LOL Netanyahu owns Chuck Todd for trying to play Trump gotcha: ‘KEEP TRYING!’

The only game the media knows how to play is GOTCHA. Or more specifically TRUMP GOTCHA. It’s a simple one, they try to make people say something good or bad about Trump, yes or no, and the point is that then either the person will be bashed for saying something good, or the media will bait Trump over the person saying something bad.

Remember the “do you believe in evolution” question? These aren’t real questions. They aren’t trying to glean anything or learn anything or hold anyone to account. They just want to create ragebait click news for Twitter. That’s it.

Netanyahu not only didn’t play, he humiliated Chuck Todd. It was HILARIOUS.

Todd asks, “Would you like to see Donald Trump as president again? Would you like to see Donald Trump as president again?”

“I’ve just gone through four of our elections, you want me to get into your elections? Keep me out of it,” said Netanyahu.

Todd tried again, and Netanyahu properly answers he’d work with whoever is the president.

“And I certainly will not step on that landmine that you just put before me, Chuck. Come on, I’ve been in this business long enough and so have you. Keep trying!” said Bibi as America died 9 times laughing.

“Fair enough, and I appreciate you asking me to keep trying,” said the beaten dog.



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