Major Stephen Coughlin discusses the multiculturalist idea of “interfaith outreach”

Maj Steve Coughlin discusses the multiculturalist taqiyya of “Interfaith outreach” in this video.

For more on the great work of Steve Coughlin go here.

Last night on my ABN show I (Robert Spencer) interviewed Stephen Coughlin, a former Pentagon official and authority on Sharia, about the dangers of Muslim-Christian “dialogue.”

h/t Jihadwatch

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24 thoughts on “Major Stephen Coughlin discusses the multiculturalist idea of “interfaith outreach”

  1. Finally! So happy to see this guy in public! He’s brilliant. He has a great YouTube series and is a must see for anyone concerned about this issue!!!

    1. 12grace That is so true.  Well said.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.

  2. We Catholics and other Christians may have our differences… And I’m not going to get into them.  But my point is at least we’re not blowing each other up with suicide bombs and car bombs outside each other’s churches because of theological differences.  When the Muslims evolve from the 7th century death cult it is today to something where such atrocities are condemned in ever Mosque…  Then I’ll listen.

    1. WolfieUSA Won’t happen. It is impossible. We don’t blow each other up due to Judeo Christian values that are the bedrock foundation of Western civilization. Islam is the polar opposite of that.

  3. Just try to convince any politician about this infiltrated agenda.  They are so wrapped up in thinking they’re so smart, that they can figure out how to work with muslims.  I’m sure every muslim who immigrated to any western country is well aware of their purpose in life.  To use every freedom we have to be used against us.  It’s one thing for politicians to be deceived, but its another for so called ‘leaders’ of the church to cop out of their responsibilities to inform their flock about the muslim agenda.  It’s disgraceful, and it will be a major issue in the final judgement of Jesus Christ to those leaders.

    1. ” It’s one thing for politicians to be deceived, but its another for so
      called ‘leaders’ of the church to cop out of their responsibilities to
      inform their flock about the muslim agenda. ”
      That’s my biggest beef for a long time now.  It’s like some churches wouldn’t say sheit if their mouths were full of it.  It’s a huge problem in the church… and I’ll tell you right now… it’s probably the same thing in the States… but if a Christian pastor were to point the finger at Islam in Canada, I’m sure it would not be long before a Human Rights Complaint was filed.  
      Already a Supreme Court ruling makes it an offense to criticize the homosexual lifestyle… it is seen legally as “hating” the homosexual.  The same will eventually apply to criticizing Islam … it would be considered a stand in for “hating” muslims.
      Oh… and by the way… in Canada, guess who the perpetrators are of these so-called crimes?  You guessed it… Christians

      1. Las1   This is all coming from the “liberal” church, and they have replaced God with “social justice”.

        1. DeborahClemence Las1 Precisely!Our little church walked away from the UCC due to their liberal stance.

  4. Misguided, blind Christians who believe in promoting interfaith outreaches and believe they are winning over muslims need to ask themselves, in how many mosques will they find a Bible?
    It’s sad to know that there are some churches that have korans right along side of Bibles.  It’s pathetic how many pastors who are so blind and leading their flocks in the same blind paths.
    Watering down Jesus to try and “work” with muslims to stop violence is wrong period. Jesus, if these people truly trusted Him and knew His Word would know that people are suffering for Christ as He said.  Most yes are at the hands of muslims.  These interfaith people are nothing but false teachers. Blind and deluded liberal fools who don’t know Christ any more than muslims do.  These same who are so quick to embrace muslims through outreaches are those who vilify those of us who take the Bible as God’s Word.

    1. AmericanborninCanada   Some leaders feel being worn down, and would rather find a compromise with muslims than to solicit the help of their flock, who are not aware of what interfaith outreach is all about.  They better smarten up before its too late, and they lose the confidence of that same flock.  I know there is a part to be played with the Blessed Virgin Mary to solve this problem, and perhaps the new Pope is the one to finally recognize her role is securing world peace ;for a time’.  She said it would be done, ‘but it will be late’.  Better late than never. The enemies who work for Lucifer today, and appear to be making great strides is deceiving westerners and Christians in particular, will see a big change take place when that role is completed.  Even the social media will be reversed in their regressive ‘progressive’ thinking.  You’ll see.  But I don’t want to be more specific than that, because too many would not want to believe Mary has a role in current events, and I don’t want to have to get into with a lot of uninformed comments at this time.

      1. 1endtimes2020 AmericanborninCanada I don’t see things the same way, so I’m not going to get into it either.  My belief is that Jesus is the only One who will bring true peace. That’s all I’m going to say about that.  A lot of people who compromise on Jesus will be in for a shock some day. I hope they open their eyes to Who Jesus really Is while they have breath left in them.

        1. AmericanborninCanada 1endtimes2020   Mary has been given that role by Jesus.  Just wait.  You’ll see.

        2. 1endtimes2020 AmericanborninCanada No she hasn’t. We of the born-again community already know that it is Christ who will bring peace After He deals with the Muslims in the Valley of Decision. Or as some call it Armaggedon.. There is only one intercessor and He is Christ. It is He alone that gives and brings peace.

        3. 1endtimes2020 AmericanborninCanadaTherefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ – Rom 5:1
          Notice that the passage says “peace though Christ” not a word about Mary…

      2. Then why open the can of worms?  I’m heartened that you’ve already established that any view contrary to yours is “uninformed”.  That’s sure to be the winning argument in any discussion.

    2. AmericanborninCanada If my church started this Koran thing… I’d be finding a NEW church… a CHRISTIAN church!  What’s next?  The Satanic Bible… oh wait, the Koran’s got that covered too.

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