Liz Trotta: Left exposing inherent racism in how they treat Herman Cain

Liz Trotta has done a great piece breaking down how the lefties in the media are outraged at Herman Cain’s candidacy in the GOP and are exposing their own racism in how they are treating Cain.

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84 thoughts on “Liz Trotta: Left exposing inherent racism in how they treat Herman Cain


  2. The obvious truth is, you can’t see racism in everything, if you, yourself, are not a racist. To the Democrats, everything has a racial component, not to be pointed out, but to be exploited.

  3. Absolutely right. Slightly off topic but did you hear Obama’s speach at the Martin Luther King memorial? Pure campaigning – if he really gave a flying hoot he’d have the morning off the campaign trail.

  4. Notice how the left props up their black following to criticize Herman Cain? These idiots are doing just what they want to blame Cain of doing, dancing for the “white folks”. I cannot believe how polarized this country has become under this imposter that sits in the White House. He is desperate and will do anything to maintain the power that the fools gave him in 2008. The very people who have been harmed the most under this administration seem to be begging for more. Obama has not made any promises to black people because he knows he doesn’t have to. They literally refuse to listen to reason and really have no idea what is happening to our country. I don’t think that most people like what is going on in our country. In fact, most people that I know have this sick feeling in the bottom of their stomach about what he will be allowed to do next.

  5. If anyone thinks the Marxist Left and their useful idiots in the media and blogosphere are not going to brutalize Herman Cain in the ensuing weeks, just watch how their efforts will backfire. They always do because there is no cleverness, nor is there nuance in their statements of actions. The hallmark of the Democrats has always been their success at overreaching, and then, when souffle flattens, resort to cheating, lying and treachery.

  6. To democrats, racism is a tool for political graft. We’ll never see the post racial country that Dr. MLK Jr. dreamed of as long as the democrat left continue to exacerbate racial tensions for greed and power.

  7. He’s just not the right kind of black person for the liberals. If your a democrat and are drinking their kook-aid, then your the right kind of black person, that’s all it is. This is why I am no longer a democrat, they have jumped off the bridge, flown over the coo-coo nest.

  8. As much as I like Herman Cain the man, he does not come across as intelligent or well-versed in foreign affairs. He is however an interesting orator (how’s that workin’ out so far as the POTUS is concerned?).
    Cain would make an excellent V.P. as #2 to a man who has a realistic grasp of world affairs and the military. If Herm has so much money, why hasn’t he traveled more, studied more, etc., in other words: become prepared to be President of the United States?
    Where is Herman Cain’s intellectual curiosity?

    Perry / Bolton 2012


    1. In my opinion, Cain’s intellect towers above Obama’s. Here is a man who has actually accomplished something above and beyond community “organizing” aka emulating the antics of the current ‘occupiers” befouling many of our cities’ streets. Cain is to Obama as Bush was to Kerry. And, for what it’s worth, the people KNOW it!

  9. Leftists view everything through the prism of group identity and eschew the universal truths that transcend the superficial and trivial differences that so much are made of. They seek to divide our nation against itself.

    Creating hatred on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, culture, and achievement are the core of what they do. How could they be anything other than racists?

    When conservatives look at Herman Cain we see a man. It is when he begins to speak that we decide what kind of man we think he is.

    When leftists look at Herman Cain they see an assumption. They assume that he is a follower of a culture and ideology that separates human beings based upon skin color; that he is a racist like they are.

    What upsets them so much about him is that he refuses to dance to their tune. A black man who is not an indoctrinated victim of leftist racist ideology, but instead stands on universal principles is a dire threat to them. A person of color who refuses to be defined by that color, but demands that he be judged for who he is and not what he is, directly undermines the leftist lie that people are different on the inside just because they look different on the outside.

  10. Herman Cain would be lucky to get more then 6%-8% of the black vote. I have an economics degree and I don’t understand his fantasyland economic plan. It’s an extremely severe regressive tax.

