Mark Levin: “Do not do this, Mr. President!”

In response to the news that Trump intends to completely pull out of Syria, Mark Levin penned this Facebook post entitled “DO NOT DO THIS, MR. PRESIDENT!”

Here’s what Levin wrote:

The president has been bold and steadfast in dealing with Iran, our sworn enemy. Iran has slaughtered American troops, it is the largest state-sponsor of Islamic terrorism around the world, it threatens the United States with long-range nuclear missiles (which it seeks to acquire), it is attempting to devour Iraq, Yemen, parts of Syria, destabilize Saudi Arabia and even Egypt, and prepares for all-out war with Israel. Iran's terrorist regime seeks to build a caliphate in the Middle East and beyond. The president has understood this.

Yet, the stunning announced decision by the administration this morning, to immediately withdraw what amounts to 2,000 American personnel from Syria, will result in Iran, along with Hezbollah and their sponsor Russia, filling the void and surrendering a significant and important region of the world to our enemies. This is a very, very bad idea.

The fact is that the administration's decision to drop the Iran deal and re-impose sanctions on Iran has had an enormously beneficial effect; it has begun to weaken Iran's economy and undermine support for the Islamic-fascist regime. But a decision now to leave Syria altogether undermines what has been a brilliant and effective policy up to this point.

Syria is not Afghanistan, where we have had tens of thousands of troops and significant casualties over a fifteen year period. The U.S. has been very successful in a precisely limited and skillfully executed operation in Syria. To abandon it now is an extremely unwise act, even a provocative act, which will emboldened Iran, Hezbollah, and Russian.

I would strongly discourage the president from abandoning what has been a significant and crucial achievement up to now and seriously rethink the apparent decision. It's in America's national security interest to hold fast.

As we’ve explained literally one year ago, Iran has a Tehran-Mediterranean corridor that runs through both Iraq and Syria and takes them straight into Lebanon.

And we know from reports of Israeli bombings in Syria that Iran has set up military bases, mostly likely along the land corridor.

Suffice it to say Levin is not wrong about Iran in Syria and their hate-on for Israel.

But just as important is Turkey’s presence in Syria. I’m not sure how Turkey and Iran eventually carve this up, but clearly Turkey is taking over Northern Syria along the border whereas Iran is making moves further south with their corridor and military bases.

And to put an eschatological point on this, Ezekiel 38 tells us that Turkey will lead this coalition with Iran and other countries into Jerusalem. So if we work backwards from that, it would appear that Turkey and Iran would have to be working together in their endeavors into Syria.

No matter which way you look at it, whether it’s to protect our kurish allies or prevent Iran from continuing to build up its war machine, the US pulling out of Syria really seems like a bad idea.

But at the end of the day it may mean war for the US to stay, and my guess is Trump doesn’t want war right now just to remain there. I’d love to have been a bug on the phone listening into his conversation with Erdogan a few days ago.

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