Mainstream ‘journalists’ DESCEND on, THREATEN Nicki Minaj family, friends. Get WRECKED. Now they’re CRYING.

There is nothing quite so barren of scruples and ethics than a leftwing mainstream media journalist on the “right side of history.” They march in lock goose step across the airwaves and social media, condemning all who dare resist. No one is safe when they decide that THEY know what is the RIGHT thing to do, a phenomenon never more obvious than during the Covid era. And in the era, NOWHERE more so than on vaccines.

Granted, they are HUGE hypocrites on the subject already, and wrong most of the time. But they are religious zealots nevertheless, and the press who can’t be bothered to visit Seattle’s BLM/Antifa riots one SINGLE time with a camera nor spend ANY time at our DISINTEGRATING border has found time to stalk Nicki Minaj, her family, and her friends with utter ruthlessness because she said a NO NO about the vaccines.

Which is how we got to this.

But Minaj is fighting back.

Nicki Minaj sicced her fans, the Barbz, on reporters Friday and threatened them herself. The rapper posted the phone numbers of two reporters to her Instagram Story, inviting spam calls and threats. The journalists had been trying to contact her cousin’s friend with the swollen balls, the man she cited in now-infamous tweets as one of the main reasons for her decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Great! Now do CNN.

I’m all for this. No disclaimer. It’s what they do to everyone else. It’s about time someone punched the pseudo-profession of modern trash journalism in its teeth.

You know why? Their response is a good example.


The press are the enemy of the people. That’s literally what they’re doing here.

By the way? The game they were playing is obvious to everyone.


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