Mark Levin calls out Krauthammer, Will, Coulter, and Rubin

Mark Levin says that the attacks on Newt Gingrich reminds him of how Sarah Palin has been attacked, and he specifically criticizes Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Ann Coulter, and Jennifer Rubin for basically being over the top in their criticism of Newt and their silence on Romney:


The above was a clip from his first segment on his take on the GOP field. You can listen to the full segment below:

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112 thoughts on “Mark Levin calls out Krauthammer, Will, Coulter, and Rubin

  1. “Mark Levin says that the attacks on Newt Gingrich reminds him of how Sarah Palin has been attacked…”

    Yes, with one little difference: Palin is a genuine, thorough, consistent conservative, and Newt is a slippery buzzard.

      1. Disagree but rushed tonight. Others disagree also. See Ann Coulter’s two recent articles on Newt for details.

        1. Would you actually believe anything that Ann Coulter says, Go to YouTube, listen to Ann Coulter on Romney, she said he would get the nomination and would lose to Obama, She also said that she supports Ron Paul who is out of touch, And has a horrific foreign policy goal. I need not say more, after that telling debate on Thursday 12/15/11 I would no more trust, Ann Coulter than I would Obama. Rather listening,and allowing others to lead you, maybe you should take on an novel idea, and seek the truth.

  2. I will vote for anyone with a pulse on the “R” side over the o-bomination in office currently; no one in the pool is my first choice. I want a Pence, a Ryan, a West….someone I can be behind 99% since 100% is impossible. The Messiah has not yet returned, only HE gets a full 100. Until then, we deal with what we have and look to the future. 2012, 2016, the House and the Senate.

    1. Honest like inserting pork into bills he knows will pass and then votes no on them so he can look good honest? Out of all of them you have to remember Paul is the career politician with 30+ years in the house.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Mark Levin….write more books like Liberty and Tyranny, by far the best and most informative book I have ever read.

    Gingrich is the most qualified to run this country.

  4. Levin is comparing the Palin trashing to Newts? Please, dude. Palin had nothing to trash except that she was dangerous for the ruling class. Newt has huge baggage and plenty of justifiable ammo against him. Levin and Beck are turning into space cadets.

  5. It really does not supprise me that Krauthammer likes Romney because he like Romney are fellow give government guys….It was Krauthammer that worked in the Carter Administration and campaigned against Reagan and was a speech writer for Mondale…(another big government guy)

    I find it amazing that people call Krauthammer a conservative….domestically Krauthammer is extremely liberal and support position like legalization of marajuana, and legalized abortion, he is also an opponent of the death penalty. I find the last one hypocritical since he takes a harder line internationally and is somewhat of a military hawk in his positions.

    Krauthammer who is a registered republican does not really hold to the party platform and his views, in my opinion, are most definitely liberal or at a minimum moderate.

    So, what should it be any suprise to find him viciously attacking Newt because Krauthammers positions are diametrically opposed to those of Newt Gingrich. So, if a domestically, big government liberal like Krauthammer is viamently opposed to Newt Gingrich…what should that tell you??

    Simple. Newt is a Conservative and is treatening to take the nomination away from the establishment liberal/moderate republicans and bring the party back to its constitutional origins.

    1. That’s hysterical. Ron Paul nut jobs never cease to make fools of themselves.

      But I’m sure all you fellow fools will eat it right up.

  6. Obama has given us a trillion reasons not to vote for him. The GOP candidates have not given us any good reason to vote for them and so there is so much disagreement between conservatives. The true conservative candidates are not going after Obama out of fear that attacking him will destroy their chances. They couldn’t be more wrong about that.

    We need a candidate we can all stand behind. We need a candidate that can take it to him and still continue to push a conservative agenda in the Palin style. Otherwise we are going to see another four years and beyond of this nightmare.

    In my opinion we have already lost the most likely candidate to turn this mess around and we are going to lose the next best candidate if they don’t shown their leadership capabilities and turn their campaign to the offensive.

  7. None of the current GOP candidates would be my personal preference… however, I know I must vote with conviction, gut feelings and conscious… but when the smoke clears and the dust settles… in November 2012 … We Must ALL STAND TOGETHER AS ONE… to support whomever the nominated candidate is… or we will be defeated..!

