Maria Bartiromo says ‘INSIDER sources’ tell her how OBAMA is CONNECTED to FBI scandal!

In a long histrionic segment with Newt Gingrich, Maria Bartiromo says that insider sources tell her that James Comey was innocent, but that he was used by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch, who told him what to do. From that she concludes that they must have been given orders from the top guy, Barack Obama.

Watch below, the comments come at about the 5:45 minute mark:

Bartiromo and Newt say Hillary should already be in prison, and Newt admits that he’s very disappointed in Sessions. Again, I think there’s gonna be another push to fire Sessions in favor of someone who will slap every Democrat with charges of collusion, election interference, and insulting Trump. Nunes is already implying that there’s corruption at the DOJ….

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