Mark Levin: A campaign is trying to SILENCE ME and when I find out who I’M GONNA EXPOSE THEM!


Mark Levin says someone or some people are trying to intimidate him into silence and he believes it’s in connection with a Republican campaign.

The intimidation has to do with Levin being recently engaged to a woman whose son happens to work in the Senate office of Ted Cruz.

But Levin says his fiancee’s son can work anywhere he wants and for anyone he wants, whether it’s Rubio, Paul, Cruz or whomever. Levin says it’s not about the son.

In fact he pointed that he’s endorsed several people running for president now in past elections, whether it was Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Rand Paul.

Levin says he will not be intimidated and he’s furious that someone thinks they can intimidate him with this nothing-burger.

Levin thinks he knows which campaign it is and when he finds out for sure, he says, he’s going to expose them.


For the record, in the following segment Levin said he doesn’t believe it’s the Trump campaign.

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