LOL! Trump called Fox News reporter into Oval Office to argue he wasn’t wrong about Alabama — [UPDATED]

Yesterday I said that Trump wasn’t letting this Hurricane Dorian/Alabama thing go, and here’s more proof that he’s really not letting it go.

He called Fox News reporter John Roberts into the Oval Office to discuss it:

DC EXAMINER – John Roberts, the chief White House correspondent at Fox News, was called into the Oval Office after he finished a live shot Thursday afternoon so that President Trump could argue he wasn’t wrong about Hurricane Dorian’s path.

“He stressed to me that forecasts for Dorian last week had Alabama in the warning cone,” Roberts wrote in an email to Fox colleagues, which was obtained by CNN. “He insisted that it is unfair to say Alabama was never threatened by the storm.”

Roberts wrote that Trump was “just looking for acknowledgment that he was not wrong for saying that at some point, Alabama was at risk — even if the situation had changed by the time he issued the tweet” on Sunday.

Trump also asked him “to hit back at” Fox colleague Shepard Smith, who has described the president’s handling of the controversy as “inexplicable,” a White House aide told CNN.

Roberts said in his email that he told Trump that by the time the president sent a tweet about Alabama being in the storm’s path that Dorian’s projected trajectory no longer included any part of Alabama.

Trump “seemed to agree that the forecast track had moved — but he was adamant that at some point, Alabama was at risk,” Roberts wrote. “He also reminded that on occasions in the past, forecast tracks have changed dramatically.”

Honestly this just makes me laugh and it shows just how much this means to Trump. The fact that he called John Roberts into his office means he probably saw something in the reporting that he didn’t like and wanted to press him on it.

As we’ve pointed out, Trump was right about Alabama in the early forecasting. But it wasn’t a good idea to bring it up after the forecasting had radically changed because Alabama was no longer in the path.

Also, for what it’s worth, Mediaite is reporting that an anonymous White House source sats it was Trump who drew the sharpie line on the Aug 29 forecast graphic. As we pointed out, he was right about that. I wish however, that he’d used one of these. It would have avoided controversy:

UPDATE: More tweets from Trump on this:

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103 thoughts on “LOL! Trump called Fox News reporter into Oval Office to argue he wasn’t wrong about Alabama — [UPDATED]

    1. It’s going to be the centerpiece of his re-election campaign.

      Y’know, since he doesn’t have that wall, paid for in pesos, while in the meantime illegals continue to happily skip over the border. Gotta take the focus off that. Donald has failed repeatedly, but at least he was right about the potential path of a hurricane!

    2. As long as the media doesn’t let it go he won’t either. Yesterday, my husband had on the TV while working at his computer and Shep was on and he started yelling. I went in to see who he was yelling at. 🙂

        1. Is being disappointed that a hurricane failed to hit Alabama as he predicted sans evidence really a hill to die on?

  1. I think Trump figured he could talk to John Roberts and wanted him to tell Shep he didn’t like what he was doing. That, though, is a waste of time………and so is Shep. I refuse to watch him.

  2. Sitting here on my chair, sipping my ice tea with a STRAW (although I don’t normally use a straw), I’m liking this president. As much some of the things he contends about seem petty, I WANT and LOVE a fighter! I’m done with the softy invertebrate Republicans.

    Fight on Mr. President! Fight on!!!

    1. I can’t think of another person that could have withstood this much 24/7 hatred/misreporting..

      Romney/McCain would have resigned over the Russia scam.

      Not a doubt in my mind they would have allowed their presidencies to be destroyed by the media.

      1. Well, Romney/McCain, wouldn’t have allowed it to get that far–they would have just abandoned any Conservatism they had in them and completely caved and appeased the Democrats/Deep staters!

        1. Which they did numerous times throughout their careers. McCain’s betrayal on the repeal of Obamacare was tantamount to giving the finger to the American people. That is how petty the man really was. He hated Trump so to screw him, he lied and left us with this horrible law. That is your “maverick” to those who still want to defend him.

          And talk about narcissitic, McCain was on an ego trip. Do not forget that it was McCain who sent his guy over to England to get the Dossier. And he turned it over to the FBI after reading it because he thought that – aha – he finally had Trump. He was a despicable human being and Romney has taken his place.

    1. None of which have you m0r0ns found/proved. Please nominate Gaffetastic. This will give the President for more years to prove he was right about Alabama.

