LOL! Trump CALLS out Rashida Tlaib on Twitter!

El Presidente Trumpo went for the jugular after Rashida Tlaib appeared to show her cards when Israel told her they were lifting their ban on moronic congresswomen.

I mean. He’s not wrong.

Yeah, that’s basically what happened. And it shows that Tlaib is willing to politicize even a visit to her elderly grandmother just for the sake of bashing Israel.

Even if you grant her complaint that Israel is trying to keep her from using her free speech while visiting her grandmother, so what? Make your visit, head home, THEN criticize Israel freely. NOPE. She HAS to be able to smear Israel or she’ll take her ball and head home. Kinda pathetic really.

And Trump called her out on it nicely. Then he added this:

Yeah, I mean I dunno about that, she’s probably very happy to have so much power and sway at her tender age. But I guarantee you Pelosi and the rest of the leadership are bitterly angry about it….

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153 thoughts on “LOL! Trump CALLS out Rashida Tlaib on Twitter!

    1. She was likely expecting them to say no so she could make a big deal about how awful they are to Muslims.

  1. There are 13 Muslim countries that do not allow Israeli citizens entrance in their country. In addition, eight of these countries — Iran,Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Syria, and Yemen— do not allow entry to people with evidence of travel to Israel, or whose passports have either a used or an unused Israeli visa.

    Curiously, nothing is ever mentioned about this.

    1. Remember when they quit putting Israel as the country of birth on US passports? Only the city is shown now.

  2. Will Chamberlain

    Let’s be real

    This isn’t the first time that a Palestinian has tried to use an elderly woman as a human shield

  3. That is a great photo of the President of the US,just after hearing Tlaib now refusing to go visit her grand mother the President uttering FU

  4. Did any other republicans call out Tlaib for her inconsistent bs,only The President. Keep twittering Mr. President

      1. I will tell you how,not one of them can break that code of silence on how they all got so wealthy.This is why so many the last elections [over 40 republicans] got out while the gettin was good and it appears the same will happen this election cycle.The Republicans are scared to death of what they have done[and will eventually be held accountable] to help destroy what we used to be.The good ole USA.

  5. If Israel had taken a firm stand against these Jew-haters right from the start and held to it without a
    flip-flop, it would have come off better. By first allowing them to come, then backing off (after a
    Trump tweet), then allowing one of them a humanitarian visit, Israel ended up all over the place so
    that the leftoids and RINOs could engage in a pile-on, especially because of their hatred for Trump.
    Israel should have emphasized how repellent these two are in their bigotry–that would have been a
    thing, however much the leftist wreckers would scream, scream, and scream again. The way it was
    handled, Israel did not take a specific position against them, leaving room for everyone to fire at

    How many times do people have to learn that you can’t appease those who want to exterminate you?
    You always lose.

    1. Actually, I very much like how it went and how Israel acted, helping making this into such a big story to expose these jerks. It was a good day for the good guys.

  6. Oh man…..roflol. Although I think that last part about grandma happy not to have to see Tlaib was a bit nasty and unnecessary and made her a victim.

  7. Trump: “The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now.”

    1. I would have said, “visit her grandmother,” because the whole thing was just a political ploy. She had no intention of going.

    2. I think it was just to show the visit to the grandmother was just a pretense…that was the “alleged” reason she wanted to go to Israel. When she got permission she turned it down.

      1. I feel like that explanation wouldn’t make sense unless visit were also in scare quotes but I kinda get it.

        1. The use of the term “scare quotes” is nonsense. Quotes are used for a number of reasons. This is one of those lame modern attempts to control language. As was pointed out by Skeeter they are often used by people to make the point that what is claimed is not the reality.

  8. Of course the mouth-breathing Trumpers will burst into a collective tribal chant and clap their collective hairy non-opposable digits at the orange master’s latest tweet-rant indignity to the office. Even though the same knuckle-draggers would have repeatedly cried WRONG! BAD! FOUL! if Obama tweeted something similar about one of their tribal heroes.

