Marco Rubio: I can’t vote for immigration bill unless changes are made

Rubio always said that if the bill didn’t measure up in the end to something that dealt with the problem, he wouldn’t vote for it. While he’s still hopeful they can pass amendments that strengthen the border security portion of the bill, he admits that if these amendments don’t pass he’s not voting for the bill:

DC EXAMINER – Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading Republican behind the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, says he will not vote for the legislation he helped write and has staked his political future on, unless substantial changes are made before final Senate consideration.

Speaking with radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday, Rubio said the Senate should “strengthen the border security parts of this bill so that they’re stronger, so that they don’t give overwhelming discretion to the Department of Homeland Security.” He said he was working with other senators on amendments to do just that.

Then Hewitt asked: “If those amendments don’t pass, will you yourself support the bill that emerged from Judiciary, Senator Rubio?”

Rubio answered, “Well, I think if those amendments don’t pass, then I think we’ve got a bill that isn’t going to become law, and I think we’re wasting our time. So the answer is no.”

Here’s the full interview:

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151 thoughts on “Marco Rubio: I can’t vote for immigration bill unless changes are made

  1. In case you thought Rubio was having second thoughts on legalizing illegal aliens, this is from the Orlando Sentinel, June 6, 2013
    ‘Rubio vows to press hard for immigration reform
    ‘Is Marco Rubio walking away from his own immigration bill?
    No way, the Florida Republican senator told reporters on Thursday, promising to throw himself into passage of a compromise overhaul bill that he crafted with seven colleagues while also demanding “improvements” that spell out a border-security plan.
    “I’m working as hard today on immigration reform as I ever have,” Rubio said. “That’s what I’m committed to trying to accomplish, and that’s what I’m spending all of my time on, figuring out how we can get a bill that passes the Senate and serves as a starting point to get it passed in the House as well.
    “I won’t abandon this issue until it’s done, until we get a bill passed.”

  2. At least Obama’s illegal uncle in the Boston area works at a liquor store. He has also been here illegally for decades.

  3. What do we do with invaders like Obama’s aunt in Boston who have living entirely on welfare for decades?

  4. Hewitt is just a mouthpiece for the RINOS. Why aren’t we enforcing the laws already on the books? Do away with these anchor babies. Rubio should resign and go back to selling ice cream on the streets of Miami.

    Laura Ingrahm On Marco Rubio yesterday and his immigration plan. Told him to quit dividing the GOP, told him to watch the people coming out so against him. Then Today she posted a question about Supporting him. More People liked what I said, and re tweeted it and Favored it. But there were a few, who didn’t like it so much. One actually thought I was playing God, and another was a pastor that was way into Social Justice. 
    Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle 41m
    Yikes! @kssturgis62: @marcorubio Even if he does the Bait & Switch, Backs out, I will never support Rubio. Once a Liar, Deceiver always one
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    12:14 PM – 5 Jun 13 · Details
    Reply to @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio 
    @IngrahamAngle @kssturgis62 @marcorubio man alive u r tuff, whatever happened to forgiveness??
    Karen @kssturgis62 39m
    @rugmann43 @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio Forgiveness? He has lied from the Beginning, over and over. I can Forgive One lie, but hundreds NOPE.
    Keith Viverette @Kaliel2000 38m
    @IngrahamAngle @kssturgis62 I agree. I think for a lot of people him waiting this late a date to think about backing out may not work.
    Karen @kssturgis62 38m
    @rugmann43 He was not duped, conned or being Naive. He lived for this. This is what he did in Florida. Do you Forgive John McCain? Graham?
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    BeingSpurred @BeingSpurred 38m
    @kssturgis62 being pickie here; when would a person from Michigan vote in a #Florida election ayway? @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio #tcot #ccot
    Andrew Good @Drewbueno 38m
    @kssturgis62 @rugmann43 @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio He’s the same guy who killed E-Verify in FL. Just like Boehner killed LAWA last year.
    Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 38m
    @IngrahamAngle Yeah, I really don’t think character assassination helps the cause. @kssturgis62 @marcorubio
    Karen @kssturgis62 38m
    @Kaliel2000 @IngrahamAngle McCain did the Bait & Switch in the 08 Campaign. Look at McCain now. Giving Amnesty is not supporting the USA.
    Karen @kssturgis62 36m
    @Drewbueno @rugmann43 @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio He’s the Same guy who killed Voter ID in FL.
    Karen @kssturgis62 36m
    @ChasFlemming @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio I didn’t assassinate his character, Rubio took care of that all by himself with his chief of staff.
    Karen @kssturgis62 33m
    @BeingSpurred @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio The Senate votes on things that AFFECTS all of us.Right to have a say when he puts #Illegals first.
    Karen @kssturgis62 33m
    @BeingSpurred @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio I didn’t know only Floridians Tax Dollars were being Used, I thought mine were to.
    Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 31m
    @kssturgis62 Not helpful. Your critique became ad hominem. Now it’s trolling. @IngrahamAngle @marcorubio

