LOL! Now Dreamers are suing Trump over rescinding DACA!

Not only are two moron state attorneys suing Trump over rescinding DACA, but now a handful of Dreamers have started their own lawsuit against Trump:

DAILY MAIL – San Diego attorney Dulce Garcia has regularly defended clients in immigration court. Now, she is the one seeking legal relief.

Brought to the United States illegally by her parents as a child, Garcia is one of six immigrants who sued the Trump administration on Monday over its decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. Since it was authorized in 2012 by President Barack Obama, the program has provided protection from deportation and the right to work legally to nearly 800,000 young people.

Garcia’s case, filed in San Francisco federal court, is the first to be brought by DACA recipients, known as Dreamers, since U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier this month that the Obama-era policy would start winding down in March 2018, according to Garcia’s lawyers.

It is among several lawsuits challenging the decision to end DACA, including two cases brought by state attorneys general.

The legal claims in all of the cases, including Garcia’s, are similar: that the Trump administration did not follow proper administrative procedure in rescinding DACA, and that making enforcement promises to a group of people, only to revoke them, violates due process.

The case on behalf of Garcia and other DACA recipients could be heard with two separately filed San Francisco DACA cases, one brought by the University of California and the other by a group of state attorneys general, led by California’s Xavier Becerra. Another group of attorneys general, led by New York’s Eric Schneiderman, filed a lawsuit over DACA on September 6 in Brooklyn federal court.

Legal experts have said court challenges to Trump’s decision could face an uphill battle because a president typically has wide authority in implementing immigration policy.

These legal experts are right about the difficulty of this, however I seriously doubt that some of these activist judges are going to let a little thing like the Constitution to stand in their way of ruling against Trump. I mean seriously, can’t we just take it directly to the Supreme Court already because you know that’s ultimately where it’s going to end up.

Also with regard to the rescission of DACA, it must be pointed out that while Trump has indeed rescinded it, that rescission appears to only be temporary considering Trump has given Congress six months to make it law. And further, Trump has already suggested he will either undo the rescission or postpone it further if Congress can’t get a deal in six months. So really, I don’t know what these Dreamers are so upset about. Trump wants DACA to become legitimate law and that should make them all happy as a lark.

But whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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