  8. I can’t stand newt or romney.

    I am looking into santorum.

    I do not want to hold my nose and swallow the bile to vote for another loser candidate.

  9. The 500 pound gorilla in the room here is the obvious flaw Obama has. His father has never been an American citizen and Obama should NEVER have been allowed to run for office. In 2008 or in 2012.

    Ask any ‘decent’ attorney, especially Levin, if Ex Parte Lockwood does not establish precedent for Minor v Happersett.

    1. Yes so was Mitt Romney, John Huntsman, Chris Christie etc etc etc. And Newt *never* supported cap and trade, he actually did the opposite, called “opposing”.

      You guys see the video of Michelle Bachman in 2008? She asked Newt to go to her district to support her re-election, and they discussed Fannie and freddie. Newt mentioned he did consulting for freddie(honesty!?!), and he said the only asnwer was NO BAIL OUT for them and to break them up and make them private companies. EXACTLY what a marxist/socialist/progressive would support, right?
      Why did Bachman ask that evil progressive Newt to campaign for her in 2008? (no good deed goes unpunished, Newt didn’t need to campaign for her, he was retired)
      As for Santorum, you know his mentor right?

      1. Yes, Newt did support cap and trade.

        Here’s the money quote: “I think if you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system, much like we did with sulfur, and if you have a tax-incentive program for investing in the solutions, that there’s a package there that’s very, very good. And frankly, it’s something I would strongly support.”

        He also co-sponsored the Global Warming Prevention Act (H.R. 1078).

      1. You can be both anti-Newt and anti-Romney.

        Like Bachmann said…NewtRomney…LOL….

        Santorum 2012! Conservatives’ last hope!

  10. Mark Levin is incoherent. All these attacks are like attacks on Palin?? Really?? The attacks on Palin were unfounded. Newt on the other hand has a “whole grave yard of skeletons in his closet.”

    Mark, don’t “throw reason and rationality out the door.” Here’s some reason and rationality.

    Gingrich’s accomplishments:

    Received 37 million dollars from the health care industry.

    He supported Federal health care mandate over a 20 year period.

    Entered Congress making only 10 thousand dollars a year and left Congress worth 7.5 million.

    “The greatest president of the 20th Century was Franklin Delano Roosevelt”.

    Newt is a political celebrity who gets more than 60 thousand dollars per speech.

    Supported TARP.

    84 ethics complaints against him while speaker. Had to leave Congress in disgrace and paying over 300 thousand in fines.

    Wanted to solve Man Made Global Warming with giant mirrors.

    Told a class on video that women shouldn’t be in combat because they get “infections” once a month.

    Got 1.8 million dollars from FredieMac.

    Gingrich can beat One-bama???????????????????????????

    USA Today/Gallup Obama 50, Gingrich 44

    NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl Obama 51, Gingrich 40

    Rasmussen Reports Obama 49, Gingrich 39

    PPP Obama 50, Gingrich 43

    Mark, explain to me again why Romney is no better than Gingrich??

    1. I agree. The attacks on Plain were almost entirely personal and unfounded. This election coming up has already caused people to lose their mind. I can’t stand the idea of either Newt or Romney winning.

      1. It’s a “hold your nose and vote” election.

        I have a vain hope that Perry will get his act together, but I’m not holding my breath.

        Romney is bad, but Gingrich agrees with One-bama’s philosophy far more than Romney does.

    2. Wanted to solve global warming with giant mirrors? First I heard about that one, got anymore info or any links?

      1. Barack One-bama voted against the “Baby born alive act” THREE TIMES.

        Romeny’s wife =donated to Palnned Parent Hood.
        One-bama = put babies who survive the abortion process in a utility room and let them die in agaony.

      2. That’s an important factoid. If this becomes publicized it will put Mitt in a very defensive posture answering for his wife. This is the kind of thing that is embarrassing and difficult to fend off.

