Mark Levin: Did you notice Obama didn’t mention Fort Hood as a massacre at Sandy Hook vigil? Here’s why…

It’s days like today when I listen to the Mark Levin Show and I’m amazed at his monologues. I thought the first one was fantastic, but this second one really had me on the edge of my seat. He pointed out that in last night’s remarks at the Sandy Hook prayer vigil, Obama mentioned all the massacres while he’s been president except for one:

But that can’t be an excuse for inaction. Surely, we can do better than this. If there is even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent, or another town, from the grief that has visited Tucson, and Aurora, and Oak Creek, and Newtown, and communities from Columbine to Blacksburg before that — then surely we have an obligation to try.

He never mentioned Fort Hood. 13 people were killed and 29 wounded and yet it didn’t get mentioned. Why?

Levin explains why and also points out that there’s another massacre that happened under his presidency never got mentioned either.


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96 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Did you notice Obama didn’t mention Fort Hood as a massacre at Sandy Hook vigil? Here’s why…

  1. The video about Obama not mentioning Ft. Hood will not load, show a way to start nothing. Nothing but a black screen. Has Obama administration already struck and closed the video down?

  2. Ft Hood may have been the result of “political correctness” re Muslims. But WHY does that political correctness even exist in our armed forces? Because we are supposedly engaged in a “war on terror” — not Islam. This suicidal charade may have started under W, but it will continue and worsen because the current “President” is useful-idiot Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer at best, or a Muslim at worst.

  3. America NEEDS to vote in Politicians who believe in AMERICANS (not some Americans).
    Politicians who act on principles,not how to be reelected.
    Americas future and the next generation must be of paramount concern.
    PRAVDA can’t spin that especially if you say it on their shows.

    Socialists will still vote for Socialism,AMERICANS will vote for their grandchildren

  4. Moreover did anyone notice that no one is talking about the real reasons why this deranged young man descended into savagery. No mention of his habits and entertainment predilections, ie was he an addicted voyeur to violent war simulations or grand theft auto or halo, one of those shoot to kill video games. Very likely he was and more likely if someone looked into it they would find that this kind of entertainment is creating generations of potential mass killers. They lose the definition between make believe video and reality. I believe this phenomenon has much more to to with what happened in CT and in many other instances, than the availability of weapons. But look closely, no one is even mentioning this possibility, because it is much more politically expedient to go after the guns. No one is looking for the solution to the problem, just the solution to their problem with guns.

  5. Mark Levin is always right. Ft. Hood not mentioned because the shooter is a Muslim, and if we would have spoken out against him, we would be discriminating. But they hate US and would think nothing of cutting our heads off. How in the first place did this guy get into the military? Take a look in Afghanistan, we train their troops and they kill our patriotic soldiers…and we can’t discriminate against them? Gimme a break.

  6. I don’t care if they put Maj. Nidal on trial in a ballet tutu. He didn’t seem to have any problem shaving for his entire military career (and collecting a pay check and benefits). Now, all of a sudden, it’s against his religion? I’m fed up with the excuses and apparently others are too. Fox news just reported that the judge that has been granting all these excuses has been replaced.
    As for Obama, Ft. Hood was ‘gun violence’, Fast & Furious was ‘gun violence’, Benghazi was ‘gun violence’. He does his best to avoid talking about that, just like he has done his best to avoid talking about a Marine who did his best to follow all the ‘regulations’ and still ended up in a Mexican jail, in spite of his best efforts. Obama could have that Marine back in the US tomorrow, if it suited HIS best interests and we all know it. Anybody who knows anything about Mexico knows that there is no such thing as a Mexican law that money can’t circumvent. A real President like Reagan for instance, would have simply sent the Texas National Guard to the prison, picked up the Marine and told the Mexicans to go have sexual intercourse with themselves. There wouldn’t have been any political flap over it, either. The Mexicans wouldn’t want to risk all the ‘Mordida’ we give them.
    (In some Spanish-speaking countries, bribes are referred to as “mordida” literally, “bite”)

  7. The Sandy Hook massacre perpetrator was a sick individual. Adam Lanza had a vulnerable unstable mind, made sicker by family conflict and divorce, as well as a diet of dark, dark media – violent games that create depersonalization and devaluation of human life.

