Marco Rubio parts with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul on repeal of Obamacare

So the big debate about the promised Obamacare repeal is whether to do a full repeal and deal with the consequences, or do a partial repeal to soften the blow and ease into a replacement.

Marco Rubio appears to be with the latter cause:

Rubio’s reasoning is that if we do a full repeal then we’d go back to the 2012 state of health insurance, and he wants something better. I wonder if that moderate position will fly with the base, which is clamoring for repeal, and seems pretty tired of excuses from the GOP.

Ironically, it was Cruz who said that once you install an entitlement program like Obamacare, it’s nearly impossible to take it away without political pain from the people you’re taking it away from. Rubio seems to want to avoid that, while Cruz believes it’s more important to have a full repeal, than to ease the political pan of the maneuver.

BUT I would caution those who want to rush in to slam Rubio as a moderate RINO traitor of the country – remember when he was kneecapped for wanting an immigration compromise? Now it’s Trump talking about how much he loooooooves the DREAM act kids, and that we need some kind of compromise...

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