        1. Shhh, we are not allowed to critize Mitt Romney and especially his perfect wife.

          Hey did ya hear Newt Gingrich bought his trophy wife gifts from Tiffany’s? What a hideous couple of 1 percenters they are. And did you know Newt was divorced too? yeah… he’s disgusting. (those are fair game)

          Meanwhile, the fact that Glenn Beck was a vulgar cheating abusive husband, then got divorced and broke up his family? Hey that’s cool. Because he’s Mormon now and Jesus forgave him. Gingrich however is a *whispers*… Catholic…. so he’s going to Hell.

    3. I congratulate you, you carry Nancy’s water very well. The 84 ethics charged as filed by NANCY PELOSI. 83 dismissed. 1 a minor charge.
      In case you missed the past 3 years, not only the left, but many familiar faces on the right trashed Sarah Palin, now the same conservative critics to trash Palin, are targeting Newt. That’s what Levin is referring to.
      I don’t care who supports who, But I’m sick of being told who I can and can’t support. I find it laughable for these people to call newt a big scarey socialist/marxist, then offer up Romney as the cure.
      You will notice I’m not trashing Perry and I will not, if he makes a come back and wins, I will vote him happily. If Romney ultimately wins, which I’m doubting more and more, I’d vote him if I had to.
      Reagan’s 11th commandment is in the bottom of the trash can it seems.

  11. I’m so sick and tired of these people trying to pick the candidate for us. WE cast the vote, so get outta our face already! How is it that they Coulter puts Bachmann and Romney in the same category? Just weird.

  12. I agree with you 100% that we need a real conservative, who will not only win conservative votes, but TEACH/EDUCATE the American people with articulate arguments PERSUADING them of the truth and sanity of conservative ideas.

    However, I am not willing to throw a two-year-old’s temper tantrum if we don’t get that dream candidate this election cycle and have to go, for now, with a candidate who will merely stave off the concentration camps and mass executions that Obama’s lifelong mentors and buddies are visualizing in the near future.

  13. Perry is my candidate but I do believe that many of the conservative commentators are out of line in their jump onto Newt in defense of Romney.

  14. Coulter, Krautjammer, Rove- they are not going to shut up until they stick Romney completely down our throats. I have a feeling that the Tea Party will soon experience National Nausea. I picture Coulter at her next on stage performance stomping her foot.

    The only thing these manipulative snobs will accomplish is ensuring the successful candidacy of Ron Paul.

  15. BTW, Levin said something on his show about Ron Paul’s “vile conspiracies”. I don’t know what he was referencing. Can anybody shed some light?

      1. You’re saying that Ron Paul associates himself with the people at these links? I’ve been aware of Lew Rockwell. Infowars is probably better known – I’ve noticed that Ron Paul fanboys are very much into Alex Jones and his conspiracies, so this must be what Levin was alluding to?

        1. Those are the very ones.

          Well, for what it’s worth Ron Paul for all his time in congress hasn’t accomplished anything.

          Ron Paul and his cultist followers have accomplished NOTHING for the freedom movement in 30+ years. It is an effective movement if the agenda is building a mailing list and enriching a guy through a newsletter. It is ineffective if the goal is to impact public policy and the electoral process. Two different versions of socialism (Reps & Dems) is not something Ron Paul supporters really think, it is something that enables them to self-righteously have no impact on society whatsoever.

          I do agree Ron Paul is exactly right about the danger of a government trying to protect us from ourselves. Where Ron Paul is wrong is his refusal to advocate for a government protecting us from OTHERS. Ron, quit your constant defense of Iran and Islamic terrorists, and then people will listen to you on the other point. No one will EVER listen to a pro-terrorist Libertarian. Ever.

          I have often said that the biggest beneficiaries of the foreign policy Ron Paul hates are, well, Ron Paul and his fans. They get to sit around and talk about how horrible it is that America maintains a robust military all the while not under danger of being attacked personally because, um, America maintains a robust military. Good work if you can get it. Whenever I hear a Ron Paul lover bemoan America’s foreign policy I get this memory in my head of Jack’s speech at the end of A Few Good Men (“you WANT me on that wall; you NEED me on that wall”)

          At the last debate Ron Paul really showed his command of the issues and his seriousness as a thinker by replying to a question on payroll taxes with an answer on the Baghdad embassy. Ay yi yi

          I believe I am 80 pounds heavier than I want to be. Any diet and exercise regiment that does not shed ALL 80 pounds TOMORROW is obviously pro-obesity. I didn’t gain 80 pounds overnight but if I don’t lose it overnight I refuse to do ANYthing. In fact, I’ll probably try to add a few pounds if I can’t lose it all by tomorrow. In one paragraph – you now understand Ron Paul and many of his followers…all or nothing.

