Louder with Crowder: Net Neutrality

This is probably the best video I’ve seen regarding Net Neutrality. As the video points out Net Neutrality is cloaked in benign language accompanied with techno-babble that disguises what it really means. Plus if Google supports it and Google’s motto is ‘don’t be evil’, then how can it be bad, right?

Ed Morrissey at Hotair adds to Crowder’s post office analogy:

Steven’s analogy to the postal service is the most apt in this video. Net Neutrality, if applied to postage and shipping, would force the USPS to treat a 50-pound barbell the same as an envelope of less than one ounce. That’s what’s meant by content neutrality.

But the analogy is incomplete; thanks to its quasi-governmental role, people more or less expect Congress to control USPS policy. The better expression of this analogy would be that not only would the USPS have to charge the same rate for the barbell and the envelope, but so would FedEx, DHL, UPS, and every private shipping company and courier service in the country. That’s Net Neutrality, which dictates network management policies to private owners of the networks.

So if you take this to its logical end in regard to Google’s support for net neutrality, they would benefit greatly as smaller companies get out of the business because they can’t afford all of the ‘fairness’. It would seem to me that as this plays out, it’s very conceivable that you might eventually end up with one company controlling it all. Maybe Google? Maybe the government?

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12 thoughts on “Louder with Crowder: Net Neutrality

  1. That last minute of the video is PRICELESS! Crowder describing the emergence of private, for-profit “super hospitals” in Canada – known in the US as “hospitals”. Bingo!

    The gummint warps everything it touches.

  2. That video was great, except for the bit about “spouseless geeks”.  I resent – and resemble – that remark.

  3. Love the last comment!  “…in Canada you now have ‘Super Hospitals’ or as in the states we know them… ‘Hospitals’…”

  4. The Internet is the only thing almost entirely free market these days – that’s why it’s flourished. Ideas go global instantly. Everyone can publish Instantly for the world to view. This NN crap is the progressives trying to get they’re hands on something that changes how we find and receive information. It can’t be tamed, baby! Just like Miley!

  5. And no doubt the only way around this a private encryption that is simple, yet secure from the Government and Google snooping.   If you don’t know what the packets are, it makes regulation useless or impossible.  Basically a 2nd Amendment for the internet(the right to have secure, unsnoopable, private encryption on YOUR data no matter what it is). 

  6. Finally someone explains it in simple terms.  I’ve been trying to follow it but I’ve never been able to make any sense out of it. 

    I liked the part where he was talking to the woman using the highway analogy, too.  She dove right into typical Progressive talking points about safety and how we shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s “freedom” to speed.  The same damn argument they used to ram Obamacare down our throats.

  7. It is great to see you following this issue TRS! It is this part of a broader campaign by the Progressives, Statists and Globalists. The Internet is a huge problem for them. It is probably their biggest threat – media they cannot control. (Drudge is running a segment on this today)

    You are right about Google – they have the technology and size to control the internet gateways and mirrors. In the end the central government will not be able to control the Internet without Google.

    However, the truly dangerous public and political face behind this is FreePress (freepress.net).  The founder is a self admitted Marxist dedicated to control of the media. Soros has been funding them and now, after a few facelifts, have  convinced nearly everyone that they are the “nonpartisan go-to guys”.

    Everyone needs to look around them. I have nearly a dozen different wireless and wired services available to me. It is awesome. The Internet thrives because the Feds have left it alone.

    Net neutrality is a “created crisis”,  fueled way out-of-proportion by the community organizers. Originally a bunch of techies (BitTorrent stuff) who were streaming  large audio and video files started griping after a few wireless carriers needed to throttle bandwidth on a few special network pipes. The politians saw this as an opportunity to create a crisis toward Internet control. The Lemmings of the Left jumped on board. As have many Elephants.

    Sites like yours and the internet in general is a great danger to the political class because the truth is starting to get out.  In 2008 Obama managed to control it with social media and hoards of trolls who his campaign and Soros sent out to clog up comment sections of popular sites. They now realize that we the people have firgured out how to truly use the Internet for truth, without central control.

    Danger Will Robinson. Danger.

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