  11. Well duh! After all of the blatant misogyny on display re: Sarah Palin, did you expect anything less? Americans will soon be introduced to widespread use by Leftists of a particularly hateful racist term: “Oreo”, as in black on the outside, white on the inside. Invented and used to undermine individualism and genuine (intellectual) diversity among blacks, in favor of keeping them trapped in the tribal identity the Left maintains to solidify their voter and cannon fodder base.

  12. The liberal extremist leftists are in Texas looking for that stone that used to be on the hunting grounds the Perry family used to place it in front of Mr Cain’s home.

  13. I hear some bemoan the fact that Cain has not been subjected to the heat of the national press and they warn that those clever reporters and bureau chiefs will cut him down to size. Well, let me tell you, Cain has had his hours in the hot seat in America’s corporate boardrooms where the questions are direct, to the point and often far less polite than anything he will encounter on the campaign trail. And he has handled himself admirably, but I would have expected nothing less. His only worry is that he may not be well schooled on every area that he may be questioned on. So far the debate (and the debates) have focused on the economy. If they really are out to get him, the topic will swing to matters of foreign policy and inside the beltway tactics. Herman had better be studying those things he doesn’t know, like how many months does the president of Kyrgyzstan have left on his term, or what is the main export of Burkina Faso.

  14. “He didn’t march, he didn’t test, he didn’t sit…”

    He didn’t shuck, he didn’t jive, he didn’t chant stupid doggerel sound bytes…

    The left can’t wrap their heads around a black man who acts like a plain American citizen who worked his way up from nothing on his own merits, refusing to complain about his hardships or to make excuses for whatever his own failures might be.

    1. If I may, in other words Cain worked hard toward the American Dream – achieved it and did not stop there.

      Herman Cain is the kind of man every little boy wanted to grow up to be like just a few decades ago. He represents the America that bho wants to ‘fundamentally transform’ and the America that we must restore – last call everybody!

  15. Cain doesn’t see himself as a black candidate, he sees himself as an American candidate. He’s gotten over his blackness and embraced his American-ness. And that just drives the libs nuts. Good for him.

  16. MY take…the loons are so outraged that they’re biting their tongues ( the racist “reverends” ) and want to use the “N” word when they speak Cain and West’s name. How dare these ni**ers leave the plantation? How dare these Negroes have their own opinions? How dare they become independent and self made men…without having to cry…”skin color…skin color…racist”.

  17. This man is a sharp person and I believe would make a great president. I really hope the republicans continue to listen to the wisdom of Mr. Cain. I hope that Mr. Cain will choose Allen West as his running mate as he is very wise in foreign affairs. Gee I’d gladly trade the 2 in office now for this duo.

  18. Hideous, hateful old termagant harridan Liz Trotta has never done “a great piece”. The snarling harpy is a real piece of work, though.

    1. I like Liz. Hideous? I’d like to see you at 74. Take a good look at her. The woman is seventy-FOUR. Wow. She is not a hottie, but she looks dang good for 65, much less 70. You go, girl. Yeah, I guess you’ve done a great piece. Wake up.

  19. The whole civil rights test is stunning to me. Most blacks were not actively involved in the movement. I doubt the parents of these black journalists had any ties to it. Barack Obama is condescending to the black community and would not have anything to do with regular working-class black people (the ones that love him the most). Cain, however, still appears humble. The left hates blacks who aren’t victims. They love to use people like Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Eugene Robinson, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson to keep their power.

  20. It would be wonderful for a real black man to go against the commie in a debate. We can tweak 999 and give him a hand.

  21. Progressive policies have failed so completely that all the Democrats have left is hate, greed and division.

    It will be a dirty election.

  22. I like Herman Cain. He speaks plainly, and you get the feeling he believes what he is saying. His message is consistant, not tailored to the group he is speaking to. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in the primaries. I believe the country would prosper with Mr. Cain at the helm.

  23. No big revelation here. The left has always been where the true racists reside. They’ve enslaved multiple generations of black voters by convincing them they’re simply incapable of thriving on their own and need the benevolent boost from Big Brother.