    Hasan was conditioned by the darkness of Islam that does the same thing – conditions people to kill.

    They both acted because their minds were sick, unbalanced, they had no constraints, no reverence for human life.

    Obama is a hypocrite. He does not value children or human life.
    Obama promotes abortion and abortion causing drugs.
    Obama promotes homosexual acts.
    Obama promotes deadly Islam.
    Obama’s oversight of the military has killed and put more at personnel at risk than any other president.

    This administration seems completely dedicated to killing Americans.

    Obama, the the media, the leftist progressive radicals value ideology over human beings. Their goal is to purge humanity down to a select 500,000 – who share their dedication to the ideology of disease, destruction and death.

    There is no difference between Obama, Stalin and Hitler.

  8. The drug cartels that Obama/Holder were arming with high powered equipment are ISLAMIC (Hamas and Hezbollah) operatives that grow and export their drugs from Afghanistan and other Islamic hell-holes.

  9. The Great One has put the finger on the two major things which invalidate the whole ‘national debate’ pushed by Obama and the corrupt MSM about ‘gun control’: Fort Hood and F & F.
    Call the lefties in the alphabet meejah to account: they are not credible talking about gun crime as long as they do not address F & F and Fort Hood.

    Obama and Holder are disqualified from even entering the debate because they themselves are gun dealers.

    One final point: as long as the corrupt MSM do not even talk about the gun killings in Chicago, where on the weekend of Newtown 10 people alone were killed, they have no business talking about gun control either, especially since they have their bodyguards to hide behind – body guards equipped with semi-automatic weapons.

  10. Ft Hood doesn’t fit the proper narrative of the obmessiah’s political correctness.

    “Workplace violence” committed by an islamofascist terrorist doesn’t count.

  11. NO, he didn’t mention it, because Obama is a Muslim, he does support jihad – and it was an honorable killing.

  12. Mark has been at his best since the election. His heart was never really there for Romney although his head was. He is now in a real sense liberated to be himself again, taking on the squishes, Bonehead and the GOPe RINOS. He is acutely aware that we are facing a dire and immediate threat to liberty and to the Constitution. I believe though that with Palin, DeMint, Cruz, Scott and many others there is still hope for the Republic.

  13. I am still asking the same question I was years ago… ‘HOW MANY FELONY ACTS DOES THIS GUY HAVE TO COMMIT BEFORE WE ARREST HIM FOR TREASON?’

    because what ever number you come up with – it’s already been doubled!

  14. and here is another comment: obama said nothing about FT HOOD
    he said ‘we need to protect our children’ this from the man who voted against medical care for aborted LIVE babies he is a LIAR LIAR LIAR and a jerk who is mentally unbalanced

    go to Lt Dave Grossman’s website and read this guy is brillant and he should be out there speaking he knows……he speaks the truth
    2nd amendment rights are under attack……….we are turning into not a socialist country but the dictator is just about taken us over…………….wake up America

  15. Many people don’t want armed guards at schools. They don’t want to think that our people traveling by air get the shakedown by the TSA. They don’t want to think that there are Mosques around this country arming Muslim terrorists for a potential future assault on our nation. They don’t want to think that our southern border is porous as all get out and terrorists are pouring over it by the thousands.

    Times have changed, people. We have to acknowledge the fact that we will soon have to fight and live much like Israel does for our own survival. Who is going to do this fighting? We can’t hide in our living rooms anymore, our faces buried in the reality TV shows or watching any of the myriad of drivel that we have showing on the alphabet networks.

    We have to be fully aware, fully prepared and ready for the onslaught. That is, if we still want our freedoms, we have to be ready to defend them, not let someone else defend them for us. For if we don’t stand up for our rights, who then will?

    It starts with protecting our 2nd amendment rights.

    1. Going to bed, Nuke. But that is a good thought to go to bed with.

      The Israelis are better prepared than we are.

  16. This is the true agenda of the anti gun leftists:

    “Our main agenda is to have all guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort the facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”
    Sara Brady
    Chairman, Handgun Control Inc, to Senator Howard Metzenbaum
    The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3.

  17. Thank you Mark for speaking truth to power. The Heston speech to the NRA comes to mind. Out of my cold dead hands. Evil is among us and it sits in the highest offices in the land. I also think we had a mother here that was too slow in dealing with seriously mentally ill child.