  3. Trump maybe should have let this go, but at the same time CNN shouldn’t have faked a map to prove Trump wrong.

    Just say’n.

  4. Good grief just let it go Trump. I do find it interesting that internal Fox e-mails were leaked to CNN. John Roberts leaking to the enemy.

  5. Chris Plante played a montage of the MSM all saying which states were going to be hit by the hurricane. Can anyone guess which state was included? Hhmmmmm?

    1. Yeah. The fifteen minutes he’s taken to put up tweets on this topic over the past 10 days has really impacted his effectiveness.

        1. Well I don’t begrudge a few minutes of goofing off when someone puts in the hours he does. I used to work 60 to 80 hour weeks. I probably wasted time on dumb stuff here and there, too.

      1. I wonder if you threw a good sized bomb on the eye of the hurricane as it was forming, if that would destroy the eye of the Hurricane or would the bomb cause the water to heat up and cause an even larger hurricane.Just wondering

        1. If comic books have taught me anything, it’s that radiation gives super powers. The last thing we want is a super powered hurricane. 😉

        2. Nah, it’d be fine. In fact, it’d be a strong show of force that would serve as a warning to future hurricanes.

  6. Based on the August 29, 2019, projected path & Tropical Storm Winds Map issued by NOAA, President Trump is correct. Stick to your guns Mr. President, the documented facts have your back.

      1. The fact that he’s managing to convince people shows a kind of shocking ability to move goalposts in service of reality being what he says it is. Nobody in the media was saying that there was never a prediction that Dorian might hit Alabama.

        1. If Trump said the sky was orange, some would be tenaciously defending him as being correct. His tweet of September 1 was wrong.

        2. Moving the goalposts back to one single moment in time does look really stupid.

          It was a low probability projection for events to occur several days later. Trump discussed the change in the projection. But some folks seem to think it’s like a card game, where you can’t pick up a card played.

          Tough beans. Real people spent several hours, and lots of money preparing for that storm, from Tampa to Mobile and points north. The National Guard was dispatched to assist evacuations from Tampa.

          I can see why Trump is having none of it. It disrespects first responders, and all of the people living in those areas.

  7. Alabama was in all the original forecasts from August 30 – 31 as shown at 2:49 here and others elsewhere.

    Petty fake news propaganda deceivers

    1. It’s not that he was originally wrong, it’s that he keeps harping on it and not letting it go. Childish and a very bad look. Now the left, who looked silly for criticizing his forecast, now can talk about his pettiness and obsessiveness. Especially when there are serious issues to be concerned about. He lets them have their talking points either way.

    2. Trump’s Tweet was from September 1st. By Saturday night, the data had changed. Are people actually offended that the hurricane didn’t hit Alabama?

      1. The way he keeps making his situation worse, he will probably tweet a map from Hurricane Ivan from 2004.

        Trump should acknowledge he was wrong and move on. Doing so is not an impossible task. Even children know how to do so.

        1. We’re well past the point when a simple admission of a minor error on Trump’s part no one would have cared about an hour after it was made could be done without a loss of face. I believe we’re in a test of will power on who’ll drop it first. The media or Trump.

      2. Yes, we do wonder why anyone would criticize warnings that are based on changing probabilities.

        It looks like they really are upset it didn’t hit Alabama.

  8. Some people think the President is influenced by their title of Chief White House Correspondent.Appears John Roberts and Jim Acosta both have learned he is not.

  9. He must have really really really been offended and embarrassed by this. I was with him and understood why he wanted to defend himself. Now I just wish everyone would stop.

  10. Obviously, from now on, Trump should wait until a hurricane actually makes a direct hit on a location before he warns the people there to be prepared for possible storm impact, and issues a ‘Stay safe, and God bless everyone.’ He needs to see actual deaths and destruction before saying a word. But of course, libs would then have something new to bitch about … 24/7 …

    1. I’m wondering how one can be “wrong” about noting that a low probability event has a low, but non-zero, probability of happening. Especially when the only change in events was that the probability got even lower.

      1. If you need up-to-the minute forecasts, you go to the national weather center or a meteorologist you know who stays up to the minute.

        That’s actually their job.

        Everyone with an IQ above room temp. knows this.

