LOL: Ex-Google nutjobs quit in DRAMATIC display, accusing tech overlord of ‘ongoing investment in WHITE SUPREMACY’

How far gone is the far-left? They are so far gone they are accusing the mothership of all evil tech giant overlords of being a racist empire that “maintains white supremacy” because of not having enough quotas and failing to remove all standards for publishing the ravings of its employees.

Seriously, it’s a whole amazing saga that is hilariously ridiculous and also a scary look at who is out there creating the tech that decides whether you’re canceled or not. Because the people who are doing this? The nutjobs saying all this? They were on the “ethical AI research team.”

That doesn’t mean they sit around pondering if its ethical to do AI. It means they are establishing the ethics OF the AI that Google uses to sort content, ban people from YouTube, all that.

Here’s CNN trying to dress it in Sunday clothes but failing to detract from the horror.

This kind of AI has become increasingly capable and popular in the last couple years, driven largely by language models from Google and research lab OpenAI. Such AI can generate text, mimicking everything from news articles and recipes to poetry, and it has quickly become key to Google Search, which the company said responds to trillions of queries each year. In late 2019, the company started relying on such AI to help answer one in 10 English-language queries from US users; nearly a year later, the company said it was handling nearly all English queries and is also being used to answer queries in dozens of other languages.

So how nutty are the team members that quit? One last year, and other since, including two in a spectacular flame-out this week? Well here’s a paragraph from the Medium post of one the researchers who put on this week’s show.

Instead, I’d rather start working out the ways in which Google, like so many other tech organizations, maintains white supremacy behind the veneer of race-neutrality, both in the workplace and in their products. I also want to think through the methods tech workers can use to challenge and expose their employers’ ongoing investment in white supremacy. Much of the theoretical substance here is informed by theories of the racialized organization, developed by sociologists Melissa Wooten, Lucius Couloute, and Victor Ray.

And of course he goes for the oblique embrace of the BLM riots of 2020. I added the bold.

In a word, tech has a whiteness problem. Google is not just a tech organization. Google is a white tech organization. Meta is a white tech organization. So are Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others that are announced in the same breath when we discuss the “techlash”. But so are research centers like OpenAI who are backed by oodles of venture capital from Peter Thiel and Sam Altman, or the Allen Institute for AI, founded by Paul Allen from Microsoft. More specifically, tech organizations are committed to defending whiteness through the “interrelated practices, processes, actions and meanings”, the techniques of reproducing the organization. In this case, that means defending their policies of recruitment, hierarchization, and monetization. Sociologist Amber Hamilton discusses how corporate actors, tech organizations included, rarely named the symptoms of whiteness — that is, their own racist organizational practices — in their responses to the racial reckoning of 2020, one of the largest social movements of our lifetimes.

The other researcher who quit this week, and seems like crowd-follower to me, wrote about more prosaic and typically zoomer complaints about not being treasured by the company and allowed to decide what it does in place of the executives.

These far-left maniac zealots have infiltrated every aspect of the tech industry and the traditional media. They are deciding the future of censorship and totalitarianism, and their views are so warped they have no ability to see past their crazy theories and constantly feed on one another, indulging in capitalism while decrying it, engaging in cannibalism while crying unity, and declaring war on all of human history and society while pretending to represent it.

I ain’t gonna lie, I’m laughing at Google reaping what they’ve sown. It’s funny to see the enforcers of racist Marxist doctrine pilloried by the products of that enforcement. But I’m also weeping for the decline and fall of America that this is all trying to bring.

On that happy thought…


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