Mark Levin calls out MEDIA, calls out TWITTER, & has a message for EVERYONE on the battles ahead.

It’s been a busy week and weekend for everyone who follows, reads, or writes about politics. That includes Mark Levin, who with a big platform and legal mind, has been on top of everything you need to know. On Twitter and on his show (clip below), he had a message for the media, a message for Twitter, and a message for all the rest of us tonight.

Another great conservative mind, David Limbaugh, was suspended from Twitter over nothing, and Levin called them out, and took the media to task over Biden, too. Like everyone on the left, they have no concept of the Constitution as a framework and guide, nor the Declaration of Independence as anything more than bludgeon to selectively quote and use in MeanTweets … kind of like how libs use the Bible, too, now you mention it.

Levin ripped the media for that disinterest in the Constitution and the actual in-practice working order of our American democratic republic. For example, by simply calling Biden the winner and expecting compliance.

He also called them out over David Limbaugh.

But don’t despair. On his show Life, Liberty & Levin on Sunday he had a few words of encouragement.

The whole episode was in depth on the issue of the Constitutionality of what has happened so far, especially in Pennsylvania. You should watch the whole thing.

This was interesting, too:

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