LOL! Andrea Mitchell says the most WTF? thing about the commie AOC squad…

MSNBC’s favorite crackhead reporter Andrea Mitchell said the most WTF? thing about the AOC commie squad, it made even liberals scratch their heads in confusion.

What? The? Fiddlesticks?

How can you possibly be a reporter and not know that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an avowed democratic socialist? Unbelievable. She’s just so starved and thirsty to get a gotcha on Trump and his supporters that she’ll completely forget an obvious truth about AOC. Ridiculous.

I hasten to add, it was Mitchell whom I CAUGHT lying in the 2012 election and caused a weeklong uproar for accountability for journalists.

But they don’t give a damn:

Hell give her another award for liberal propaganda. That’s all journalism is these days.

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27 thoughts on “LOL! Andrea Mitchell says the most WTF? thing about the commie AOC squad…

  1. The difference between reporters and the monkey chained to the
    calliope while the man churns the handle to grind out the tune is
    the name of the doctor who treats them for their fleas.

  2. She really fumbled through that one, especially when she realized that Bernie Sanders has long called him self a “Democratic Socialist” so she had to put in an extra caveat.

    Mitchell is just a really bad journalist. The awards leftists give themselves are a joke.

  3. Has anyone asked Andrea what her definition of a Socialist is?

    Sometimes I crack myself up.

  4. So wait, they want socialist programs and preach socialist philosophy, but they’re not socialist… OK Andrea. Keep eating the paint chips.

  5. Well, I knew they were science deniers and math deniers, and I wondered what they would deny next. Now we know…philosophy deniers.

    1. SHOCKED! Can’t you see my shocked face – it just cannot be. An elite member of a very prestigious industry put out an untruth. That just cannot be!!!!

      Sorry, Soop, you must have misunderstood her direct comment because a journalist (especially a left leaning one) who would win such an esteemed award would never lie. Right?

  6. O/T: I just canceled my Netflix account based on the story posted here on The Right Scoop.

    Would appreciate suggestions for a better streaming service.

    1. You can wait for its competitors launching soon. ATT (that owns Time Warner) is releasing “HBO Now” which will include all HBO content along with all Warner Bros media, and Disney (that practically owns everything now) is launching their own streaming service as well. You certainly have plenty of options.

    2. I hear Hulu is a good one. Has live streaming available as well as movies and old tv shows.

      1. I really love Hulu especially since I don’t have cable. It opens up a lot of options.

    1. Truth in Russia, and truth supposedly coming from the left doesn’t mean truth. It’s the same as what the definition of “is” is.

  7. These people are just disgusting and the people who only listen to them continue their lives in the “Matrix.”

  8. No wonder they wear so much makeup on live TV. They have to cover up the two little holes put there by their co-workers when they staple the “stoopid” sign to their foreheads.

  9. Is it just me or does the left seem very desperate right now? I am in no way going to get comfortable but it just feels weird to me.

  10. Andrea Mitchell is a first class jerk, just like all the other reporters on MSDNC. One really can’t expect any better from them.

  11. After all the lies she’s told over the years Andrea’s brain is fried so cut her a little slack. She’s forgotten the definition of socialism………..that is if she ever knew it.

  12. Andrea Mitchell is as dumb as a box of rocks!!!!!!! How could she say none of the commie squad are socialists???? What a twit!!!!!!

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