Local fat, dumb, and bald guy has a SAD. Brrrrreaking, it’s about FOX! What a twist!!

This, like most things on CNN, is both truly hilarious and desperately sad. CNN’s most ballpeen-headed host had some sad feelings today about the fact that people who aren’t far left radical commies are allowed to have thoughts and say them out loud.

He calls Fox “whitelash” and says it’s not a happy anniversary for families “torn apart” by Fox. I got news for you, potato, I’ve got no use for family that takes YOU seriously. What does that make you?

The video is hilarious self-parody, but also as usual it’s also a depressing reminder of how messed up our culture is and how our evil activist media are mostly responsible for that.

That fat, dumb, and bald, guy.. SUURE likes to weep, cry, bawl. DAH DAH dum dum DAH DAH.

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