    I can’t take anymore. O asteroid come, please come.


    1. Talk about a collective tribal chant. Go buy a leather smoking chair and smuggle in some Cuban cigars so that when the State allows you some ‘down’ time, you can enjoy the moment.

      1. I think they’re taking the “high” road for sure. (Pay attention Slantry, this time the quotes indicate a pun)

    1. I’m sorry AT, was that a just a morsel of a tidbit of a slight seal of approval from you on Trump?


      Ya gotta admit, Trump’s troll game is on point on this one lol

      1. I’d like to think I’ve been very fair with Donald during his tenure and throughout his antics.

        Unlike his supporters.

        1. I don’t mean to burst your bubble , but you haven’t been calling balls and strikes for awhile. especially with comments like “unlike his supporters”. That’s a pretty bold statement to paint a whole bunch of people. I know A LOT of die hards that are very pissed at Trump for even entertaining the notion of Democrat gun control.

          My advice: Take Trump personally with a grain of salt. Is he Orange Jesus? No. Has he done a lot of good things…yes & you can’t deny that. He’s not anywhere near the best representative for conservatism, but you got to take the good with the bad. He’s especially going to entertain your notions & philosophy of conservatism/libertarianism that Democrats will.

      2. These leftist clowns are as subtle as a 2×4 between the eyes and as honest as a used car salesman.

  9. You got to wonder if she even has a 90 y/o grandmother…..If the woman(?) opens her (BIG)mouth a lie comes out.

  10. In other totally eff’d up news Ted Wheeler, the fascist mayor of Portland, arrests Joey Gibson. Not antifa, but the Christian. All you conservatives and Christians need to shut up and go to the back of the bus!

    1. My son just filled me in that the new thing trending is that Antifa is actually a bunch of conservatives trying to make the Left look bad. The Stupid is strong with those on the Left.

  11. Just love the way Trump calls these hypocrites out. Hilarious. These trolls are the anecedote
    for TDS.

  12. Oh my word, now the health kooks are advocating drinking bleach as a cure for autism. This society is too stupid to stand. First they eat Tide Pods, now they drink bleach. What next? Downy cocktails? Sheesh.

    1. A long time ago I read about a scientist who drank dilute hydrochloric acid for his digestion. What could go wrong if a libtard did it?

      BTW, spell check doesn’t like hydrochloric for some reason.

  13. When Jews are silent, it will happen again…
    -Thank you Scmucky Chucky Schumer for selling out our people. Where are you? Where are the other Jews in Congress? Why are Christians defending us more than Jews? How pathetic are you Chuck? Party first I guess? That’s what the nationalist socialists felt too.

      1. If Evangelical Christians weren’t faithful, we would declare Jihad on your ilk and destroy you. Be thankful for Christian tolerance.

  14. LOL, I got a good laugh out of Trump saying:
    “The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now” !

  15. Imagine how pathetically appeasing American Jewry has become:
    “There were 24 American Jews in the House and eight in the Senate; in the 116th Congress”

    Just to be clear, there are only 6 million Jews in America and 15 million Jews in the world left. Don’t believe the conspiracy propaganda that we’re “everywhere”.
    We’re almost an extinct religion. 15 million.

    Look at the representation we have compared to our numbers. All (save two in Congress) are DEMOCRATS. Where are all
    Of those voices condemning these radical Muslims? It’s sad. I’m appalled. Thank you my Christian brothers and sisters for your support where my own people put party over principle.

    1. I’ve never bought the racial Jew argument. If you’re not observant you’re not a Jew. But then I reject the concept of race entirely. There’s one race, the human one.

      1. I agree that being Jewish is not a “race.” But that doesn’t mean that when I choose to be “not observant” (as I currently am) that doesn’t negate my Jewish identity.

        It’s a family, cultural, and yes genetic (but not necessarily) thing, as well as religious.

        And of course I agree with Ronbo, I am an American first.