  18. In Obama world the skeletons of truth must remain buried.. or the light of truth will destroy him and his minions.. !!!!

  19. There is nobody better than Mark to sift the wheat from the chaff. Somehow I always feel better after Mark has dissected an issue even when we don’t agree on all parts. In this, however, I agree absolutely. The unidentified aspect for me was just how much I resent the politicians blaming society for every distateful event.

    They would be miles ahead if they examined how Jimmy Carter’s administration destroyed the mental health commitments for those unable to adequately care for themselves. Whether they are a danger to themselves or others, it is no life if you need supervision to make sure you take your meds … Seattle swarms with people that should be in some kind of supervised living arrangement.

    Fwiw, I kept waiting for Ovomit to list the Ft. Hood massacre, but I knew he wouldn’t be that honest.

  20. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The commies wasted no time trying to use our grief over the death of innocent children to take away our liberties. The conniving SOB’s! I too resent them for using this to further a political agenda of taking away our freedom.

  21. The guns in “fast and furious” were not funneled to drug cartels, they were funneled to Hezbelloh in Mexico for the purposes of jihad. Obama said in his book, “If the political winds shift, I will stand on the side of the Muslims”.

  22. Obama is a liar, a Muslim-sympathizer, incompetent and has blood on his hands.

    What an atrocity. He’s a joke. A bad one…

    1. And these CT Barky-loving families are lapping it up. Like the Sandy victims, he will leave them to as soon as the photo ops are done.

      1. Even more disgusting than that his little speech of phony sympathy was put up on the web and used as a fund raiser.

        I know there were many who don’t know what we know about Obama who were comforted that the president would come and speak to them and I wouldn’t deny them that even though I know there is no sincerity or compassion in his whole being.

    1. And the perp is still receiving his pay, laughing all the way to the bank with his liberal lawyers paid for by us.

  23. If Mark were a shooter, his target hits would always be dead center, in a cluster a quarter could cover.

    1. It sounds like you have some military experience as well white531. Your reference is what we all know as the shot group. Generally speaking, if a military service person can put three shots in the area of a quarter, then qualifying expert (36 out of 40 shots minimum for the army) one should be able to achieve the rank of expert. Thanks for the memories.

      1. armyvet, I wish you hadn’t said that, because you touched on a sadness. When I was called for the draft, I was disqualified on medical. It was stupid, really. Minor thing. It was a technicality. I tried to sign up for the Air Force. Same thing.

        This was 1968. Height of the Vietnam War.

        In the next ten years, I watched at least ten of my graduating class die in Vietnam. I should have been there. I should have been there, right beside them.

        Each of them was a decent human being, who loved this country, and gave their life for it. I played football and baseball with these guys. We were just kids. We didn’t even know where Vietnam was, on a map.

        So much has happened, since that time. I don’t understand why they are dead, and I’m still alive. I shouldn’t be.

        I will tell you a story about Vietnam. I guarantee you, there are millions of stories, about Vietnam. Any vet can tell you.

        Close friend, I graduated with him. Joel Sable. His name is on the wall.

        Two tours, home on leave, going back for his third. Engaged to be married, as soon as his third tour is over. Tells his intended, “I’m not coming back.”

        She cries, she screams, No! He had a vision.

        Two weeks back in Vietnam, he takes a sniper’s bullet, while walking a post.

        This man was the most popular man, of our graduating class. None of us, not one of us, measured up to this man. He exemplified the best of all of us.

        Explain that to me, if you can. I can still see Joel Sable, right in front of me, with a basketball in his hands. I can see it like it was just yesterday. He’s been dead these forty years now.

        It was only a brief moment in history, and I was privileged to be a part of his life, for that brief moment in history. And then he was dead.

        I’m sick of this. I’m sick of Liberals. I’m sick of this worthless Congress. I’m sick of this worthless President, who is not really a President at all.

        It is madness, this life that we are living. And half of this country is brain dead, and in love with this wannabe Dictator. I can’t understand it, and it drives me to a point where I doubt my own understanding, of what is actually happening.

        1. Hold your head high, many folks may fail to see your honor, as for me, I see the effort made. No person can control their physical circumstances. We are born who we are, and only God knows the reasons. Thank you for your valiant effort, there are so many who never even try. God bless you and hold your head high.

