Manchin says NO to $3.5 trillion, “HIT THE PAUSE” on spending and bailouts, and America AGREES with him.

“He will not have my vote on the $3.5” trillion, said Joe Manchin on Sunday, referring to Chuck Schumer telling everyone he’s moving “full speed ahead” on the OUTRAGEOUSLY priced new spending on top of the outrageous spending already crammed through.

On multiple networks this morning, and in defiance of AOC saying that he’s “killing people,” Joe Manchin emphatically stated that he will NOT support the ridiculous spending plan.

“Don’t you think we ought to hit the pause?” says Manchin. Yes, says everyone else. (“Stop” or “undo” would work too.)

“We’ve already put out $5.4 trillion and we’ve tried to help Americans in every way we possibly can and a lot of the help that we’ve put out there is still there and it’s going to run clear until next year, 2022, so what’s the urgency?” Manchin said on CNN. “What’s the urgency that we have? It’s not the same urgency that we had with the American Rescue Plan. We got that out the door quickly. That was about $2 trillion.”

The lib media thinks they’re “catching” him or “getting” him, but guess what? The American people say otherwise, as Daily Caller notes.

A majority of Americans agree with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia’s opinion there should be a “strategic pause” on Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, according to a No Labels poll on Thursday.

The survey shows 6 out of 10 support Manchin saying to PUMP THE BRAKES. That’s 78% of Republicans. Democrats were 52% in favor of the massive bill, which for them is NOT a win on the issue. Massive lib spending should poll around 80% for Dems.

Maybe people are finally starting to see through the far left politicians? It’s not definitive, by any means, but it’s something to hope for.

And Manchin may not be the hero we want, but right now he’s the one we need. Someone to stand athwart history and say “now hold up a second young feller, lemme get a look at that.”

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