        1. Exactly. It’s a combination of culture and shared history. Christians have no less claim to this identity. Judaism is simply older and all monotheistic religions came from Judaism first. Growing up on a predominately Christian area of Long Island, I’ve been to Church way more than Temple although I was Bar Mitzvah and read the Haftorah.
          I still enlisted and fought along only non-Jews and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

        2. I don’t buy the concept of “cultural” Christian’s either. Though I’ll grant familial connections. But I find Buddhist Jews as absurd as “homosexual” Christians. ( Christians aren’t defined by their temptations)

        3. No doubt the Jewish people in Germany tried to assure the Nazi’s that they too were German first.

      2. I agree 100% Thank you for pointing this out. I’m an American of Lithuanian decent. My religion is Judaism. There is no race “Jew”. I fought in the war for this country, not Israel and I my allegiance is to the USA first and last.

        1. Thank you for not hyphenating your heritage. And thank you most for your faithful service to our country. We need more Americans like you to stand up and speak out. Blessings on you!

  16. With the help of Trump these two anti semites did more to harm Israel than they could have dreamed.
    With Trump it’s always cutting off his nose to spite his face.

    1. We have long suspected you are an imbecile. Your post removes all doubt. The two piece of posterior expelled waste, Tlaib and Ilhan are un American and should be deported immediately. Perhaps you can join them and leave America for those that love our country and respect our president.

      1. Israel has received world wide condemnation for their attempt to block the congresswomen from entering their country. Just what values were represented by the Jewish state?
        The bots are in force but they don’t change the facts. This was a dumb move compounded by the dumb dumb in the white house.

        1. Eff worldwide condemnation. They’re condemned if they say it’s a sunny day. Pack sand you fraud

        2. Bots, lol. You smelly lefties always project your actions onto others. Go take your monthly shower. You are stinking up the place.

        3. ANY country has the sovereign right to deny ANYONE entrance. If I showed up a your house and demanded to enter with the intention of disrespecting you and yours, it would be your sovereign right to refuse me entrance. No bots here, just folks that are not allowing the libtards to set a false narrative. President Trump was elected to refute socialism, political correctness and to repel the Muslim and Illegal alien invaders. Run along now, Huff-Po or the Salon await your bloviating!

  17. Golly
    Rashida is FUgly

    I’m a male heterosexual. I wouldn’t touch her if she was the last woman on earth.

  18. Yesterday I received a Rocket Alert from CUFI it read:

    “IDF: 1 rocket intercepted by Iron dome missile defense system in Southern Israel. Reports say 2 other launches identified.”

    I posted on social media and here is a response I received…

    “Is it Tlaib and Omar you speak of?”


  19. This really isn’t a fair fight. Trump is Little Mac from Punchout, and Tlaib and Cortex are Glass Joe.

  20. Omg!! Trumps tweets are so offensive I’m going to vote for a demonazis.

    If you subscribe to this thinking you’re dumber than the leftist scumbags

  21. DNA tests suggest a 1/1024 chance that the woman pictured in photos as her grandmother is biologically related

  22. I like this part of his tweet.
    “Cortez (AOC) is fuming, not happy about this!”
    1. He called her Cortez again, which she hates.
    2. He’s trying to sow division between them. It may not work, but it’s fun to watch.

    1. ‘May Allah ruin him,’ scoffed Muftia Tlaib, 90, in Arabic

      I guess the hatred runs in the family.

  23. She was using her own grandmother as a Trojan Horse to deceitfully enter Israel and most likely try to stir up trouble while there. But, the best laid plans of mice and men often to awry . . . her wicked little plan changed and she made herself look like the fool she is.

  24. Tlaib will only be a one-term Congresswoman… I doubt the DNC will allow her and the rest of the Goon Squad to continue exposing the real Democrat agenda.

    O/T: Tlaib’s grandmother seems to be a peaceful, loving woman… /s

  25. With the “Squad” being so repulsive I pray they stay “front and center “(Navy talk) demonstrating the foul souls of the real God-hating left.
    We need to embrace that old “know your enemy” by turning it into “show your enemy.”

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