        2. White531, I made a reply already to this post of yours, but was in a hurry; I also wanted more time to think of any words that may be comforting to you. Vietnam ended in 1975 and I was only 15. No one knows who will be claimed during a war, or in life for that matter. My stepfather survived accidents throughout his life that would have killed most, but somehow survived. One accident in particular was a roofing accident where he fell off a 7 story building landing on the 2nd story. (ironically it was a new hospital being built) He busted the entire right side of his body and was disabled for the rest of his life. He could walk, and use all his extremities, but had huge limitations as to those abilities. To make this accident even more bizarre was that if he had landed 4 feet to the right or left, he would have fallen into a tar kettle and been burned alive. My step father was one of the meanest persons I have ever known, and drank more than most. Yet God chose to keep him alive until his life was ended by another man. I have had aunts and uncles that were some of kindest people you would ever want to meet and God called them home early. I think we have to trust that God knows what is best. Perhaps in my step father’s case, God was hoping he would have an epiphany and turn away from his destructive ways. Maybe God wanted to give my stepfather every chance possible to save his own soul. Whatever the reason, I have to trust God knows what is best. As for your friend, of his life, it can’t be said to have been wasted, for your memory keeps his goodness alive. This is what most of us humans have so much trouble understanding. God gave us a heart to feel the loss. I believe this is so when we meet again, we will truly know overwhelming joy. If you have lived a good life, and hold your friends memory as part of this goodness, then you have perpetuated his sacrifice for all the things that are good and right. As for the rest of your post, I agree whole heartedly; of my own contempt and disgust with the liberal agenda and bias of not only our political parties, but several other mediums to boot. The press, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Food and Drug Administration and the list could go on for sometime. It isn’t what these organizations were established to do that makes me disgusted, but the corruption and twisted amount of power they were never intended to have. Keep strong sir, and take refuge in the knowledge of God’s wisdom. No principality on earth has dominion over the power of Christ; even death has lost its sting.

          1. Thanks for the kind words, from someone I have come to respect on this site. You have a good outlook on life, and it is good to see it is based in your strong belief that each life has a purpose.

            Your stepfather must have been an interesting man. Anyone else would not have survived a fall like that. When I was younger and working in construction, I fell off a two-story roof to the driveway. If I had landed any way other than the way I did, I would not be alive to tell about it. But all ll I did was jam my wrist and injure my back. Surgery fixed the wrist, and I crawled around on all fours for about three weeks, until my back began to heal. I do remember to this day, lying on the driveway, and listening to the paramedics. They were afraid to move me at first, until I was able to talk to them and answer their questions. Great bunch of guys.

            As for the rest of your comment, ‘Great bunch of guys,” is not how I would describe these miscreants we call our Congress. They are far from God’s grace as they can get, and yet still, they manage to move farther each and every day.

  24. Having some extensive exposure to the rules for military personnel in relation to carrying fire arms, Mr. Levin has made a great point. While assigned to a military installation, unless prescribed by duty requirements, no military person is allowed to carry POW’s (privately owned weapons) or military weapons on a military reservation (unless special permissions has been granted) Permission can be granted for several reasons, shooting competitions, special drill and ceremonies, burial details, transport of weaponry to secure facilities or to designated museums and other security details as prescribed by policy, regulation and mission need. These aren’t all inclusive but the point Mr. Levin is making, and has military and federal regulation to back this up, is that weapon security is taken very seriously at all times on military bases. It wasn’t until Major Nadal decide to break military regulation as well as federal law by carrying POW’s and discharging these weapons with the intent to kill and do bodily harm. To further exasperate the issue, Major Nadal further broke regulation by transporting multiple fire arms and ammunition together. Military regulation requires all ammo and fire arms to be transported separately. Even while training at firing ranges, the requirement to keep weapons and ammo separate is strictly enforced, the consequence for breaking these policies, regulations and laws can be severe. Court Martial, Federal charges and for certain prison. Yet Obama, even with all the laws and crimes committed by Major Nadal, has yet to call the Ft Hood attack by its proper name. It is a terrorist attack plain and simple. In essence, the left would have those capable of defending themselves rendered defenseless until the police show up. Even though the police rarely make it to the crime scene before a victim is killed, this is fine by Mr. Obama, why should he care, he has 24/hr security with people carrying firearms.

