LOL. CNN’s Fat, Dumb & Bald Guy and CNN’s Pamela Brown AFRAID of Parler: ‘It’s a THREAT to DEMOCRACY’

Liberals and CNN (same thing) think conservatives using Twitter is a threat to Democracy. They think conservatives using Facebook is a threat to Democracy. They think counting votes is a threat to Democracy. And now they think .. PARLER is threat to Democracy?

Of course they do. CNN’s Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy Brian Stelter hates all conservative thought and doesn’t believe the government should allow it. Apparently, so does “anchor” Pamela Brown.

If Parler ever gets set up for embedding and linking directly to Parley’s they may have reason to be afraid. The world won’t even need CNN anymore. And I can’t think of a single thing BETTER for the health of Democracy.

By the way, Scoop is on Parler here: @trscoop.

And find me on Parler here: @FredT.

It’s good.

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