    1. And the strong will prey on the weak. If you pay your own way, you can spend your earnings as you see fit. If you get food stamps, you can’t buy toilet paper. We have to turn around the thinking of the next generation. YOU WORK – YOU EAT; YOU DON’T – YOU WONT. Cain/West wont be just motivational speakers; they will be motivational teachers.

  24. RS,

    I know you may not be able to control it, but there are side banner ads on this site that say “Join Michelle and tell Barack You’re in.” from Dear Leaders Website.


    DRY HEAVES!!!! DRY HEAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Herman Cain is not a black candidate he is an American candicate.Yes he is one of us,all shades,ethnic,culture,personal identity,etc.Oh yea,as a second thought he is black.I wonder if he might trace back to 15th generation in America.

  26. Is there any successful conservative Africa American public figure that the left has not attacked?

    I am sure there must be but I can’t think of one.

    1. Clarence Thomas. “It is a national disgrace. It is a High Tech Lynching for uppity blacks who, in any way, deigned to think for themselves. It is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the US Senate, rather than hung from a tree”.

    2. No, because to have any credibility with liberals, minorities must be a victim in some form or another.

      Cain, and other successes like him, refuse to be victims.

  27. I wouldn’t call it racism. Instead it’s just the idea that blacks cannot advance without the help of the government simply because it was the government who released them from their bondage. So the flawed logic goes as simply this: the government gave you freedom, so the government should thus also take care of you. And if you are a successful black person, then you should believe that the government still must take care of the lesser fortunate blacks to help them rise up out of poverty even if you made your own way in the world through hard work and perseverance.

    Someone else that the left likely also despises: Chris Gardner. After making a very failed investment that cost him his livelihood and put him on the street, he entered a training program with the help of another investment broker that successfully got him a very lucrative job that eventually helped him become a millionaire. His story was adapted into the Will Smith movie Pursuit of Happyness. I recommend it if you haven’t seen it. One hell of a story of success if I’ve ever seen one.

    Speaking of Will Smith — though he is flaming liberal — his own story is one of failure and success as well, without government bailouts. But because he’s a liberal the left doesn’t pick on him.

    If you want to see how good the government takes care of people, look no further than Indian reservations. John Stossel has put that on display on his show several times…

    1. I appreciate your points, but I tend to think that there is an inherent racism when someone believes that based on race or ethnicity, you are not enough unless you are given greater preference over another. Providing opportunities for people where they are in life is uplifting, picking particular winners and losers based on quotas is a put-down.

      1. That’s the thing, I don’t think they believe blacks aren’t good enough. I think it’s more about a perception that blacks shouldn’t have to do anything. But if they do work and are successful, then great, applaud them for their success, but don’t demand the black rich pay more out of their pockets to support the black poor — no, it’s all got to come from whites to give the black poor the livelihood some think they deserve because of wrongs against them in the past — part of the reparation mentality.

      2. There are two kinds of slavery: The first is where you go in boats, round up the slaves, and bring them back in chains to be sold at auction. The second, gentler kind is where you give someone something and promise to keep giving it to them if they vote for you. It’s called dependence.

        Similarly, there are two types of genocide: The first is where you pack your victims in boxcars and ship them off to a death camp. The second is where you convince your victim you’re assisting them with planning their parenthood while you push them to abort the unborn in their wombs.

        1. The majority of Blacks in this nation have become willfully impaled upon the velvet fangs of government dependence. They have become shackled in the chains of financial slavery by the leftists welfare programs to the extent that generations have now grown up knowing no other life, and unable to grasp the shame of tap-dancing to their liberal master’s tune in order to keep a roof over their head and food upon their table.

          Blacks who remain enrolled in the Democrat party, who keep voting in their own plantation overseers are the modern stepenfetchits, unable and unwilling to understand that there is, in their own lifestyle, little difference between themselves and the slaves of southern planters.

          They have ceased to be citizens of a free Republic, and have become subjects in the self-appointed aristocracy of “progressivism”. They have no one to blame but themselves.

