the U.S. Capitol
      Monday, Jun 17, 2013
      This Wednesday, June 19, in Washington D.C. there will be an open forum that will feature “border security, anti-amnesty members of Congress.” The debate is slated for 9AM to 12PM and then again from 2PM to 5PM. In between, members of Congress will join with an already-planned Tea Party rally against the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative organizations. Glenn will be joining the event and speaking at noon.
      “There are 70 Republicans now in congress that we sent there,” Glenn said. “They’re standing up this week and they’re about to be slaughtered.”

  29. Thanks Scoop!  I’ve shared this page on Twitter and on various FB pages too.  I’m sure those people will appreciate you showing the Rally as much as I do!  🙂

      1. Tamikosmom WolfieUSA 
        The Occupy morons break things and swear a lot and the media lap it up like a cat with milk.  The Tea Party Patriots behave.  If they cover this event, they’d have to say what was being said, not that some Starbucks was damaged.  (shurgs)

  30. Not a peep about this event on the news. Shocking. Of course the LSM made a bee line for the occupying, trash making, anti America thugs. Forget ovomit…..arrest the media for treason!

  31. Thanks Right Scoop!!
    For the most part … there appears to be no reporting of ‘Audit the IRS’ rally forthcoming from the major network … even FOX News.  Why?

  32. Thank you RS for piping these live events in. I appreciate being able to come to this site and watch news live.

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