Mark Levin caller, a French conservative yearns to save his country

Nicholas from Paris called into the Mark Levin Show tonight and as he was describing his country, their propaganda education system and his new socialist president who actually said he hates the rich (the ones he wants to tax at 75%), it was apparent to me that we are on that same road right now. It’s like I can stand on the road with my binoculars and see it way off in the distance. Very scary.

Nicholas said that with the election of their new socialist president, business owners are talking about leaving the country. He said that they already have to pay 70% of their employee salaries in taxes and the entitlement society keeps demanding more. And if the rich leave the country, then who pays for everything? Looks to me like collapse is just around the corner.

Despite that Nicholas, who is very adept, sees his country’s destruction ahead and really wants to stop it. He even wants to translate Mark Levin’s books into French to begin educating the people. While saving France may be futile at this point, this is clearly a noble goal and I applaud Nicholas for caring enough to educate himself on the truth and his willingness to educate other people.

I’d say this call is a must listen:

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