    My credentials for this knowledge:
    22 years military service in the U.S. Army
    Special Training in weapon maintenance and security
    Trained and served as Safety NCO / Officer
    Liaison for unit compliance with OSHA

    With all the laws that Major Nadal broke and the crimes against defenseless soldiers it is hard to understand why this man has not been given a lethal injection.

    1. God Bless you, for your service to this country. Those aren’t just words I read somewhere. I really mean that. We’re losing our country to Socialism. If we do in fact, lose it, then that means all the people who died for this country, for this dream we call America, died in vain. Not a pleasant thought.

      1. Thank you white531. I am proud that I could serve this country, and feel honored to have had the opportunity to do so. I also feel extremely lucky to even qualify to serve. Many people are un-aware that roughly 55 to 60 % of our citizens fail to qualify to serve in the all volunteer military. So let me say thank you to you and all other Americans who see military service men and women as a reason to be proud and not just an inconvenient liability.

        1. It goes without saying. This is not Vietnam, revisited. Anyone who serves this country is golden. If I am standing in a line, at a counter, and I see a soldier behind me in that line, I move out of line and get behind him/her. I’m retired. I have plenty of time.

    2. well said vet10..I was trained in most of those areas as an armorer and Logistics type…and ur right…weapons and ammo are very strictly controlled. and on that lethal injection…Nidal or Obama??

  25. If people are ready to face the real issue: the lack of care and resources for families dealing with the mentally ill, Fox News site posted an excellent Op-ed:
    Cut, paste and read….this is why we will continue to see this kind of horror and the Liberals will make a bigger body count by disarming us from being able to defend ourselves. Politicians…either give real solutions, or shut up, and go home!

  26. The closet Muslim-In-Thief has no intention of dissing his fellow liars in Islam. He has already expunged all departments of any intelligent inquiry of the subject of Islam and Sharia. And why would anyone expect the leftist low-life from Kenya to acknowledge the obvious on Ft Hood anyways? Has he not shown his utter contempt for the military by playing social experimentation games and further strenthening Iran’s hand and the Taliban’s hand by removing all criticism of Islam in A-Stan, tying the hands of our military to react aggressively on the battlefield while buying more time for the Iraniac nuclear program through emty rhetoric?

    Never let a crisis to go to waste. Especially if it impells his fellow agitprop mercghants towards more and more government controls over our lives.

    From my cold dead hands leftist swines.

  27. Bumps in the road. That’s all they are to the dear leader pos. A means to an end. Excellently said again Mr. Levin. God Bless you for it!

    Just had an email from inviting me to tell my reps what I think about calls for gun laws and changes. Hmmmm.

    This is my reply. I wonder when the black helecopters will arrive?

    “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand arms, like laws, discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as property. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside … Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.”
    Thomas Paine

    Interesting that the most massacres happen in places which are gun free zones. Statistics show that cities which have strict gun control laws have become the most violent cities in the nation.

    We don’t need more laws on restricting our 2nd Amendment rights, as it only keeps law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves while criminals will break the laws.


  28. In just a moment I will be e-mailing my rep to inform him that if he votes in favor of any gun control legislation,he will be seeking another form of employment come election time.

    1. I think that’s a good idea to be telling your rep that, as in a figurative “Dotting of the I’s and crossing of the T’s” kind of way. What we are witnessing now on the part of the dems and repubs is pure,”Good cop,Bad cop” theatre. As we all know,some kind of draconian legislation by Obama, the dems and the collaborative and Treasonous repubs is a done deal. What we have to be doing is steeling ourselves to say NO to any attempt to curb our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s, regardless of what legislation they come up with.The government’s action’s are actually making it easy for us to say NO to, as scary as that prospect might be, as they are simultaneously making it clearer and clearer what the alternative would be for us if we gave up our Firearms.

  29. The back door attempt to justify gun control,(Fast and Furious)blew up in Obama’s face.Now he has a perfect opportunity to once again attack the second amendment.Another assault on the Constitution and liberty.

  30. Mark Levin is a obvious genius.

    The reason for the call for MORE gun control. The communists need this in order to put their agenda in place. It turns out that the 2nd Amendment is needed to protect us from the out of control government. Not direct from foreign invaders, but from foreign infiltrators that now control the govt.

