LOOK: Lifelong loser Rex Chapman spreads ELECTION DISINFO and Twitter’s hall monitors don’t care. GUESS WHY

The fine folks at Twitter are always on the job, making sure nobody says mean things about learning to code or saying accurate things about Hunter Biden. They censor parody videos and presidential observations, too.

But when it comes to huge Twitter accounts spreading election disinformation, intentionally, with the purpose of deceit, well THAT is just fine.

The undistinguished former druggie basketball player (well… former applies to the basketball part anyway) is always sticking his witless voice into the political fray, and leftists love it because — well you know, because of the witlessness. That’s their bread and butter.

So he did it again.

Obviously this is fake news, and he was called out for it, for all the good that it will do.

He’s not just lying, he’s tampering with an election by spreading lies. Remember how pious all the CNN jerks were when meme videos or even just SHORTENED videos were shared that were unflattering to Joe Biden? Yeah. And Twitter jumped on it. Gotta keep Tapper happy. But lie about Lindsey Graham? Yeah, Twitter doesn’t care.

And don’t forget his greatest hits.

They’re glad he does this. Anything to help Democrats.

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