Mark Levin answers this: ‘Do Republicans want the economy to do badly to help this coming election?’

Mark Levins says he keeps hearing this question being asked in the media, “do Republicans want the economy to do badly to help this coming election?”. He says that’s a stupid question because if it were the case, Republicans would be supporting Obama’s policies that keep making the economy worse. Instead, Levin frames the question that should be asks like this:

So the question isn’t ‘do Republicans want the economy to do badly to help this coming election’, the question is for you Democrats! How the hell do you keep supporting a philosophy, promoting policies, and embracing candidates who are hollowing out the private sector? How do you support policies and politicians and bureaucracies that are destroying the future for your children? How do you support this? How do you vote for this? Why do you do it? Why do you ignore the facts?

He then proceeds to layout all the facts that the Democrats ignore to build his case. And it’s awesome.

This is a must listen:

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29 thoughts on “Mark Levin answers this: ‘Do Republicans want the economy to do badly to help this coming election?’

  1. There’s an honest sense in which the answer is “yes”, based on our conviction that these policies don’t work, and must be shown in the process of time to be the wrecking ball that they are. Our country elected these people, now we must see the destruction that socialism brings and decisively defeat it.

    This is different than just saying we want the economy to be bad for mere political gain. People are suffering and we don’t want that. But the long-term solution requires that we get very clear as a people about the choices we are offered: the road to destruction (socialism), or the road to growth and vitality (economic liberty).

  2. Too bad the liberal statist bolsheviks and progressives who really need to hear this one probably never will.

  3. dear cousins, i am suggesting that mittens hire my favorite lawyer for his election campaign. mark would best any and all leftist utopian ideas presented by obama re-election committee

  4. “Do Republicans want the economy to do badly to help this coming election?”

    You mean like when GWB was pres and the dems worked non stop to convince everyone how bad things were? I remember.

    Of course we are really making progress now aren’t we…. Yes we have really turned that corner now…. /sarc..

  5. Levin has over whelmingly taken over first place with me instead of Rush Limbaugh.

    He really gets down to the crux of an issue and lays it out beautifully.

  6. What the Dems don’t want people to know is they created this long before they (Reid, Pelosi, & Biden) chose Obama to finish off their socialist programs while all the weaker Republicans ignored taking payoffs that made them look good back home & like good compromisers. (Sell-outs, actually)

    They (3 Blind Mice) knew we couldn’t argue with the first Black president, but forgot, this isn’t the 60’s anymore. Too many Blacks are now members of the Republican party. Those that can think for themselves, that is. So the racist crap isn’t bearing fruit, although they are still using that handy crutch, especially that fool who calls himself the Attorney General; defender of the constitution.

    1. In 2008, crying wolf (pulling the race card) worked quite nicely, because they knew no decent person wanted to be called a racist. But, like that little boy who cryed wolf too much, they are now finding out that pulling the race card doesn’t work anymore.

      Go ahead, Dems, call me a racist. It doesn’t phase me because I know I’m not and I know it’s a ploy. Game on.

  7. Isn’t this exactly what the DemonRats did 2006-04-02, wait, it’s what they do lie.

  8. I hope this experiment with Socialism and Government by Dictate that Obama brought us is FINALLY and TOTALLY discredited FOREVER. By God, this is America and WE ARE BETTER than this.

  9. Another man declaring the U6 number over the U3. I’m ecstatic about that. The more they hide the real unemployment, the longer we go before we correct it.

    My other great beef was also mentioned – this lame duck session. They can do more damage in a lame duck session than in any other time. We must stop it.

    Lastly, why wasn’t the unemployment rate adjusted when the employment numbers were adjusted for last two months? How could it stay the same with the numbers downgraded as much as they were?

    This was an impressive rant, with a ton of information in it. Way to go, Mark.

    1. Another man declaring the U6 number over the U3.

      Amazing that more “conservatives” don’t harp on this, or make any attempt to debunk the U3 at all.

  10. Oh you mean kind of like Dick Gephart back a few years back excitedly claiming every 100 point drop in the stock market is another 3 house seats for the democratz.

    1. Unfortunately, the party means nothing if you fail to disseminate the correct information to the masses. The GOP does this with spades.

        1. Guess your being rhetorical but face it the GOP can’t even make their message known to those that do turn out for them. What was their message in 08′, John McCain? They wanted an all inclusive plank and it’s done nothing but confuse everyone. They say their for less government but when Bush was president, they expanded government. Those that hang out in the halls usually forget why they were sent except for the cherished few.

          1. Yes, I’m being nit-picky. I just don’t like that word, because it dehumanizes people, and I hear liberals using it a lot. I agree with your point, though.

  11. I swear people think money just comes from the government, without realizing they first have to steal it from the private sector. They think the government has a stash somewhere that they just access. I just don’t have much faith that we can pull out of this without a collapse.

    1. Actually, the Fed can print as much money as they want…and do. This is one method that they use to devalue the huge debt burden….of course it devalues the money in your pocket, bank accounts, etc.

      1. Exactly. Every time they print more, they have to run it through the dryer to shrink it to size. It keeps getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller…

    2. I would hate to see that happen but people are not getting the message. We might have to hit rock bottom. I was listening to Gerri Willis on Fox business tonight. She had a guest on talking about student loans top almost a trillion. The woman said the gov’t is subsidizing these loans and tuition has skyrocketed because of it.

    3. If we haven’t passed the tipping point we are very close. Look at the number of Americans that still support Obama. They outnumber the Americans that understand what made America great and why we are now suffering.

  12. Well the Dhimiratz did just that starting in 2006, to make GW look bad and to put their boy-king in office. With Dhimiratz its always party before country. Conservatives don’t play that Shite. Rhinos? Well they’re always talking stupid-a$$ shite like compromise. Dump the Rhinos, and stomp the Dhimis.

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