LOOK: Media Hacks now in FULL PANIC over Hunter Biden story. But, real talk? It AIN’T going AWAY, Jake

The Biden-supporting media don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. That’s the part you have to remember. Media hacks, exemplified by CNN’s cadre of loons, believe in their hearty hearts that they are justified in helping Biden by any means necessary. They “learned their lesson” in 2016, you see, when they reported on the factual and real news stories about Hillary.

See they think that cost Hillary the election – they don’t know about things like regular voters and what motivates them so they assume everything they do is what creates history and fate – and they aren’t going to let that happen again. This time Hillary will win, 4 years later, by proxy, in their minds. They’ll do ANYTHING to achieve it. They’ll see it as a moral victory for their entire profession, which they think is about molding society not reporting facts or acting as a check on and balance against the government having too much power over the people. They don’t care what people want. They care what THEY want, and what special interests want.

Jake Tapper is a perfect example. He’s a moralizer by nature. He used to moralize about being scrupulously unbiased and rigorously factual, even though he never quite achieved it. He even tries now and then to remember how to do it. But mostly, he’s replaced his old sermon with a new social justice one, though he doesn’t call it that.

That’s why the Hunter story vexes all them so much. See, it’s not JUST that it hurts Biden, or could hurt his chance to win. It’s not JUST that it could help Trump and the deplorable chump MAGAs they hate so. NO, it’s that it’s a real story and they KNOW that, and it REMINDS people like Jake Tapper what they’ve stopped doing. It reminds them that they mostly aren’t reporters anymore. It challenges their rationalizations. That’s why they have to make even more ridiculous rationalizations, why they have to make up even more convoluted pretzels of arguments to avoid their journalistic and ethical responsibilities.

And PJ Media’s Jim Treacher ain’t letting them get away with it.

They don’t want to talk about Hunter Biden. That’s why they spend so much time asking who is wearing masks at what White House events. It’s pretend news that fills the air time and feeds the insatiable hunger of the resistance for anti-Trump anything all the time. It’s how they get out of doing their jobs.

I feel bad for some of them, sometimes, the ones who used to be reporters before the Jim Acosta era. The enormous moral stress of trying to preen for the social justice mob, be on the precious “right side of history”, receive raves and back slaps from their equally corrupted colleagues, and still look in the mirror and convince themselves they’re journalists must be overwhelming. But then I remember that all they have to do is just remember how to do their actual job and I realize they did this to themselves.

They’re called fake news because they’re only pretending to be in the business of news and reporting. By their selectiveness and their tone and their word choice and their actions and every other measure available, they are the perfect picture of propagandists.

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