Marco Rubio explains on Hannity the difference between path to citizenship and temporary legalization

Rubio admits he could have been more artful in his language in the Univision interview, however he explains as he has in the past that the initial legalization is only temporary and is not the same thing as a path to citizenship. He tells Hannity that the initial legalization is TEMPORARY and only for 6 years and is accompanied with fines. In order for them to get to the green card stage, which puts people on a path to PERMANENT legalization or citizenship, the border must be secured. In his vision of the bill there is no green card stage if the border isn’t secured. Of course, this is what they are currently arguing about in the Senate.

If his vision of the bill were to pass as he states in this interview, generally speaking, I think it would be something I could support. But given who he’s working with and how Harry Reid and the Democrats reacted to John Cornyn’s border amendment today, it doesn’t seem likely.

Listen to the full interview below:

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