‘Looks like another FED Fest’: Video shows STRANGE masked dudes marching in D.C. and folks AIN’T buying it

Who are the supposed “Patriot Front” marchers that walked around D.C. last night with masks and hats and little shields? That’s the question a lot of people are asking on Sunday. Libs and MSM are saying it’s white supremacists, lots of regular folks say the whole thing screams “feds.”

The videos came out last night in a short period of time as the guys in matching khakis and – shin guards? – marched down the mall past the reflecting pool and up to the Lincoln Memorial. There’s also some video theoretically showing them getting ready for the display.

But who ARE they?

Here’s one of the videos that got the most play.

Here’s another, that raises the question from the start:

More video.

A lot of people were claiming it was some kind of false flag op or some other “fed” or government-run trickery.

This seems pretty convincing. Serious language warning on this one.

But many still aren’t convinced.

There were other theories too:

Obviously that theory is close to my heart.

But the Patriot Front does seem to be a real group, or at least one that existed before yesterday. They have a website, they’ve appeared at other events, and so on.

Hey people make the darnedest clubs. Even ones that wear matching khakis and take fancy strolls together under the trees at sunset. Hey whatever man, I’m not asking, you’re not telling, it’s fine.

The point is that whoever these strange dudes are that stomped around for a while before getting into U-Hauls, they aren’t THE GREATEST TERROR THREAT MANKIND EVER FACED.

When Antifa and BLM march people get hurt or killed. Property is destroyed. Government buildings are invaded. Whole sections of cities get walled off to become lawless rape collectives. The most these chums in matching outfits did was get some exercise and get yelled at and booed.

I wouldn’t know who a fed was if they walked up to me with a giant badge that said “NOT A FED THO”. And there’s a difference between something the Lincoln Project WOULD do, and something they have the budget and enough friends for. Well ADULT friends, anyway. Little Nazi covens DO exist in the world. I mean that is a thing.

But the March of the Baseball Cap Crew isn’t exactly the most important thing going on in the world, is it? Not that that will stop CNN from spending a week ACTING like it’s the biggest threat we’ve ever faced besides having a cold.

Hey maybe they should put Fauci in charge of the task force on this! He could use some extra TV time, we never see that guy!

So what’s YOUR take?
Consider this an OPEN THREAD, feds.

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