Mark Levin blasts ‘entrenched’ Republicans, says they may well cost us the House in 2014

A disgusted Mark Levin lit into Republicans tonight, hammering them for missed opportunities because of their unwillingness to fight this president, saying they may well lose us the House in 2014.


Or read the transcript:

This is my great fear. My great fear is that guys like Boehner, and quite Frankly Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor and his goofball McCarthy – they don’t get it at all. Midterm elections in particular are base elections, they are turnout elections. And they’re doing everything they can to turn us off.

Where are they standing ground and keeping ground and fighting? Instead it’s ‘no no we’re not going to shut down the government’. Even if that’s your ultimate view, why do you reveal that to the leftists and the media? It’s like playing poker and the idiot shows his cards – and that’s what he does.

And also, amnesty? Pathway to citizenship? This is their number one issue. No?

And then we have Obamacare. The President of the United States rubbing the Republican’s noses in it, acting like he’s king…an imperial president.

‘No we’ll follow this part of the law. No I’m suspending this part of the law. No I’m deferring this part of the law.’ What the hell is that?

And what are the Republicans doing about it? Now the typical Republican response would be ‘well what do you want us to do about it?’

Here’s what I want you to do. You fools should have been, time and time again, every time he has violated the Constitution, you should have made an issue about it. You should have punished him in some way; denied him some appointee; obstructed some piece of legislation.

Draw attention to this lawlessness so the American people after a year, or two, or three of you consistently explaining it and hammering away at it would, in fact, be aware of what you’re trying to do and say!

But instead, what do we get? What do we get?

We get John McCain attacking Ted Cruz. What do we get? Chris Christie attacking Rand Paul. What do we get? Karl Rove attacking Mike Lee. The same dug-in entrenched losers who may well cost us the House of Representatives in the next election.

And do you know what Obama will do again if he controls the whole damn thing? And he’s banking on it. That’s why he’s putting all these things off. He’s sucking people in to vote for him and then he’s gonna drop the hammer. Then what do we do? ‘We don’t control any – one half of one third or anything else.’

And what are the Republicans going to do then? Blame the conservatives? Blame the Tea Party? What are they gonna do then? ‘We can’t control anything. We don’t even have one half of one third – of course you don’t! Look what you’ve squandered, the opportunity.

This president is pathetic. His policies are a disaster. We have sustained high unemployment, sustained housing problems. The economy is still on its back. He won’t secure the damn border. He’s hollowing out the military. He’s hollowing out NASA.

What the hell, he’s handing you the issues to run on! And what do you do?

You attack conservatives. Brilliant!

I’ll be right back…

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