Mark Levin caller on why you should vote for Romney

Mark Levin has been making the point recently that neither Romney nor his supporters make his case for president based on his record. It’s always based on electability and money. And last night he had a Romney caller than made his point quite well:

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47 thoughts on “Mark Levin caller on why you should vote for Romney

  1. It seems we lost the art of conversation and discussion. Mark Levin tried to keep on track in this debate and I think it probably opened up this callers eyes and others that listen to this how to handle opposition. Stay on course, stay on facts and keep control. Good example of how to wake people up.

  2. I’m not persuaded at all – I don’t care about money, santorum has already proven that money doesn’t buy votes. we need to stand on principle in the primary.. and then stand strongly behind our nominee in the general election whoever that ends up being.

  3. Beautiful. I’m hearing the same thing about folks on my end who’re voting for Romney. No real tangible reasons except he’s easier on the palette of Moderates and Liberals. He’s Obama-lite therefore he has an easier chance of winning in the General against the incumbent.

    This is precisely why we as conservatives keep getting big government candidates in office. We all agree who’s most conservative, but we’re afraid noone else will vote for that person.

    Have people forgotten there are more of us out there voting conservative than there are liberal voters? We can get whoever we want in office if we just stick to our principles and to the candidates that honestly articulate and legislate by those principles.

  4. This Romey-bot is a joke,just can’t stop bashing others, it’s like a reflex with them.Not one of them talks about this massive flip-flop history! Lame arguements!

  5. Mark asked him to name five things why mittens is the guy. The caller answered 3 before he started slamming Gingrich, and two of those 3 examples had to do with being a good businessman. So Levin gives him another chance, and he still can’t do it before he starts on Gingrich and then Santorum. This is what it’s like with all Romney supporters. Yep… money money and more money.

  6. You know… that’s probably the best litmus test for any of us. If we can’t sum up in a few bullet points, why we support whomever, then we may need to re-evaluate our choice.

    Although, we can all easily point out the faults of the “other guys”, we need to be able highlight the qualities of “our guy”. This was an epiphany for me.

    Thanks Scoop and thanks Mark! 🙂

  7. Mark Levin: “Are you persuaded out there?” No, sir I’m not persuaded. I will NEVER vote for Romney as long as I draw breath. Why? Because of his RomneyCare Plan that was carefully crafted by the Progressives, both Democrats & Republicans (RINO’s) to serve as the model of the Federal plan known as ObamaCare.

    Maybe the GOP establishment thinks the base is stupid, but all conservatives know Romney is a Progressive. His father was one, he also is one. Money & his so-called “electability” are not going to win the hearts & minds of conservatives. Romney is a poseur & a fraud in his actions & deeds.

  8. Just proves once again that Romney is the biggest confidence man since Joseph Smith. Why can no one articulate why this man should be president other than the same canned phrases as he’s a good businessman and is a Washington outsider; nevermind that his supporters are Washington insiders?

  9. Romney will not have the support of the conservative base. How is he going to beat Obama without a massive ground game? His excessive negative campaigning is further eroding what little support he might have had.

    1. I agree BB, and that negative campaign style of his further proves he has no conservative values much less principles to win on. His stump speech is so stale & vague it’s horribly boring. Ugh!

      So, we’re supposed to accept this negative issues guy that drives away everyone, conservative, independent & moderate in some BS idea he’s the most electable when his favorability ratings are horrible. The GOP will loose another election & most likely the country to the Marxist Socialists forever. How stupid is that!

  10. Excellent point. Let’s hear the substantive case for Romney. Especially, as the possibility remains that we must come to terms with a Nominee Romney in the future. We can and should invest ourselves wholeheartedly in our preferred candidate, but let’s not be so shortsighted that we fail to anticipate the reluctant embrace we may soon face. We will be in need of those substantive arguments. Reasons to rally and support one who might seems so odious now. This is an internal battle. We best be unified as one man for this fall’s War.

  11. Another caller who didn’t do a good job of defending his guy. But what’s really unseemly about Levin’s constant beating up of Romney supporters is that Levin knows full well that there are Romney supporters/defenders with unimpeachable conservative credentials – guys like Jay Sekulow, David French, John Bolton, and Maggie Gallagher – with whom he could have a much more productive and informative conversation.

    Will Levin make the effort to set up an interview with one of them, and have a genuine debate about Mitt Romney, or does he just want to take the easy route and scream at random callers?

    1. I bet Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and John McCain had a few conservative supporters too, but that didn’t make the candidates themselves conservatives…

      I hear the Romney clock ticking,…let’s get that long list of positive evidence that Romney’s actually a conservative (wink, wink), and should therefore be supported by conservatives…

    2. Levin clearly exposed the Romney myth. MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY

      You can’t find a bigger political opportunist than Romney and lacks any character, integrity or consistency on important issues to TRUE conservatives. Please see the link below from about the Romney flip, flop, flips. How could any one trust this guy. He’s as greasy as his hair dressing!

    3. Have you, yourself, heard any of those people give clear and concise reasons why Romney is the man. Every time I hear one, all I hear is Newt this, Rick that, Ron something else. Like the caller, none of them narrows in on Romneys attributes for the Presidency. You can leave out Bain Capital, because I did a lot of research on them and I don’t think being a corporate raider is very good credentials.

      The caller wanted to slam Newt, Rick, and even Obama, without ever saying anything for Romney except he had money. The only person this guy left out of the blame game was Bush (and I think that was because he got cut off).

