MANUFACTURING OUTRAGE: Phil Robertson under attack AGAIN for something he said in 2009

It looks like some angry, bitter people on the left are doing some intense digging on everything Phil Robertson has ever said in an attempt to try and get A&E to bump him from the show for good. And they think they’ve found a jewel. Listen to the entire clip but the part in question stops around 1:12:

Phil married his wife Kay when she was 16. Get it? He’s not advocating anything illegal nor is he suggesting anything improper. In fact there’s really a joking tone to his words as you hear the guys laughing in response to his comments. But even if you take him seriously, he’s still pulling from his own experience to offer his words of wisdom and he even says “you need to check with mom and dad about that of course.”

Phil is a country boy who grew up in the sixties and is about as blunt as they come. His country-boy life probably looks very different than most of our ‘yuppie’ lives and that’s why he has a show.

The people who dug this up are simply trying to manufacture outrage to get him fired because they think he’s a bigot and a homophobe. That’s what this is really about.

And I swear I think I’ve heard him say something similar on the show anyway…so why this is supposed to be outrage-palooza is beyond me.

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