          Only a fool believes ONE MAN can come in and brush away 230 years of Constitutional precedent and separation of powers and lose 80 pounds in one night.

          One of the things I find most contemptible about Ron Paul is the massive gap between what he would say in public, and what he joyfully says when he thinks he is off the record. Listen to the interviews he has had with Alex Jones and his ilk. It is bizarre that his cultic followers think he is to be admired for “courage”. He is a chicken if there ever was one.

  16. It’s not just that they’re attacking Newt. It’s that they’re attacking Newt to help Romney. Sad thing is they probably wouldn’t go nearly as hard against Obama. I’ll never forget McCain lecturing people at a townhall meeting that Obama is decent American who loves this country. Romney following form.

  17. Gosh, if only Pawlenty and Huckabee would jump in. They’d be shoe-ins! Shoe-ins, I tell you! (I’m sorry, I’m losing my mind with this primary cycle.)

    1. I’m losing track. Let me see if I can sum up. All the hardcore conservatives will vote for Bachmann/Santorum or nobody else. All the Paulbots will vote for Paul and nobody else. All the Mitten wearers will vote for Romney and nobody else. All the Palinistas will vote for Palin or revolution. And all the Beckistanis don’t want anybody to sass back to Beck.

      So, who’s left or should I say who’s next? I’m just asking…

      edit: /sarc

  18. I am not for Newt but Romney has turned into a complete jerk about this race by having all his “supporters” attacking Newt. I subscribe to NRO, I am going to cancel it and demand my money back. Romeny is not conservative! Isn’t that why Buckley founded NRO as a conservative outlet? I dont think he’d be proud of the front page now, it’s out to destroy Newt!

  19. I don’t understand conservatives. They didn’t vote for McCain, so Obama won. Now, they say they won’t vote for anyone who isn’t a conservative, meaning the only ones left to vote for are Bachman and Santorum and neither is going to get the nomination. Therefore, conservatives won’t vote and Obama will get a second term at the end of which we will no longer have our country. I am not thrilled about any of the candidates; I like Palin. But, I am not going to sit at home and watch Obama get re-elected. That is disasterous.

    1. Bachmann or Santorum can win if enough people vote for them. Both of them are stark contrasts to Obama, which can’t be said about Romney. A choice between two shades of liberal is no choice at all.

  20. Thank you Mark Levin, Ann Coulter said if Chris Christie will not run, Romney would get the nomination and would lose to Obama, and now he is gold to her. Romney hired an Obama science “czar”, Now,Romney has done many things just like you say look on the Internet. Romney said that Romneycare was a model for a national health care, so, If Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare why then would Romney repeal it. Ann Coulter endorsed Ron Paul, frankly, should Ron Paul get the nomination he is just as frightening as Obama, listen to the stuff he Say’s crazy, And Fox puts Romney, on everyday supporting Romney, endorsing, persuading,Manipulating voters to vote the way Fox news, wants, Outrageous, for a news channel,in-fact Fox is looking more like one of those cheap reality shows, and less like a place to get fair and balanced reporting, which by the way is a joke, I would expect it from, ABC,CBS,NBC, and now Fox is no different, in-fact, I will listen to reason, maybe to your show, I have been a viewer, of fox since 1998 no more, I find them disgusting their behavior is appalling.

    1. It looks to me like you get fair and balanced here on RS. Heated debates maybe, but fair and balanced, none-the-less.

    2. G_M, I agree. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that about the same time Ruppert Murdock’s troubles began FOX started this. Coincidence?

