LOL, WOW: Those ‘undecided’ voters at NBC town hall? They were DECIDED on BIDEN on MSNBC just weeks ago!!

This is SO amazing, yet somehow also typical. At the NBC News town hall last night they featured some undecided voters, which is a great way for other undecided votes in America to hear their questions asked and watch them try to decide. Right?

Wrong. OF COURSE WRONG. It’s NBC! Their “undecided” voters with their concerns asking for help deciding weren’t undecided at all just weeks ago.

And they were ON NBC NEWS. In an MSNBC package. Free Beacon’s David Rutz and Collin Anderson caught NBC red-handed.

You gotta watch this.

Y’all it don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep, and these guys smelled like Biden goats immediately last night, not a whiff of undecided.But even so they probably would’ve gotten away with it if Rutz and Anderson hadn’t made the damning video.

There’s no way NBC didn’t know what they were doing. Ari Fleischer wants to know why Lester Holt would go along with the charade.

They are just fully busted here. These kinds of hijinks are typical of the press, though, not unusual at all. What’s out of the ordinary is them getting busted.

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