LOL! Michael Wolff FAKES audio problems and abruptly ends interview when asked about Trump affair [VIDEO]

The scumbag Michael Wolff got a question that he didn’t like from The Today Show in Australia about Trump having an affair, so what did he do? He faked audio issues, claiming he couldn’t hear the interviewer and then took off.

First, here’s the original interview portion where Wolff walked off:

Later the Today Show released audio from Michael Wolff’s earpiece, which proves he could hear the interviewer just fine when he ended the interview:

Honestly, you can tell by the fact that Wolff doesn’t interrupt the interviewer to claim audio problems that this is a fake. He actually waits for the interviewer to stop talking before he says he has audio problems, LOL! And of course this is now confirmed since that the audio from his earpiece has been released. What a schmuck.

Remember, this is the same scumbag the media used to attack Trump and push his scummy book to well over a million book sales.

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