  21. You know what people, if you don’t like the nominee then don’t vote. But don’t you dare bitch and moan if Obama gets re elected in a very close election that YOU could have prevented. Obama is a Marxist and a Socialist. That means he does not believe in the country and its founding. Give me a shread of evidence that would suggest that Romney or even Newt is one of those two!

    1. Right on.
      Meanwhile, George Will suggests that Newt is a socialist/marxist? This is the same George Will who wrote off Reagan early on. Will is the token conservative that the Left finds palatable, so they keep him around.

      1. Wow. Isn’t it amazing how Will, Krauthammer, Kristol, Hume, and all the rest of the so called right leaning media wouldn’t touch the Marxist word with 100 yard pole in 2008 against Obama. It’s the first club they grab to beat down Gingrich.

        It’s telling folks, very telling. These so called conservative commentators on the big networks are all DC establishment [email protected] kissers.

        They say Newt grabbed the first club his inner marxist could find. After thinking about this for several hours, perhaps Newt just used the very attack Romney would fear the most to shut him up. It’s going to be used by the Democrats anyway. They are just holding it back until Romney wins the nomination so we can’t back out. The attack I’m referring to is the Bain capital gut a company, layoff everyone, and sell it for a profit attack. The media will parade Bain Capital Layoff victim after victim in front of voters all summer long. A real problem for working class voters if you ask me and Romney knows it.

        Newt is too much of a tactician to not have thought about how he would respond to attacks from Romney. Newt knows this is one area where Romney is painfully vulnerable. I suspect Newt just wanted to send a message loud and clear to Romney.

        1. “Wow. Isn’t it amazing how Will, Krauthammer, Kristol, Hume, and all the rest of the so called right leaning media wouldn’t touch the Marxist word with 100 yard pole in 2008 against Obama. It’s the first club they grab to beat down Gingrich.”

          Exactly, they are STILL timid to use the scarey word ‘marxist’ or ‘socialist’ to describe obama. But Newt? oh sure he’s a total marxist/socialist. It’s the season of cannibalism for conservatives.

    2. Your logic is backward.

      The RNC is PUSHING ROMNEY, tell me, do you deny this? So in fact, it is the BS of the RNC, the shear stupidity, the bad judgement that is being pushed on us, we reject it and they STILL PUSH ROMNEY.

      So, no, we then do not vote for him and can still sleep at night.

      1. I pray for anyone that would want Obama to get re elected under any circumstances.  ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!    Romney will not get the nod anyway.

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        Your logic is backward.

        The RNC is PUSHING ROMNEY, tell me, do you deny this? So in fact, it is the BS of the RNC, the shear stupidity, the bad judgement that is being pushed on us, we reject it and they STILL PUSH ROMNEY.
        So, no, we then do not vote for him and can still sleep at night.
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  22. Thank the Lord in Heaven for Mark Levin.

    Despite my useless efforts at screaming at my television set, FINALLY Mark makes the points that have to be made. Romney is a sitting duck and ignoring his problems are only exposing them for obama to destroy Romney with. This is why he can’t be the nomiee

    DRW1960 please, Levin endorsed Thompson…when he dropped out Levin said he’d rather have Romney over McCain…when McCain was the nominee he supported him for about 15 hours before the election. Both are RINO losers, and Levin also went on to say they both have mortal flaws.

  23. Right on, Mark. There’s so much hyperbole being mounted against Newt while Romney remains the golden boy.

    1. I don’t believe he was endorsing anyone here. He was being ‘intellectually honest’ as he said. This appeared to be about the reporters, not about Newt.

      I did get a chuckle when he referred to the Washington (com)Post, though.

    2. I’m so tired of this argument. Read the last damn paragraph:

      Let’s face it, none of the candidates are perfect. They never are. But McCain is the least perfect of the viable candidates. The only one left standing who can honestly be said to share most of our conservative principles is Mitt Romney.

      It’s called context. It wasn’t Romney vs Bachmann or Santorum. It was Romney vs McCain and Romney was closer to a conservative that McCain.

      And if you remember, Levin’s primary candidate wasn’t Romney. It was Fred Thompson. He only chose Romney when he had to because he didn’t like McCain.

      Again, it’s about context. It’s always about context. This is why he will vote for Romney over Obama in a heartbeat.

