***UPDATED – Mark Levin almost ready to say Gingrich and Perry should drop out


Mark Levin said he was prepared to come on the show and call for Gingrich and Perry to step out of the race so that we can all get behind Santorum. However, because Gingrich backed off today from his populist attack on capitalism, Levin now says let’s wait and see what happens in South Carolina:


UPDATE: Levin added this a little later to clarify his actual problem with Newt and Perry’s attacks:

I thought about coming on this program and saying that Perry and Gingrich need to get out because their comments were not just an attack on Bain Capital, which I don’t really care about. It was an assault on the capitalist system – not on crony capitalism, not on something else, but on capitalism. And I just felt that was beyond the pale and I couldn’t stomach it any more, and that we’re going to have to get behind one conservative to defeat Romney and Ron Paul. That’s my attitude. But let’s see what happens in South Carolina now.

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