Lots of Pepe frog-tears as the alt-right implodes over Trump’s globalist missile strike

The way that the alt-right reacted to Trump’s airstrike, you would have thought that it was their airfield that was bombed by tomahawk cruise missiles. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to watch the racialist tears and melting snowflakery.

The now infamous Reagan Battalion posted a pretty good video with some of their whiny tweets:

Here’s more:

At first, this moron said he was off the Trump Train:

But then he realized that stringing along the stupider of the Trump cultists pays too well:

This guy said this:


And now says Trump is listening to their tweets! LOL!

They’re blaming Jared Kushner:



Cernovich is attacking his followers:

Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders! LOL!!

And he says that Americans somehow orchestrated a chemical attack on Syrians:


Poor Laura Ingraham:

I posted a meme using a picture that they love to use to mock “cuckservatives”:

They’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either Trump is being tricked by globalists, and he’s an idiot, or he was always an idiot globalist and he lied to them. Which is it?

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