      1. Levin may vote for Romney, but the vast majority of Conservatives will not. This, along with his record, will lose him the election.

        1. If Romney is the nominee, everyone has to vote for him to defeat Obama. Period. I am not a Romney supporter, but idealism will do us no favors if we are up against Obama with Romney, everyone has to vote. Idealism is a luxury at this point that we can ill afford.

          1. No, I will not.

            If we can’t get a Conservative or conservative-leaning nominee it is over. So, no, I will not and others will not “suck it up” or “hold our noses”. The simple warning is nominate Romney at your peril.

            The firewall will be the House and the Senate. The GOP either gets a shakeup anti-establishment candidate who will make the reforms that are required by the citizenry, or they lose and become irrelevant as a party.

            Its that simple.

            1. I will vote for Beezlebub if he is the only alternative to Obama.

              Let’s face it a non-vote for the alternative to Obama is the same as a vote for Obama, because it will not be cancelling-out an O voter.

              1. Right, and if, IF Romney wins, which he will not guess what happens? Nothing.

                The economy does a little better, but all the big government BS stays the same! YAAAAY! maybe 4 to 8 years from now we can change the system….at least an obama re-election would solidify the conservative vote and keep the house and senate in opposition against him. If all that fails, rebel, dammit.

                The point is, don’t nominate Romney.

                1. What’s the deal? Are you an Obama troll? We’re not buying it.

                  Obama WILL take away what is left of our freedoms if he gets re-elected. He’s made that very obvious. They are talking about raiding our IRAs and 401k’s. They are talking about taking over people’s farms. They are talking about denying care to handicapped and elderly people. They are drooling over the prospect of taking away our guns, without which your cute little idea of “rebel, dammit” becomes a non-possibility.

                2. No, I am tired of settling for RINOs, that’s #1

                  #2 Romney will not win.

                  My “cute little idea”? Now who’s the enemy? If obama tries to take away our guns, good luck on that.

                  Stand for something….the nominee cannot be Romney

              1. No, dummy, your attitude is.

                We held our nose for McCain-NEVER AGAIN.

                Stop being a punk and get behind the most Conservative person we can get, and pal, that ain’t Romney. Do you read? Lets try again: FORD, DOLE, MCCAIN…the most liberal Republicans do not win.

                1. The only dummy out here appears to be you. Never Again? I believe those were the same words used after Rwanda in 1994. We see how well that played out around the world, eh? Grow up, stop insulting people, and if you aren’t capable of making an informed decision, then please move to an island and stay there.

                2. I think you are missing a major point here. The posters on this site are not going to vote for a RHINO to become the Republican Candidate, but the swing voters that will never do their own research nor visit this site will.

                  Now when it comes down to the general election you either vote for the best alternative to Obama or you are aiding his ability to continue destroying the country.

                  Thinking that eventually the country will be so battered that they will then turn to your way of thinking is not going to do anyone any good if it is too late to save.

                  But do what you think is best….and there really is no need to call fellow posters that are probably just as conservative as yourself names….does nothing to advance your arguments.

                3. I have little patience for bloggers who are not educated. It would be like someone trying to give an alternate explanation of the universe.

                  Either you have the base behind you or you don’t. If you don’t, you will not win. That’s a fact, it is not my opinion.

                  If people want to debate WHY they like a candidate or what policies are good, that’s a different story.

                4. My horse is Rick Perry, my second choice is Newt. That’s a fact.

                  I will not vote for Romney as will MILLIONS OF OTHERS. He is a loser against obama, and even if I’m wrong and squeaks into office, we all still lose. The system remains the same, no reforms will happen, business as usual.

                  At times, a good barn burning is necessary to clean house.

                5. The weakest IS Romney due to his record, inability to stand up to Chicago politics, and having his enviro folks who worked for him in MA who now work for obama and the fact his advisers helped craft obamacare.

                  You don’t think obama will highlight this? And, as Rush has mentioned, Romney is attempting to split the base and gain independents and displaced Democrats, this never works (Ford, Dole, McCain). He has gone out of his way to avoid the Tea Party people, avoid Conservatives at every turn so he can turn and say “look, I’m the guy, you don’t have a choice, vote for me”. We, the base, have gone through this just 3 years ago with McCain.

