Marjorie Taylor Greene calls out “The Jihad Squad” congress members, says they DON’T belong in Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t pull any punches today in calling out a few “The Jihad Squad” congress members, saying “members who support terrorism don’t belong in Congress”:

She writes:

The Jihad Squad @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @AOC doesn’t think Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorists Hamas when they fire rockets into Israel. They also support terrorists Antifa/BLM who attack Americans. Members who support terrorism don’t belong in Congress.

She’s not wrong and she’s not the only one calling them out:

BOOM! Cruz nails it even harder that MTG.

Here’s a tweet from Rashida Tlaib misinforming the world about what’s really happening there:

Such lies. If Muslims were only trying to pray there wouldn’t have been ANY action by Israeli forces. But they weren’t just trying to pray. They were rioting and attacking Israeli forces by throwing rocks and launching fireworks at them. Israel is not going to just stand around and allow this to continue.

AOC hasn’t tweeted much, but here’s her tweet from two days ago on Sheikh Jarrah:

Inhumane? Let’s see. What is Sheikh Jarrah all about?

The Supreme Court hearing was due on May 10 in a long-running legal case about whether several Palestinian families would be evicted and their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood near Damascus Gate that was given to Israeli settlers.

Some settlers have already moved into the street affected – living next door to the Palestinians facing possible removal.

As the court hearing neared, Palestinians and left-wing Israelis began holding larger demonstrations, saying more evictions could cause a domino effect throughout the overwhelmingly Palestinian neighborhood.

Sheikh Jarrah also contains a site revered by religious Jews as the tomb of an ancient high priest, Simon the Just, leading to frequent tensions between Palestinian living there and religious Jews visiting it.

The case, in which a lower court ruled that the land in question belonged to Jews in East Jerusalem before the 1948 War, has gathered domestic and international attention, amid criticism of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem.

On Sunday the Supreme Court hearing on the evictions was postponed, pushing at least one flashpoint past the end of Ramadan and allowing more time for a resolution. A new session will be scheduled within 30 days.

It’s a legal dispute and in the hands of the courts right now, with one court already ruling in favor of the settlers. The way AOC makes it sound, the IDF is dragging Palestinians out of their homes or something. That’s not what is happening.

Blaming all of this violence on a legal dispute is ridiculous. Muslims want violence which is why they are continually provoking it. The Jihad Squad needs to tell the truth for a change.

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