LOLOLOL: WaPo reporter tries REALLY hard to get Dr. Fauci to hate Trump Covid briefings, but Fauci LIKES them

Well it really does have to irk you when the person you’re trying to goad into a fight won’t bite. Washington Post dude Robert Costa knows that firsthand, now, after trying to get Dr. Anthony Fauci to bash President Trump’s revived coronavirus briefings.

Dr. Fauci wouldn’t go for it. He likes the briefings. Which is especially hard on people like Washington Post dudes because they’ve worked so hard, and mostly successfully, to drive a wedge between the scientific and medical arm of the administration and the executive one. They did that and continue to do it so they can freely praise the one without tarnishing their HateTrump street cred by accidentally praising the other.

See, if Fauci is good but disowned, then they can safely praise wise measures from CDC, NIAID, and other government institutions to burnish their “we support science” or “We care if Americans die” credentials and then turn right around in the briefing room or on TV to trash the government response. It’s having their Covid and sneezing it, too. Like they do with protests.

Well that’s what WaPo dude was doing in this long interview with the good Doctor on Friday, probably comfortable that Fauci would trash Trump because OBVIOUSLY that’s what smart people do, and also because much of MAGA, especially over around The Federalist areas, have made of Fauci a nefarious bogeyman.

Disappointing all those parties (not to mention CNN), Fauci said the briefings are good and a good idea. When that question failed to get a fight, Costa tried to play the “you’re being excluded” card, which Fauci also didn’t take up. Then he was like “but don’t you want the science types to do the talking” and Fauci said “uh yeah, I’m literally doing that right now, chief.”

That ain’t an exact transcript, but anyhow here’s the clip.

Tough break Costa. Next time tell him Trump was making fun of his momma, maybe that’ll do it.

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