Mark Block is making a laughing stock out of Herman Cain

Tonight Mark Block went on Hannity and publicly said that he had confirmed that Karen Kraushaar’s son, Josh Kraushaar, indeed works at Politico and was suggesting that Josh leaked his mother’s sexual harassment claim to the Politico. Karen Kraushaar, if you don’t remember, is anonymous woman #1 who claimed sexual harassment against Herman Cain at the NRA, the basis of Politico’s hit piece a week ago this past Sunday. Her name came out today and was mentioned in the press conference.

Here’s the video:

Well it turns out, according to Hotair, that Josh Kraushaar does not work at Politico and is not the son of Karen Kraushaar. He used to work at Politico, according to Politico, but he left in 2010 for National Journal. He tweeted this earlier tonight:

If anyone was wondering, I am NOT related to Karen Kraushaar, the woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Strange coincidence.

And this:

For a presidential spokesman to go on TV and make up blatant falsehoods doesn’t speak well for his boss, either.

And this:

Mark Block must get his facts from Internet comment boards, based on comments to @hannity. Not related to Karen K and don’t work at Politico

It’s bad enough that Herman Cain has made mistakes that got him a lot of attention, but it’s even worse that his campaign director is compounding it with stupid mistakes like this that are making the Cain campaign a laughing stock. It was just last week that he demanded a public apology from Perry, only to back away from it the next day.

If he can’t do any better than this, he needs to go. In fact, I think it is probably best for Herman Cain’s survival that he dumps Mark Block and gets someone more professional and thorough in there to run his campaign.

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