Look out, Cracker Barrel is the next target of the MOB

Cracker Barrel has been trending today and appears to be the next target of the woke liberal mob because, you know, it’s racist or something:

One thing they are bringing up is that Cracker Barrel had to settle a lawsuit with the Justice department in 2004 in which they were found to have discriminated against African Americans in their stores in multiple states. I had no idea that this ever happened. You can read more about that here.

The tweeting continues below, with the decor being labeled racist too…

And it just goes on and on…

I could post a lot more, but you get the idea. Also just to point out because people are idiots, the name “Cracker Barrel” has nothing to do with white people. According to the company, it comes from an old tradition:

“Back in the day, country stores were a gathering place for many communities; somewhere folks could catch up on the news, local events, and their neighbors’ lives. Country stores were complete with “cracker barrels” that were used to ship soda crackers, so they wouldn’t break in transit. After the crackers had been sold, the barrels were used as makeshift tables. Visitors to the stores would sit around the barrel-tables chatting and catching up on the day’s news.”

Look I’m not going to lie, I love me some Cracker Barrel. Their food is the best and their prices are reasonable. And that white sawmill gravy on some mashed potatoes is soooo good. Their fried okra and macaroni is so….oh well now I think I’m gonna have to go to Cracker Barrel this weekend.

I’ll end with this, which just happened the other day:

That was three days ago amid all of this Floyd protesting and such. What a class act and a stand up guy.

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