    2. Except of course it was also the government that introduced and enforced Jim Crow for a hundred years. So the lesson should be that you can’t depend on the government. That you can’t trust them. That they will turn on you in a minute. BTW why are the blacks, that constantly tell us we are weak, stupid and unable to do anything on our own; always promoted as “black leaders” – mainly by the white media. Odd isn’t it. The Democraptic Party that was willing to receive votes from the “Solid Segrgationist South” for a century, after losing the Civil Rights struggle suddenly became our “friends” and promoted policies that turned out to be disastrous for much of the “black community. It’s almost as if they planned it that way! Now there’s the beginning of a conspiracy theory!

      1. Wait, you mean to tell me that our government has flip-flopped on various policies and approaches to certain peoples during the course of history? No, say it ain’t so. That can’t possibly be true. We’ve always provided various peoples consistent treatment… [/sarcasm]

  28. YOU CHOOSE :
    HERMAN CAIN / SARAH PALIN 2012 , I kinda like this one . “(period)

    1. I like your Cain/Palin ticket too…..but you can’t have a Cain/Gingrich, they both from Ga. and you can’t have the Pres. and VP from the same state, per the Constitution.

      1. The Pres. and VP can come from the same state, it’s just highly unlikely. Here’s the beginning of the 12th Amendment.

        “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves;”

        So the electors from every state but Georgia could vote for both Cain and Gingrich, but the electors from Georgia would have to pick one or the other.

    2. If you want to win, Cain/Rubio.

      Palin would get a LOT of left-wing idiots to the polls. A LOT of ’em. The lies about Palin are still believed by zillions of idiots.

    3. Cain/West is my first choice, then Cain/Palin. I somehow thing an all black ticked for the GOP would be so sweet to stuff up the liberals noses. Besides West is one tough dude. Either West or Palin as VP would go after corruption in the Government. That is a very good thing indeed.

  29. A conservative looks at a black man and sees an American who can accomplish anything he wants with hard work. A liberal looks at a black man and sees an Africian ripped from his homeland who cannot accomplish anything without help from white people.

    Remind me again which one is a racist.

    1. Ouch.

      It’s true, men like Cain and his supporters want all Americans to succeed. People who use race for their own profit need to keep black Americans down so they continue to need them. (cough) Sharpton (cough)

      [edit] To be more accurate, libs want to blame white people for black people being downtrodden. They don’t want white people’s help, they want to punish them.

      1. So true. Racism is a taught behavior. History is history to learn from and remember; some want to rewrite it, some want to learn from it and move forward. More and more black folks are being recuited by the muslim brotherhood and fall for the BS because they believe it gives them a feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves – instead of reaching for the same God their ancestors reach for that let them see the world through Christ eyes instead of the eyes of evil. Al Sharpton and those that believe in what he preaches only promote evil like racism.

      2. Has it ever occurred to you that so called “black leaders” don’t want their people to succeed? Jackson and Sharpton are well to do, so how many businesses have they started in minority neighborhoods? Black Congress are often some of the longest serving Congresspersons with seniority, so how much pork do they bring back to their districts – as opposed to lining their own pockets. Half of everything in the state of West Virginia was named after Robert Byrd, Charlie Rangel was the chairman of Ways and Means, what does his Harlem district look like? How many Federal business has Maxine Waters brought into South Central? Years ago, it struck me as incredibly odd that a black Congressperson could spend 30 years in Congress, and their districts were just as poor and downtrodden as when the first arrived in DC. Too many “black leaders” seem to have a vested interest in keeping their own people down.

    2. Thank you, Tim. I have had the same thought for many years, but have never been able to so successfully put it into the correct words. You have done so perfectly — so simple, so well phrased, so easy to understand. Well done, Tim. Well done, indeed.

  30. The Republican party has been crippled by their lackluster performance on the economy and on our nation’s debt. If they are to walk properly and in upright fashion once again, they may very well need a Cain. His VP choice could be known as Co-Cain.

    Snort that you lefties!

    We could beat the left over the head with a Cain like this. The proper choice of Co-Cain could win the druggy vote too.

    1. Correct! Right now, the Republican Party is all about Crony Capitalism and the Democrat, Crony Socialism. We, the People, want Conservatism. I have been reading a bit about how John Holdren who worked for the Romney Administration back in 2005 has been instrumental in imposing strict limitations on CO2 emission in Massachusetts. And the same John Holdren is now working for the Obama Administration on guess what?