    1. Karen @kssturgis62 30m
      @ChasFlemming how am I trolling when she tweets my tweet, everyone comes after me, I answer their questions. that is not trolling.
      Karen @kssturgis62 28m
      @ChasFlemming I am being Honest, Do you think this is just about Amnesty with me? Look at his whole Record. Amnesty affects me Directly
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 27m
      @kssturgis62 Doesn’t have to be harassment to be trolling. The issue is policy. Attack the policy. Don’t obsess on your judgment of the man.
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 25m
      @kssturgis62 Be wise in the way you act with outsiders. The world is watching.
      Independent Voter @Alphatxs 24m
      @IngrahamAngle @kssturgis62 @marcorubio If GOP marginalizes a political talent like Marco,they will never win another national election
      Karen @kssturgis62 24m
      @ChasFlemming I have attacked the Policy. I can go after the Character of the man, when he lies & Deceives. do you say the same about Obama
      Karen @kssturgis62 24m
      @ChasFlemming so are you trolling when you bash Obama or his policies? See how this works. Obama can’t lie but Rubio can?
      Karen @kssturgis62 23m
      @ChasFlemming let the World Watch, like I said u walk a mile in my shoes. U Tell your Grandchildren why their Grandfather
      Karen @kssturgis62 22m
      @ChasFlemming couldn’t see them for 3 years. or be at his Daughters wedding. I stand by my convictions, my morals and my values.
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 22m
      @kssturgis62 I don’t often say Obama lies, if ever. We have caught various admin personnel in specific lies.
      Karen @kssturgis62 22m
      @Alphatxs I am not a member of the GOP, I am an Ultra conservative.
      Karen @kssturgis62 21m
      @ChasFlemming your convictions are not mine. that is your choice.
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 20m
      @kssturgis62 Your bitterness is sapping you of life. It is draining away your influence.
      Karen @kssturgis62 18m
      @ChasFlemming I didn’t know I knew you personally. I am not Convicted by God by the same things u are. You see the Lord leads us differently
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 17m
      @kssturgis62 Whatever history you have w this man should be addressed on its own terms. I have found out what I needed. Go in peace.
      Karen @kssturgis62 17m
      @ChasFlemming Bitter nope. Blessed, very Blessed. Because although things were taken away, Many more were given. U See the Lord is great.
      Karen @kssturgis62 17m
      @ChasFlemming have a nice day Charles.
      Karen @kssturgis62 15m
      @ChasFlemming to bad he doesn’t answer his phone or emails. But as we both know the Lord answers pray, I will pray for U.
      Charles Flemming @ChasFlemming 15m
      @IngrahamAngle Turns out it was personal.
      Independent Voter @Alphatxs 11m
      @kssturgis62 that’s a fair point. But if you can’t vote for Marco anymore don’t expect GOP to win many National elections
      Karen @kssturgis62 8m
      @Alphatxs when the @GOP puts up progressives/rinos they are not going to win You can’t use the argument when they force Liberal Fringe on us
      Karen @kssturgis62 7m
      @ChasFlemming you have a lot to say when I dont know u or never met you. Save your judgements on people that u know. I spoke with Honesty

      1. kssturgis62 Those are really hard to read.  Twitter just doesn’t translate well outside of twitter.
        I like twitchy, for example. but even their layout makes it hard to follow what’s going on.

  6. I have been saying it all along Rubio is done as far as politics is concerned, the only way he has a chance of saving his young rino career is to go ahead and walk away from this bill. The reason I now think that we were played with Rubio, is because no conservative would ever go ahead and propose amnesty for illegal immigrants, and no conservative would ever compromise his principles for expediency.

  7. What a piece of  you are RUBEd-io.  This bill will destroy our nation and has caused illegal border crossings to skyrocket. How dare you try to play it both ways.

  8. What, Rubio just noticed that the bill stinks? It was voted out of committee a couple weeks ago.
    He must have read his sinking poll numbers.