        Larger picture things, like aid going to the Bahamas, which Cabinet officials are overseeing the recovery efforts, and how quickly things are moving in those arenas are things we pay the President for.

        1. Allow me to quote a post from earlier: You seem to crave attention. You’ll have to get it elsewhere.

  11. We (mostly) only see Hillary’s Howlin’ Commandos here and elsewhere trying to pretend the Alabama storm track never happened. And some are fixated on one tweet out of the stream, as it that’s all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.

    It’s as if storm tracks are only allowed to fluctuate over time when the “right” guy is explaining them.

    It’s insanely dumb to try and pull the argument back to one tweet, but that doesn’t deter the obsessives, either here, or at other sites, or in the media.

    Now we can see how dumb the obsession gets on social media, but Trump isn’t lashing out at @TruCon3278 or @RomneyForever or even @HilFan666. He’s responding to guys like Brian Stelter and the like, who keep insistently implying that the sharpie map is all there can possibly be to a moving discussion about moving, probable events.

    It’s not even a real event. You know, like the obstacles dropped on the sideturdwalk in San Francisco are real.

  12. “As we’ve pointed out, Trump was right about Alabama in the early forecasting. But it wasn’t a good idea to bring it up after the forecasting had radically changed because Alabama was no longer in the path.”

    Yeah, he shouldn’t of done that… and then, the hurricane shifts and hits Alabama… the Blame Trump crew would say he didn’t know bla bla bla… Seriously, this crap needs to stop.

  13. Honestly, Trump could have said Nevada, and I could care less, it’s pay day, and I have my extra $60 which I get every week thanks to Trump’s tax cut.

  14. Suspect Roberts is about like Wallace….a better liberal than a CNN liberal but a liberal none the less. Shep….Mr. Trump, don’t waste your time on that idiot.

  15. John Roberts should have told Trump to FO. If Roberts was a real journalist, he would say to Trump, “You don’t tell me what to do. I am not going to be summoned into the Oval Office just because you think you run Fox News. FO you stupid child, I’ll say whatever the F I want and you can’t do a GD thing about it.”

    1. If the President calls you into his office to say something regarding the days “news” item… no matter how stupid that news item is – you go.

      I think this whole story is absolutely ridiculous, but John Roberts did exactly what a non-idiot journalist should have done. He got the story and he reported it as it happened without slathering it in his political biases.

      You have a bizarre notion of what a “real journalist” is. You must think that Jim Acosta is a “real journalist”, huh? He’d do some virtue signalling #resist move like you suggested.

      1. No, I don’t think Acosta is a good journalist. He doesn’t treat both sides with equal skepticism. He doesn’t practice the watchdog role in an even-handed and reasonable way.

    2. “Summoned.”

      How many mana cards do you have to tap to summon a reporter?

      No reporter turns down an invite to the White House. You can bet he got to ask Trump some other questions.

      1. I don’t know what mana cards are, so I googled it, and now I am sorry I wasted those 5 seconds on your irrelevant mystical reference. And no, I wouldn’t “bet he got to ask” anything.

    3. That’s not what he should have done. He should have reported on the meeting himself rather than leaking or allowing it to be leaked to another outfit.

      1. I wish he’d have done both.

        He knew that the meeting w/ Trump was a JOKE that he needed to share with others, and for that I applaud him.

      2. Sure, he could have done that. It would have been more civil than what I suggested. But not as interesting. It would be interesting to see how Trump would respond to a Fox reporter who refuses to meet with him, who takes an adversarial and confrontational and watchdog approach to those in power — as all journalists are supposed to do.

        1. You already know what would happen, and for the record, MIGHT STILL…

          Trump would (or may yet) take to Twitter and call John Roberts a LIAR and a member of the “Fake News.”

          Look, he’s a point about the Russian Collusion. That was TOTALLY fabricated to take him down, but he does himself NO favors in claiming that News is “Fake News” when he doesn’t get his way or makes a mistake.

          Quite LITERALLY, this guy is throwing a TANTRUM at the age of 73! Not cool.

    4. & when Obama rebuked Bret in that interview I’m sure you felt is was deserved. but actually agree, Roberts shouldn’t have gone.

  16. Scoop, I’m glad it makes you “laugh,” but I don’t find his self-centered, childish and diluted mentality as amusing as others.