      Last week it was about Romney’s former healthcare advisors working for the current administration in the crafting of Obamacare. And this is the candidate that the GOP is pushing – It’s His Turn Now – to become the next Republican Candidate. The GOP did not learn ANYTHING from the shellacking the Democrat Party received last November. The GOP believes that the Tea Party Movement will simply be fan out as there is no such thing as a Third Party.

      The Bombshell might be The Other McCain reporting about Rubio’s Top Staffer, Cesar Conda, pushing for early primaries in Florida to help Romney. So far Rubio is denying it. but what do you make of this? “At least six past and current Rubio Senate aides, including chief of staff Cesar Conda and his deputy, Terry Sullivan, worked for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid, establishing a direct link and a line of communication between the front-runner for the 2012 GOP nomination and the front-runner in the Republican veepstakes. There’s also a trail of fundraisers, donors and consultants who have overlapping relationships with Rubio and Romney.”

      A house that is divided cannot stand.

      1. Rubio denied that.

        Look how many states are pushing their primaries forward. You could even say pushing them forward could be to help Cain.

        To imply that Rubio is a RINO of some sort is highly speculative and we shouldn’t eat our own.

        Destroy known RINOs like Huntsman.

    2. and help give some people back their self respect by having to earn their way a little by paying some taxes even if they complain. It takes a strong person to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and try to make it right. If a person has to be financially responsible for something, they are more likely to take care of it as that is how we learn to appreciate and respect thinks rather big or small; a playground or a football. Respect is something children need to be taught – not hold your hand out and catch what the government hands you.

    3. While I wouldn’t go with Co-cain as a “trademark”, this does suggest some theme music for the campaign …

      Want your kids to see, a life of liberty?
      Vote Cain …
      If you want them to see, renewed prosperity
      Vote Cain …
      Has a plan, that we can, understand …
      Vote Cain!

  31. And let’s face it, Herman Cain called a spade a spade and did not apologize for the brainwashed comment. Just look at the OWS crowd – mindlessly repeating the socialist propaganda being chanted every minute.

    I’m with Levin; repeal the 16th amendment and the 9-9-9 plan has great potential for the economic reawakening in this country. As for the moral reawakening, we must count on God and His use of His faithful followers to spread the Good News!

    1. Here’s a brainwashing observation:
      In 2000 Democrats were proud Liberals and by the 2008 cycle they had morphed into Progressives.

      I heard no outcry from Democratic herd. Instead they took it in stride on their way to the nearest cliff.

      No, they aren’t brainwashed!

      1. That transformation had happened long before 2000. What did happen in 2000 was that they finally decided to stop pretending and “come out”. Having succeeded in completely trashing genuine (Enlightenment) liberalism by passing off opposing (statist) ideas under that label, they no longer feel the need to hide anymore. Discrediting American liberalism to the point that most Americans think that conservatism (a different strain of anti-Americanism) is the only alternative, was the goal here; mission accomplished.

      1. That is true, but if it will get rid of the 7,500 pages of existing tax code it is worth it to START. Then congress cannot hide behind complex code to raise the taxes. When they try to go from 9 to 12 for example, it is out in the open and obvious to the public what they are doing.

      2. The toughest state tax to raise is the state sales tax. Politicians would much rather tinker around the edges, restructure income taxes, add fees or some narrow tax elsewhere, because voters are very sensitive to increases to a state wide tax paid on retail purchases.

        As long as the sales tax is flat, congress will be very hard pressed to gain enough support to increase it.

  32. I could never understand that the truth is people like Cain want American Exceptionalism placed back into the American culture. Yet, there are people on the left want to distort the truth.

  33. The hypocrisy is blatant…BO is half white and was so far removed from civil rights involvement that stories were created out of thin air to give him a little cred. It’s soooo very sad that so many people by into the democrat lie of being non-racist when there are so many historical facts that place their innate racism on display. Time to raise some Cain.

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