LOL VIDEO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel, then embarrasses herself when asked to explain!

Remember when Israel was defending itself from Palestinians who were trying to break through the Israeli border fence in order to kidnap Jewish residents of Israel? And remember when most of the Palestinians killed were identified as members of Hamas?

Most of us knew that Israel was just defending itself, but the new socialist from the bronx called it a massacre and suggested it was an inhumane mass shooting:

Fast forward to today where she was asked about the tweet and her position on Israel. Here’s what she had to say (the video briefly pauses a few times but it keeps going):

First she made it sound like just another indiscriminate mass shooting where Israel was the murderer of all these innocent Palestinians who just wanted to hold signs and protest. Ridiculous.

But then she actually refers to Israel as the ‘occupier’. When pressed on what she meant by that, she says she means the settlements that are increasing in places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to housing and homes. Huh? Does she not even know where these settlements are increasing…like East Jerusalem?

Then when asked to expound further she admits she’s not an ‘expert’, meaning she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. LOL!


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