LOL! Trump called Fox News reporter into Oval Office to argue he wasn’t wrong about Alabama — [UPDATED]

Yesterday I said that Trump wasn’t letting this Hurricane Dorian/Alabama thing go, and here’s more proof that he’s really not letting it go.

He called Fox News reporter John Roberts into the Oval Office to discuss it:

DC EXAMINER – John Roberts, the chief White House correspondent at Fox News, was called into the Oval Office after he finished a live shot Thursday afternoon so that President Trump could argue he wasn’t wrong about Hurricane Dorian’s path.

“He stressed to me that forecasts for Dorian last week had Alabama in the warning cone,” Roberts wrote in an email to Fox colleagues, which was obtained by CNN. “He insisted that it is unfair to say Alabama was never threatened by the storm.”

Roberts wrote that Trump was “just looking for acknowledgment that he was not wrong for saying that at some point, Alabama was at risk — even if the situation had changed by the time he issued the tweet” on Sunday.

Trump also asked him “to hit back at” Fox colleague Shepard Smith, who has described the president’s handling of the controversy as “inexplicable,” a White House aide told CNN.

Roberts said in his email that he told Trump that by the time the president sent a tweet about Alabama being in the storm’s path that Dorian’s projected trajectory no longer included any part of Alabama.

Trump “seemed to agree that the forecast track had moved — but he was adamant that at some point, Alabama was at risk,” Roberts wrote. “He also reminded that on occasions in the past, forecast tracks have changed dramatically.”

Honestly this just makes me laugh and it shows just how much this means to Trump. The fact that he called John Roberts into his office means he probably saw something in the reporting that he didn’t like and wanted to press him on it.

As we’ve pointed out, Trump was right about Alabama in the early forecasting. But it wasn’t a good idea to bring it up after the forecasting had radically changed because Alabama was no longer in the path.

Also, for what it’s worth, Mediaite is reporting that an anonymous White House source sats it was Trump who drew the sharpie line on the Aug 29 forecast graphic. As we pointed out, he was right about that. I wish however, that he’d used one of these. It would have avoided controversy:

UPDATE: More tweets from Trump on this:

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