  9. Rubio will go down as the youngest RINO to go down in history. What started as a breath of fresh air is now acrid gas from another orifice.

    1. drphibes No he isn’t.  Rubio’s figured out that Conservatives are onto his amnesty scam and is trying to salvage some conservative credibility.  Plus he sees the response that Sen. Ted Cruz receives and is trying to hop on board.

    2. drphibes 
      Rubio is a liar. I am friends with a guy that fled from Cuba in the early 60s and he said Rubio was a big amnesty supporter when he was in the Florida legislature. He LIED when he was running for Senate to get elected. He is a traitor.

  10. I just do not know about Rubio???????  Have been hearing a lot of disturbing things on him lately.  Will watch Glen Beck’s  tomorrow show as I heard he is talking about this.

  11. What a fake! Rubio is exactly what is wrong with the current GOP: Political expediency over principle! I’ve seen more conservative Democrats than Romney, yet we lost! And somehow Rubio not only bought the amnesty crap but bought it because he thought it could help Republicans in 2016. How do you lose an election where the candidate you choose was the creator of Obamacare, lose and then decide the way to go is further left?! What a pillock! Now Rubio’s realized what a fool he’s been, he’s backtracking. Coward!  Steve Deace is so right about this guy. Shame on Rubio.

    1. pushtheredbutton 
      He didn’t buy the amnesty crap….he’s the leader of it.
      He was a big supporter of amnesty when he was in the Florida legislature and he lied when he was running for the Senate. He planned to push for amnesty all along.

    2. pushtheredbutton RUBIO is not changing his view on amnesty or this bill. He is just going about it a different way with different tactics. Don’t be fooled by this young RINO. He is a liar and fraud. All he has to do is enforce what laws we currently have now. DO NOT TRUS ANYTHING OR PROPOSED BILLS THIS GUY IS INVOLVED WITH. He is a RINO who has just sunk his own ship!!!!!!

  12. This sounds to me more like a face-saving attempt by Rubio to “walk away” from the bill, as advised.  We should let him.

    He stated this on Hewitt’s radio program, where the “path to citizenship” concept has a friend.  So that says a lot, right there.
    I think folks have a right to be angry at Rubio, and I understand many will never forgive him.  I prefer a more emotion-free, but wary approach (I always have resisted the political right’s love-fest that happened around his election, for the same reason).  For example, I think that, if he can be reached, it would be better to keep him than force him to jump to the Dems.  (The Dems have no one like him right now.  And if he were to gain some power on their side–which would be highly likely–he would become a difficult problem for the right.)
    So I’d urge folks to wait and see if he’ll “get religion” (so to speak), and hold their fire for now.  We need to focus on giving Boehner h*ll for entertaining any aspect of a vote on this gigantic insult to the American Citizen.  Now that McConnell has crumpled like an empty plastic grocery bag, we need to fire up the troops to melt the phone lines over this if it passes in the Senate.
    Don’t let Rubio become a distraction.

  13. No bill they ever present attacks the problem.  They are just catering to the Hispanics without any intent on ever dealing with the problem.  This will never be dealt with.

    1. kong1967 They are also using this bill as an excuse to bury even more anti-Constitution, expanded-government, big-spending crap, as well.  I’ll bet the actual language in this thousand-page monstrosity that  pertains to “solving” this problem wouldn’t fill three sheets of letter sized paper.

  14. It’s just an opinion, but I believe Sen. Rubio truly fears one thing – the Hispanic Senator who opposes immigration reform – Sen. Cruz.

  15. This is a fake just like McConnell letting the bill come to the floor without a cloture vote. Mitch will vote against it on the floor but allow it to pass. They’re both frauds.

      1. Orangeone BearNJ Neither one “get it”. They are so afraid of not being liked on Facebook or by the msm, so they pander to the dems. The majority in this country just want the current immigration laws enforced and the border secured PERIOD!

        1. PVG Orangeone BearNJ They buy into the stupid GOP consultant line and the DC mindset that the GOP has to reach out and give the Democrats 7-10 million new voters. If they want new voters they should FIGHT amnesty. Fighting amnesty is a winner. You can become the defender of the
          working poor, legal Hispanic immigrants who lose their construction
          jobs to illegal workers and defend black men who have a 15%
          unemployment rate.