      1. Yes, I have. And so can you if you make the effort to find out what they have to say.

        I don’t care what some talk radio caller says about any of the candidates. You could scour the airwaves or blog comment section and find scores of people who represent all the candidates badly. But one of the basics of debate is that they’re most edifying when you find the strongest representatives of any given position and pit them against each other. Mark Levin isn’t doing that.

        1. You have the floor. Knock yourself out. I’m listening.

          And, by the way, yes I have searched out these people and their reasons. I do more research than I care to think about. All I hear are talking points from the same old sheet that’s passed around. See if you can do better.

      2. I supported the tea party movement, which to me, was about fiscal conservatism. It wasn’t about the social issues. There were a lot of independents, and even some Dems at those rallies because it wasn’t about social issues, it was about spending and out of control debt. Mitt Romney is the only candidate I believe will actually accomplish a balanced budget. It’s what he’s done his entire career, including as governor. He will get it done.

        Is he as conservative as I’d like? Perhaps not on some social issues, but the caller was right, he did govern as a pro-life governor. I’m not a huge fan of Romneycare, but one thing I do like about it is that Romney paid for it rather than running up more debt. When Romney passed stuff in Massachusetts, he did his best to make sure it was paid for (I say he did his best because he had a veto-proof Democratic legislature that could do what it wanted). That’s not something we’ve had from a President from either party in a while. And the fact that Romney was able to cut taxes at all in Massachusetts, let alone many times, is impressive considering he was dealing with a veto-proof democratic legislature. There were also parts of Romneycare that he vetoed, but the Democratic legislature just overrode his veto and stuck everything back in. He’s obviously not the perfect candidate, but we don’t have a perfect candidate. My greatest concern is our debt, and I think Romney is the best candidate to get us out the hole we’re currently in.

        Romney is also a leader. If you look at how he governed in Massachusetts, that’s what we need. He met in-person with the leaders of the state house and senate every week. When there were deadlocks between the state house and senate, he sometimes would go to the residences of the leader of the house and senate to get them to come to an agreement. This is the kind of leadership we need. I saw an interview with a business owner that served on a board of directors with Romney for a number of years. He said that Romney was the best director he ever served with. These are just a few examples of his leadership.

        I am not voting for who has the best chance to beat Obama, I’m voting for who I think would make the best President.

        I could go on, but these are a few reasons I am voting FOR Romney.

        1. “Romney paid for it”.
          Really? All by himself? No, Massachusetts paid for it and still is:

          The problem isn’t whether the budget is balanced. It is that he is FORCING the people of his state to pay for health insurance.

          I know that this will probably not convince you, but I hope that you will remember to keep an open mind when looking at all the candidates. What is more important, balancing the budget, or being Conservative? It is a valid question.

          1. Of course I didn’t mean that he paid for it himself.

            I have kept an open mind with all the candidates, and continue to do so. I have researched each one. I started this race supporting Newt. But when the Bain capital video came out, I did my own research to see what was true or false about it. And in researching Mitt, I became very impressed with him and realized I had a lot of misconceptions, such as the fact that he did in fact govern as a pro-life candidate. So you could say that Newt drove me to Mitt. 😉 I will of course actively support whomever the nominee is, and I hope the GOP will do the same for Mitt if he is the nominee. But for my part, I am a “true conservative” that thinks Mitt will be the best president among our current candidates.

            1. So if you did your own research on Bain Capital, which I’m sure you did, what did you find out that you liked?

              Bain Capital started out as a venture capital company, until Romney took over and it turned into a leveraged buyout company. To the extent that it turned on its parent company, Bain & Co., with a leveraged buyout. So the monster child turned on its parent and gobbled it up.

              Is being a leveraged buyout expert what you want for our leader? Do you want him to do to all our industries and businesses what he did to Ampad, Damon, Bain & Co. and so many others? Take over and drain the company of its resources, causing many layoffs and downsizing and eventual bankrupcy, but claiming great profits for itself. I think Obama did that to Chrysler, with the Union leaders coming out ahead and Chrysler becoming a foreign company.

  12. I caught that, too, while driving. He had another caller with the same outcome. It’s always about the money. So evidently, we’re supposed to support whoever has enough cash to buy the office.

    That balances out the other side nicely: whoever has enough Chicago muscle to shove people out of the way and attract gUnion voters gets the Dem nod.

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s what the founders intended.

    1. Santorum’s guy said the other day, “What are we going to put on our bumperstickers- Money-Infratstructure 2012?”

    2. The belief that people win elections solely based on how much money they spend/have to spend to campaign came straight from Pelosi’s mouth today. Once again, I mistakenly thought my vote based on whose policies I agreed with the most was what elected people.

  13. The 20-second Romney clock…..

    What a hoot! A typical Mittens supporter can’t come up with even a few substantial positive reasons–not enough to fill 20 seconds–why conservatives should support Willard M. Romney.

    B-b-but he’s (magically somehow) the most electable,….b-b-but he’s got the most money,…

  14. I’m not pursuaded. Romney sucks. Convince me I’m wrong. Oh wait you’ll never do that. I watched Romney debate Markey when he was running for governor. Hate to break to his supporters but the only difference between Romney and Markey was the “R” by his name on the TV screen. Well that and he didn’t come off like a complete Massahole like Markey did.

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