Marco Rubio STOMPS on Kirsten Gillibrand’s absurdist femiNAZI extremism

I’ve seen this very odd extremist feminist slogan out of commie weirdos, but it’s especially stupid to come out of a democrat who wants to run for president.

I mean what the hell does that mean. A period of time does not have gender, you idiot. If you’re saying women will have more rights, sure. At least around the world, there’s a lot of catching up to do. But the finality, absolutism and extremism of the statement is just stupid.

And that’s why Marco Rubio kicked her in the face, metaphorically.

Very good, liddle Marco.

Trump Jr. also went after the silly sentiment, but he took a more pragmatic, practical approach.

Yup. I seem to remember another old white woman who thought she could ride into the Oval Office on women’s votes alone. Hmmmmm what happened to her again?

Oh right.

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