  16. So let me see if I get this right, Rubio jumps in with the RINOS and Dems on immigration and he reads the tea leaves on his career, now he wants to flip flop and walk it back and give himself an out. That is not leadership folks, that is just another dime store Politician obcessed with his own selfish gains, no different than Chris Christy!

    1. Willie Heath There are Republicans on Twitter who are accusing Conservatives of having Rubio Derangement Syndrome because we are calling him out on his amnesty supporting ways.  There are others who accuse Conservatives of being the ‘purity fringe’ for calling out Christie’s RINO ways.  
      What is it with people always attacking Conservatives for standing on principles?

      1. JangoBear Willie Heath Well I would say brother, that some folks arent what they appear to be, and like to instigate,  and make mischief, others arent really true Conservatives, they are for Big Government and are Progressives with a R behind there name.

  17. This is why I said I haven’t given up on supporting Rubio. Also because I will not judge my support for him based on one issue.

    1. DarkKnight2016
      This ‘one issue’ will damage this country beyond repair…I, for one, WILL judge him on this ‘one issue’…

      1. Nosmo DarkKnight2016 And as The Right Scoop points out Rubio always said that if the bill didn’t measure up in the end to something that dealt with the problem, he wouldn’t vote for it.

        1. DarkKnight2016 Nosmo 
          Then why is he still playing that bogus ad on Rush’s show every break?

        2. Nosmo DarkKnight2016 That is not him I believe that is a group created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who is in support of the immigration bill and has used a speech/interview Rubio gave. Isn’t the group called Americans for a Conservative Direction? Yea that is Mark Zuckerberg, not Marco Rubio.

        3. DarkKnight2016 Nosmo 
          Rubio is a liar. He was a big supporter of amnesty in the Florida legislature. He led the charge on this bill and because of it, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed. Also, he does not have natural born status, so let’s not even think of him as a presidential candidate. He has shown his true colors…his loyalty is to his Spanish heritage…NOT the United States of America.

  18. Conservatives wrote him off as I did as well and now he wants to back track. What a pathetic tool! Rubio is just another smooth talker in a RINO suit! F*** Him!

  19. Too late. If you were going to jump ship on this bill you should have done it way sooner. You threw your lot in with Graham and McCain…big mistake.

    1. Laurel A Rubio should have known better. Anything to do with scum Schumer is a loser for the country. That guy is a sleazy, lying, charlatan.

      1. PVG Laurel A Well I can understand being a freshman Senator wanting to give someone the benefit of the doubt and make up your own mind. However I cannot see sticking with a bill that has been ripped to shreds by think tanks on both sides of the aisle…then attacking those think tanks with flimsy garbage is to dig one’s hole deeper. It looks to me like he sees where this is headed FOR HIM politically and backing away. That raises my ire and makes me suspect one’s motives and judgment.

  20. Knowing the games Congress (House and Senate) play with regard to voting for something or not voting for something, I wonder if that statement even has any meaning anymore.
    Second…too late, Senator Rubio.  You let the demons out of the box and now you will never be able to get them back in.

    1. Stehekin912 Good point!  Are the GangBangers now giving Rubio cover like they did to Grahamnesty and McAmnesty on the one amendment?

  21. What a fraud!  You actually participate in the draft of the bill, and then you push back ANY attempts to make it remotely workable or possibly even better, and only now do you denounce it when it appears you’ve lost political capital?

    Rubio is a Democrat-Under-Disguise (DUD).

    1. E Lee Zimmerman  that may be … I just think he’scommitted to the flag…he’s just not as smart as Cruz. I’d let Cruz decide his fate.

      1. dierardo E Lee Zimmerman The voters, not another elected official, decides the fate of a Senator.

    2. “Rubio is a Democrat-Under-Disguise (DUD).” 
      Zing ——————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  22. Rubio is walking back because he has lost support.  He gambled and lost.  Look back, he said he would not support amendments to this massive legislation that changed it. His bill NEVER had border security, etc. and he knew it, did a Susan Rice and went on the talk shows.  He hung the conservatives to dry and buddied up with the progressives and it backfired. Twitter has been alive with the lies and he got caught.
    Scoopers have posted that Rubio voted against immigration enforcement at the state level.  So this is no surprise that he didn’t support it at the federal level.
    Bye-bye Rubio, hope you enjoy the Democrat party.

  23. Any time they create a bill that has so many facets and quite possibly thousands of pages, I wonder what they’re trying to hide… Each amendment should be a separate bill that everyone reads and everyone (including us) can understand. They’d like us to believe (and if we were as stupid as they think we are we would believe it) that this is all necessary, it’s not, it’s just an easy way for no one to have to be held accountable for their vote because they’ll just say: “Well to get part of what I wanted I had to compromise.” It’s just nonsense.

