Livid father TORCHES school board over teacher asking sexual fantasies of students

A father in Eugene, Oregon went after the school board there over a teacher who gave an assignment to his students asking for their sexual fantasies.

I don’t know the grade level of this father’s daughter and the teacher involved, but the father was absolutely LIVID about what happened and demanded the school board remove the teacher for sexually abusing his students.


Why would any teacher, anywhere, ask children of any age about their sexual fantasies? Is he trying to find out who is gay, straight, or trans? What could ever be the legitimate purpose of such an assignment?

The father points out that this assignment was never given back to his daughter and asks “What is he doing with it? Is this for his spank bank?”

He’s got a point. Why didn’t the teacher give this back to the students? Is it because he doesn’t want parents to know he gave them the assignment? Or worse, what the father suggested.

I hope the teacher is removed, but I have my doubts that will happen.

Watch the video for much more…

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