                  The best shot against obama is Newt or Perry. Bachman and Santorum, however much I love them, are not national candidates.

                  I’m not being snide, but tell me some Conservative accomplishments of Romney? What big plans does he have to change DC? Reform government? Downsize it? NONE

                6. Either you haven’t been around politics for very long or you’re in serious denial. You and your neo-conservative cohorts have been losing power since 2006. The interventonist, warmongering leftists in the GOP, to include Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Santorum, are clearly out of touch with the American electorate. As a conservative Republican of more than 39 years, the only GOP candidate that can defeat Obama in 2012 is the one that bears the traditional conservative message of nonintervention in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and actually reducing, rather than spewing rhetoric, the size, scope and spending of the federal government. That candidate is Ron Paul.

                7. Well to be truthful I felt the same way last time around. I swore I would not vote for that RHINO McCain, but when the day came I did cast a vote, not for McCain but against Obama.

            2. There will be nothing left of our freedoms then. Obama is a lifelong communist whose goal is to destroy this country. He only got elected in 2008 because of race, in-the-tank media, and a large number of dumbed-down, shallow-thinking, ignorant, apathetic voters. Plus disgust with Republicans, and an economic meltdown. Plus fraud, intimidation, extortion, cheating, illegal contributions and massive infusion of funds from George Soros.

              Now that the socialists who have plotted their takeover for many decades finally have the power they’ve sought for so long, they will not give it up easily. The dirty tricks they will pull will make their mischief in 2008 look like a walk in the park. The ONLY way we will defeat them is overwhelming voter turnout. Republicans will have to pour themselves into this effort as never before. Start by getting involved with and

              If you sit out next year’s election, and allow that America-hating, Jew-hating, hateful, destructive, murderous tyrant to stay in the White House, then you are, like him, the enemy of me and my family and my country.

              1. No, it means I stand on principal.


                RIOT! REBEL! But I am not voting for another RINO!

                1. So you are the same thing as Cloward and Pivin, just ‘conservative’. You would rather ‘collapse the system’ to achieve your utopia. I’m not sure that can be called conserative, rather, extreme zealotry. But maybe you already have all your gold, guns and food storage stuffed in your bunker.

                2. I am a Constitutional Conservative. What I will NOT do is perpetuate the establishment problem by “holding my nose” and voting for a douche like Romney.

                  The point and message to the GOP is DO NOT NOMINATE ROMNEY. We don’t want him. If you do, we (the base) will not vote for him. If obama gets re-elected we sure better have Senate and House Conservatives to stop anything he does.

                  I will not be forced to go RINO-AGAIN. Did the GOP learn nothing from McCain, Dole, and Ford? What the hell is the matter with these people?

            3. It’s not “that simple”. What appears to be simple is your mindset. This isn’t a game. This is a fight for the future of our country. If Obama is the president for another term, you could have the House and Senate loaded with conservatives – it will not make a difference. He will simply go around them, as he has done for years now. He will veto anything he chooses, and short of a bloody miracle, he will take this country further down the toilet. And guess who I am going to blame? Not the liberals. YOU. People like YOU. I, and thousands more like me, are going to be looking at the intellectual buffoons like you, asking you to explain how your refusal to hold your silly nose and vote has helped our country. And, you better have some damn good answers ready.

              1. I’m not going to keep retrying this, the answers have been typed.

                The GOP appears dead set on self-destruction. I’m not voting for that.

              1. No, it means either we get the Conservative or Conservative leaning Republican (Perry or Newt) or we start over.

                No BS anymore. The base WILL NOT vote for Romney.

        2. If the Republican party again runs a loser, it won’t survive the next four years. It won’t deserve to.

      2. Someone here should do their homework. Mitt Romney is the most moderate center left of all the candidates. Newt Gingrich is the most qualified and most conservative.

    3. Do you think Levin is not on the radio for ratings somehow? That’s how they get paid. His ratings are through the roof simply because he is being “intellectually honest” as he said. That’s not too hard to figure out here.

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