  24. It really doesn’t matter whether he walks away from it or not at this point. The man was a sad sack Willy Loman for both political establishments who tried to sell this disgusting bill to the American public. He allowed himself to get rolled by Democrats. He shouldn’t be trusted.

  25. Do not believe this or RUBIO. Never be enforced just like the laws we have currently have on the books. Cannot trust this RINO one bit. Just looking for support for the GO8 bill from TP conservatives. One problem is most TP conservatives are not of the lo info voter crowd. This is big time BS by RINO Rubio !!!!!

    1. Longiron  
      Could we take the term RINO and lock it away for a couple of decades! It has become a term used to mean someone I disagree with. 🙁

  26. Reminds me of the scene in “Full Metal Jacket” where “Private Pyle” was busted with a jelly donut. The drill instructor punishes the whole platoon and makes Pyle eat the donut while they do push-ups. He yells to Pyle something like: “They earned it, you eat it!”
    Rubio can’t walk away now… McConnell and the boys won’t let him. I don’t really see Rubio leaving Frankenstein behind… he birthed this, he promoted it, he eats it.

  27. I don’t believe as some of my fellow Scoopers believe that Rubio is an evil RINO.  I still like Rubio as a person, but I think he is naive and doesn’t know how to “play the game”.  Having said that I don’t know what’s worse a naive Senator that lives in Idealist World or GOP RINO that at least I know where they stand?  I am hoping Rubio starts waking up and realizing that DC is not a Big Church where you can trust others to do what they say and say what they do.

    1. His naiveté will get him killed politically. He’s already deep in the well imo.
      He aligned with the likes of Chuckie Schumer, little dick Durbin, Menendez, John McLame, Graham, Flake… seriously, all these men planned on using Rubio as a life-preserver and with McConnell and the GOPe prodding Marco (polo), he will likely sink – not swim, over this.

      1. @The Sentinel, yep , it looked bad and it smelled bad. the tea party helped get him elected so he has alot of work to do to convince people he made this serious mistake.

      2. The Sentinel Like it, Marco (polo) and a Rubic’s cube, always changing color and they rarely align.

        1. Conservative_Hippie He does changes his colors (red, blue) and they rarely align with the Prog, Conservative parties.

      1. No_BlahBlah Conservative_Hippie No, he’s bright enough he’s just too trusting and in the political realm that shows naivete.

        1. Conservative_Hippie No_BlahBlah I’m sorry,
          I just can’t seem to follow your logic.
          He’s bright, he’s naive, 
          He doesn’t know what he is doing, he is very qualified
          He lies to people to gain power, he’s truthful and is simply being mislead about a bill he co-authored,
          (scratching head)
          Yeah, I guess I see your point

        2. Bright and Naive are not mutullay exclusive meaning words.  One can be Naive and still be Bright.  Or am I living in Opposite George world?

    2. I agree, on both Your Rubio assessment and senate machinations of the McConnell leadership (not). Combined with the brilliant, once-in-a-century arrival of a,”Natural “Founding Patriot” leader (Cruz), Rubio can team-up with him to “Americanize” the already huge Latino immigrant population currently being consolidated into an alien Cultural Marxist, “Democrat” vanguard by ,”Messiah-the-Liar”: the most subversive public figure in American history: and his Marxist stable boy Mayor of Los Angeles, currently running out of taxe$$ and escaping business and civic populations.
      Cruz is the ideal fit to lead a new team of “Historic Restoration”: and renewal-revival of our founding vision, on the verge of total destruction via the “Progressive-ism” of the 20th century welfare state.
      A large order, but I’ve already seen some great potential among the crop of recent arrivals in both house and senate in just the last couple of elections: and from a number of different states.

      Cruz can organize, team-up and provide the kind of articulate leadership team urgently needed to revive for posterity, a revival of an “America the Beautiful” currently residing only in the memories of the ancients, like my own circa 1932 bones. 
      Only such action can remove the negative, suicidal poisonous stain: and response to the Reagan warning that, “Tyranny is only one generation away from our beloved Nation.” 
      The Incubus sits now in your, and my Nation’s capitol

      1. dierardo Cruz will toss Rubio to the side of the road which is the best thing that can happen. He is on to Rubio and his Democrat ways. Once the deportations kick in the Latino population will be heading south to Mexico!