    Once America is disarmed, we will be at the mercy of whoever.

    1. I posted this on another thread but it bears repeating to add to your comments:

      “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” – Adolph Hitler


  31. Nail on head with Fast and Furious and the Univision coverage. But some important person from Uni was apptd by Barky Boy to a political post and the hispanics came out in mass to vote for Barky. Pay to play…they sell out their relatives in Mexico for food stamps.

  32. He did not mention Jamie Zapata’s murder either (his comrade survived).

    And Mr. Levin, there were 14 lives lost but the gov’t fails to recognize the unborn…

    1. sorry i did not see you pointed this out as well. I believe what is behind Hussein and Holder not prosecuting the child, runs very deep. It is a legal argument that if pursued could drive us to the true role of government in protecting the lives of the unborn:

      Hussein and Holder know that politicians are too cowardly to ask or answer the essential question on the Federal Government’s role in abortion…at what point, from conception to death, does the Federal Government’s responsibility to defend our right to life, begin ?

      If the answer is (A) at “viability”, or, “once outside the womb” then the Unborn Victims Of Violence Act must be stricken from law because it defines a “child in utero” as “a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb”.

      If the answer is (B) “at conception”, then the Federal Government would have to act to protect the life of a child from abortionists at any stage of development.

      Barack Hussein Obama believes in live birth abortion so he would of course answer (A), “once outside the womb”. That is why he does not consider the Unborn Victims Of Violence Act, a valid law? That is why he would not charge Hasan with that 14th murder?

      This is the question we must force our politicians to ask and answer.

  33. Obama is the PHONY in CHIEF

    Hey Boehner!

    When did you say IMPEACHMENT proceedings will start for Fast & Furious and Benghazi?

          1. I would venture to say that is true…..
            The more I watch the more I feel that the GOP had never planned on winning the election.

            The GOP has been caught red handed cheating. They even changed the rules to make sure that they can nominate who they choose. Not whom the people choose.

            Now we have the Connecticut shooting which has a lot of inconsistencies and coincidences just as 911 had. I believe that we are being set up for gun confiscation just as the elections were rigged.

            Our country is in trouble if we the people don’t start speaking up. We’re headed for a civil war and it’s not going to be pretty.

      1. ABC…maybe y9u should have stayed in Canada as you do not understand America..we have the freedom here to call out our elected officals when they are wrong we have the freedom to solicit change when we feel it is needed…the trouble we have here is too many people will not stand up to what is happening for fear of losing the freebies…that actually cost alot of us too much that we should not have to pay.

        1. I think you mis understood my comment Ingham. I agree with Joe, only I think dear leader and his admistration are traitors, and they need more than just impeachment. They need treason charges against them.

          1. obviously, I did misunderstand you and apology offered..sorry to one who does understand….Merry christmas and happy holidays Ingham

    1. Yep. Those investigation’s by Issa and Boehner were nothing but a scam.Boehner and Issa dragging those hearings out in an attempt to water them down and dilute them so people would eventually stop paying attention and lose interest. Issa,alway’s “Threathening”to issue subpoena’s, but not ever following through on his threat’s. It’s just one big establishment left wing party working for the oligarchalk Banksters Rockefeller/Rotschild.

      1. All politicians are alike. I am losing faith in my own party. We need “complete new blood” in DC and to eliminate the RINO’s sitting in office.

      2. Issa wasn’t dragging anything out. Had you followed the investigation Issa was constantly asking to hold holder in contempt at least 7 months prior to the actual occurance…BUT it was indeed Boehner doing the stalling. It is indeed Boehner who is the Obama puppet in the house…and the current fiscal cliff crisis bears this out…they keep crying that they have no leverage…however it’s the house who controls the money…and they have the POWER to shut finances down for the federal government…which would not touch military pay or the pay of the senior citizens.

    2. boehner is too busy bending at the knees the loser he is
      he has sold us out
      obama should be impeached he is not KING
      God help us 4 yrs

    3. While the current Senate would never vote to convict, there is great value in exposing the depth of corruption of this Whitehouse. Ongoing investigations could cripple Obama’s ability to further damage the country, if only Boehner grows a set and gets a backbone. Or hopefully, if Boehner is replaiced.

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