LOL Rachel Maddow is PISSED that John Brennan is trying to SPIN what he said about Trump

In yet another really bizarre episode of our political life, John Brennan actually told Rachel Maddow that he DIDN’T mean to accuse Trump of committing TREASON when he literally said that Trump had committed treason.

Check out the short clip below:


More than 94 THOUSAND people retweeted his tweet where he said Trump committed treason:

And he changes his mind, coincidentally after Trump revokes his clearance?!?! LOL!! This is just absurd. Even Rachel Maddow was like WTF?!

It’s still unclear what he meant when you watch the entire clip in complete context. Here’s the entire segment of Brennan spinning Rachel Maddow like a top:

LOL! I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Also, #MAGA!!


I watched it a little closer and I realized that Brennan actually blames his ethnicity for the tweet!!

“Sometimes my Irish comes out, in my tweets…”

LOL!!! Man I wish I could do that. Sometimes my Mexican comes out. Wait, that sounds like a Bill Clinton-like situation, forget I said anything…

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