    3. Conservative_Hippie 
      How is he naive?? He was leading the charge for this bill and he was a big supporter of amnesty in the Florida legislature. He just lied to get into the Senate. I would bet he was planning on doing this before he won his seat.

  28. One thing I never understood why big business is for amnesty.  They are currently able to get “cheap labor” and if they become “citizens” won’t the price of labor go up for this group?  They would have to pay Social Security tax, payroll tax, Obamacare tax, etc on them. 
    Won’t amnesty take away all the benefits of the undocumented worker?

    1. PhillyCon Big business is for amnesty for these reasons: (1) the bill contains a $3,000 per “immigrant” hire over an American; (2) the “immigrants” are omitted from the health insurance requirement in ObamaCare; (3) the “immigrants” are omitted from the 50 FTE count in ObamaCare; (4) “immigrants” accept lower wages which lowers the employer-paid wages taxes, workers comp insurance and unemployment insurance costs.

    2. PhillyCon
      Why is big business for amnesty? Excellent question. So I went to my source on matters like this, Larry Auster, the late, great host of View from the Right. Using his search field, I pulled up this:
      It’s a terrific discussion, centering on the GOPs collapse as an opposition party, and by extension, the big business lobby that controls it. The excerpt below represents my thinking in the matter, too:
      “I think they support amnesty because they simply want to get with the liberal program and to do the right thing, i.e., to stop being “discriminatory.” They know that “doing the right thing” will doom them as a party, but that is the essence of liberalism: to choose inclusive and virtuous non-existence over discriminatory existence. That is what America and the West as a whole have chosen since the mid twentieth century, and it only makes sense that the Republican Party would choose it as well.”

    3. PhillyCon 
      My reply supplied the ideological rationale to your question; Orangeone supplies the practical one.

      1. OliviaHT PhillyCon I can also add, the financial burden of sponsoring the high tech employees with green cards shifts from the big corporations to the taxpayers in the Gang of 8 amnesty bill.  Those can be very large costs, especially the legal costs.

        1. Orangeone OliviaHT PhillyCon Another facet of crony capitalism and the big dogs at the trough.

        2. Orangeone OliviaHT PhillyCon 
          You have an accountant’s mind, Orangeone; thank you for pointing this out to those of us who tend, like I do, to see the larger picture but get lost in the weeds of minutiae. This particular item you mention reminds me, upsettingly so, of the fact that our dear Sen. Ted Cruz offered up an amendment to this dastardly bill that would increase the H1-b visa program from 65,000 annually to 325,000.

        3. OliviaHT Orangeone PhillyCon Thanks ma’am.  I like Cruz a lot but this amnesty issue is on my radar with him.  I tweeted him that I do not believe non-Americans should come to this country to take Americans jobs.  Increasing the H1-b visa program means more Americans will lose jobs because they can be replaced with foreign labor at lower wages and as I mentioned above, the ObamaCare savings.  We have plenty of talent in this country and those foreigners are in the position to take our intellectual property back to their own country or electronically transmit while still within our borders.  No one talks about theft of intellectual property……If only people knew that the large health insurance companies outsourced the IT to India and other countries and that our medical information is outside of our borders…….

  29. He was all for the bill when it came out. Did he want to pass it so the American people could see whats in it?

    1. ryanomaniac evidently he wanted to pass it so that HE could see what’s in it,

      what’s in it for him

      1. @No-BlahBlah, that was my first thought when all this first came up. “whats in it for Rubio?

        1. TIMERUNNERSC Rubio is an attorney. Jeb Bush is an immigration attorney.  The American taxpayers are on the hook to pay the lawyers to process the illegal aliens’ paperwork (yes they break our laws and we pay for them to become ‘legal’ and citizens).  Rubio and Bush stand to make billions off this bill.

      2. No_BlahBlah ryanomaniac Rubio knew exactly what was in that bill.  His buddies at LaRaza wrote it.  His staff are former Soros people.

  30. Gee, craft a bill with the likes of Schumer and Menendez and what do you get?  Shocked, just shocked that’s its  a steaming pile.

    1. PhillyCon The bill will still destroy our sovereignty even if the border measures are toughened a little.  It completely guts existing immigration laws.

      1. Wiggy111 PhillyCon Chuck Schumer was very shrewd in allowing Rubio to push this. If it was “tough” or “conservative” as Rubio is claiming, there’s no way Schumer and his ilk would have ever signed onto it.
        Either Rubio is naive or duplicitous.  Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on his critical thinking skills.