    In reality, what this episode has shown is how truly WEAK he is. It’s why I KNEW he wouldn’t deliver on repealing Obamacare or building the Wall (not replacing Wall).

    He thought he could sit on his butt and delegate, and he was dead wrong.

    In fact, he foolishly only started “fighting” for the funding for the Wall when the battle was LITERALLY already lost, on the eve of the Democrat takeover of the House.

    But Trump being Trump, he shut down the government, only to CAVE to the Democrat days later while bizarrely claiming it was a “win” for him.

  17. Good grief! Why are people arguing about this? Why is Pres. Trump? It just makes him look nuts. He is fixated on it himself.

    I just spoke to a member of my church today who was focused, not on his making a mistake about Alabama, but on his not letting such a trivial thing go. It just convinces her further that he needs to be removed. He is not helping himself or us.

    1. I don’t understand why people are focused on Trump defending himself, instead of fixated on a lying media who distort endlessly everything he says and does.

  18. When we had a fairly reasonable media, reporters sat with the president and took notes. They produced quotes from their notes, but those quotes were filtered down to what the president was trying to communicate.

    You look at ancient news articles from say, 1980, and you can tell the quotes were cleaned up so that no stammering or mis-speak appeared. If the president clarified a remark, the *clear* result was what was printed as a quote. Not the incorrectly stated first attempt.

    Now every fool on twitter thinks they are an investigative reporter, and every typo, every mis-statement-clarified-later, and factual-claim-clarified-later is treated like a card played in a round of poker that surely must cost the president all of his chips.

    It’s a very childish viewpoint. If a guy says, “There were 8 or 9 people at the meeting,” and someone else produces a list of ten attendees, a serious reporter just prints that, “There were ten attendees.”

    But the tweet mining gotcha brigade can’t understand how ideas are transferred by language. They have no idea how imprecise language is. They have likely never written a contract or made a living playing cards or building anything as complex as a tiny strip mall.

    Communication is a two-way street. Each party has to seek clarity. This twitter mobbing by the Trump obsessed has zero to do with clarity.

    I remember how tough and frustrating it was getting Trump to commit to one idea about healthcare. I wanted to know what folks were voting for. We never got it. Not from Trump. Not from Boehner/Ryan. Not from McConnel.

    But at the highest end of Big Idea politics, nothing is square, nothing is cut and dried, nothing is simple. So to avoid being boxed in, every smart politician avoids being nailed down on specifics. Surely everyone has noticed this.

    Dealmakers operate the same way. They draw you in with generalized, grandiose notions, and depend on post-deal fixups or winning in court if you are not satisfied with the actual results.

    Every president up through and including Obama was given the basic leniancy due to someone operating at that level.

    But Trump has to be treated like a generic twitter account with 8 followers. I’ve never seen such immature treatment of a president (other than by crank operators and activists that have little influence).

    We had such cranks dropping by here to tell us Michelle Obama was really a man. Some few ultra cranks couldn’t get a quick laugh over “57 states” and let it go. No, they had to claim Obama was unstable or something. We’ve had to dump plenty of such obsessive commenters over the years. There are still lots of angry Cruz birthers out there who are livid that their spam was not allowed to be hosted here.

    But I digress.

    If one does not have the decency to seek clarity, either by reviewing all subsequent statements, or, here’s a thought: asking, then they are playing a stupid game to win stupid prizes.

  19. So let’s see… 9/11/2012, Obama goes to his private White House quarters early and is completely undisturbed and uninvolved in the many hours that passed while the state department waffled on getting support to the people being attacked in Benghazi. The media couldn’t have cared less and never pressed him about it.

    Trump is unaware of a change in the weather forecast, so he says the wrong thing – but it has absolutely no impact on anyone anywhere. The media loses its collective mind.


    1. And he was only “wrong” about the lowest probability outliers. He was “right” about the rest. Which was all merely probability field concepts, not actual events that really happened.

  20. We know Trump trolls the media.
    I could be wrong, but Scoop might have put this story back up to troll the Trolls and they took the bait, hook, line and sinker. ; )

  21. Why is he still festering about this?

    He has no one to blame but himself for this now, because he refuses to stop going on and on about it.

  22. John Roberts came from CNN he is a big Liberal so he always has a Democrap bent to his condescending reporting! Roberts is an A-Hole, he is one of the many hires of FUAXs in Liberalizing the network .

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