LOL!! Watch excruciatingly long AWKWARD silence as Biden voter struggles to name even ONE thing she likes about him

“Ummmmmmm…” That was the first best answer from a Biden voter interviewed by Martha Raddatz for ABC’s This Week on the question of what it is she likes about Joe Biden, who she voted for in 2020.

It is a long pause. A hilarious pause. And awkward pause punctuated by an awkward laugh. It’s the logical reaction.

Eventually, the young lady comes up with the single answer we all know was the only Biden answer all along, and the one they are still banking on right now for 2024.

You know the one.

“He’s not Trump.”

That’s the best she could do. That any of them can do.

Biden is a shambles and his presidency is a disaster. But the media’s hold on half the country is undefeated. Even these interviews won’t be treated like an indictment of the guy’s reign.

I mean he literally laughed in their faces at the dinner last night, because surprise surprise, Captain Dementia doesn’t know the difference between roasting and just outright gloating, so his “self-mocking” jokes were a big middle finger to the press, who he hates and berates and they keep asking “please sir may I have some more.”

Anyway it was a funny video though, sorry to go off on a rant and bring the room down.

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