        1. PhillyCon Wiggy111 Don’t forget McConnell.  Look at Scoop’s other thread. Levin is right, McConnell is pushing Rubio and Rand Paul is standing right beside McConnell, supporting him for re-election and also supports amnesty. Says it all.

  31. Keep up the pressure on these scoundrels.  The democrats, RINOs, and big money donors want amnesty really bad.

  32. We’ve been down this road before. 
    Until somebody can guarantee that the border security issue will be completed BEFORE any thing else happens, this is all wishful thinking.

    1. tinlizzieowner If they promise border security it will be enforced like the laws we currently have and that is it WILL NOT be enforced. Don’t fall for this trick to get support for this GO* bill. It will allow family all the way down to 3rd cousins to be granted annensty. This bill will kill this country and U will never have anything but LIBS for POTUS in our life times!

      1. Longiron tinlizzieowner  
        Something I am quite aware of. I was around when Reagan thought he could do the same thing Rubio was proposing.

        1. tinlizzieowner Longiron And I proudly admit I did not vote for Reagan because of his debate speech on amnesty and yes he called it amnesty. When you reward illegal behavior, you encourage more illegal behavior. Because of the 1986 Reagan amnesty, we have 33 million more lawbreakers with their hands out.

        2. Orangeone tinlizzieowner Longiron  
          Well I did vote for Reagan. His ‘amnesty’ Bill had strict border security enforcement provisions in it too. BUT the Democrats did everything they could to circumvent those provisions, like wasting vast sums of money to build ‘a virtual fence’ instead of a REAL fence, for instance.
          I ‘think’ Rubio means well but I ‘know’ the liberals in Congress will do everything they can to circumvent the border security provisions in his bill as well. Not to mention the fact that they are far more powerful now, than they were during the Reagan era.
          I don’t know what to do?: Well, actually I do. A Republican President, a Republican Senate and a Republican House. then, let Rubio re-introduce his bill.

        3. tinlizzieowner Orangeone Longiron 
          Why would you want Rubio to reintroduce the bill?? This bill would end our nation.

  33. How about a one page bill that says something like this:
    Eureka, enforce the laws already on the books. 
    When you reward bad behavior, you get more of it. Is this news? Unfortunately, it seems that it is. The voters rewards the democrats in 2012. Did we get more bad behavior? (rhetorical question)

    1. Rshill7 The only amnesty I would be in favor of is letting illegal aliens return home and apply for a visa through our existing immigration process.  They would not be automatically barred from being approved because they have a previous immigration violation.   However, they would still be subject to the waiting list.

      1. Wiggy111 Rshill7 
        That would be up to them, once they got home, to try to do it the right way, but it’s not up to us to help them apply.
        I think if we have to deport them, they should be photographed and fingerprinted and put into a database that forever bars them from coming back…even legally. That would get a lot of them to scram.

    2. Rshill7 Issa has introduced legislation to strengthen the penalties for illegal crossing (up to 20 years in prison) and also the same for those that aid and abet the illegals.  Now that’s what we need!

        1. tinlizzieowner Orangeone Rshill7 It will tell us who in the House supports enforcement though.  And this could be great fodder for Tea Party candidates to smear the RINOs.

  34. He helped build it, but now he’s looking for a way to walk away from it.  It’s obvious he’s heard from his supporters and others and he did NOT like what he was hearing.    Is this a flip-flop?  Or has he “evolved” on the issue?  Either way, so long as this disgusting amnesty bill is DOA, I’m good.  Still not happy Rubio’s fingerprints are all over it though.  Something to remember.

      1. therightscoop WolfieUSA not to worry! : )
        soon as he has a few great meals at some of the great restaurants in DC with schmucky, and lil’ dicky durbin and mccain he will get back on the right page,
        Good TImes! They know best, just trust them

      2. therightscoop WolfieUSA He’s said he would walk away if this bill was altered from its original state.  The original state DOES NOT include border security or enforcement.  He danced every time he was interviewed on these points.  As others have posted previously, Rubio DID NOT support border enforcement at the state level either. Sorry Scoop, but Rubio has shown his true colors.

        1. OrangeonetherightscoopWolfieUSAI don’t mean to be rude, but I think you only heard what you wanted to hear. This is what he said in January:
          “It has to be a combination. We need border security. We need workplace
          enforcement. We need a visa tracking system. You know, 40% of our
          illegal immigrants of our undocumented people that are in this country,
          they didn’t cross the border, they came legally.  Their visa expired and
          they stayed and we don’t track people when they leave. We only track
          them when they come in. So all three of those things have to happen and,
          by the way, the language of the bill has not even been drafted yet. 
          These are just principles.  And I agree with you; this is gonna be a
          <b>If, in fact, this bill does not have real triggers in there,
          if there is not language in this bill that guarantees that nothing else
          will happen unless these enforcement mechanisms are in place, I won’t
          support it.</b>”

        2. therightscoop Orangeone WolfieUSA I appreciate these stmts Scoop but go and look at his Sunday talk shows.  Relisten to his interviews.  He went out into the public and sold his bill.  He KNEW it had now border security, no enforcement.  He was spewing the bi-partisan border security, etc. and it is devoid of all of it.  He has been caught and he is walking back.

        3. therightscoop Orangeone WolfieUSA 
          I agree: Rubio has already demonstrated to me that he is a conscientious American patriot. McConnell is the guy, in concert with the pimps and seniles like “Schumer/Graham/ the POW etc. “Gang of Eight”, all trying to demolish him: “Seniority, don’t you know?

        4. Orangeone I’m sorry but I’ve given you proof of what Rubio has said and you still want to believe what you want to believe. You sound biased against him at this point.
          Rubio has always been clear about these triggers and border security and that if the bill didn’t effectively prevent this illegal problem from happening again, he wouldn’t support it. I think you need to revisit his comments on the matter.

        5. therightscoop Orangeone Scoop, that was January, his plant for an escape route if the public caught on. Rubio is a politician and changes his talking points as the wind blows. This amnesty has been in the making for some time.  
          He has been on multiple TV and radio shows always defending the Gang of 8 bill as it stands.  His staff are Soros boys, he has been doing ads paid for by the Progressives disguising themselves as “conservative organization” his chief of staff compared amnesty to slavery, his water donation on his birthday only resulted in 14 responses.  He is trying to save what little there is of his political career. This Gang of 8 bill is consistent with the stance he took at the state level to not enforce immigration laws or strengthen the laws.
          I know you like him, I trust him less than I do Chris Christie and I can tell ya, that isn’t much at all.

        6. therightscoop
          “I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you only heard what you wanted to hear”
          (Off Topic)

          I have over the years this is true of way too many people….on all sides of any given debate.

          I believe the problem with this immigration bill is it is Comprehensive. Break it up into several smaller bills, and try to pass them over a longer period…ie build the fence (secure the border) come back in two years and see if that worked then go on with the rest of this bill one piece at a time.

          But what do I know.

        7. Valin therightscoop The problem with the bill is  AMNESTY , rewarding ILLEGAL ALIENS, again, for violating our laws. They need to be found, deported and the ones aiding them tossed into prison.

        8. Valin therightscoop Now you’re talking some common sense!
          (that will never see the light of day)
          It pains me to see Scoopers go at it, but it really doesn’t matter WHAT rubio now says or how he now votes.
          The purpose was to get it cover, talking points, and visibility.
          With boehner as leader in the house and desperate to show oCommie that he can cooperate, and the progressive majority senate, it no longer matters whether rubio or mcconnell or mccain or grahamnesty vote for it on the floor or not.
          All that will matter is if it is allowed out of committee to go to a floor vote.

        9. therightscoop Orangeone WolfieUSA 
          Why support mass amnesty at all? Even if those triggers went off what good would it do? They can send for their family members and our country would be gone.

        10. therightscoop Orangeone 
          The illegal problem will happen again and again if you give amnesty. You reward illegal behavior you get more of it.
          We will also foot the bill for their paperwork. How could he support that?

        11. Valin therightscoop 
          Why give millions amnesty period?
          Why would you want us to pay for their paperwork?
          There is nothing good in this bill.
          The racist group La Raza help write this bill. Their goal is to take over our gov’t . Why would you want to implement any of it?

      3. therightscoop WolfieUSA 
        In the meantime, illegal border crossings are way up because of this soveriegnty destoying bill.
        How did he think it would measure up when he let the racist group, La Raza help write the bill?

  35. I’ll believe it when I see it.  
    The most likely scenario is they pass an amendment that doesn’t solve the problem but they say it will solve the problem.  In other words he will lie again.

    1. rick2340 And then Obama would EO that provision just like he did the work requirement in Welfare Reform.

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