Mark Levin: Email Joe McGinniss and tell him what you think

Mark Levin is sick and tired of the abuse that Sarah Palin is having to put up with, so he has distributed the email address of Joe McGinniss, but encourages people to be polite:

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8 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Email Joe McGinniss and tell him what you think

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  2. For shame, Mark Levin. You are Sarah Palin's puppy dog! This woman, who presents herself as a gun-totin' pioneer woman, strong in every way, needs you and yours to send vituperative e-mails to Joe McGinniss?

    For God's sake, man, get the blood back up into your big head. Shame on you.

  3. It seems to me that McGinniss is doing a good job of reporting, moving into town to gather information, getting into context. You all are assuming that the book is going to be negative; McGinniss is even-handed, so far as I know, and he will be compiling information on Palin. Why are all of you having such a problem with this? Might there be things reported which ought not to see the light of day? Palin is a cultural phenomenon worthy of study, and from what I know of McGinniss, his overall and Tom Wolfe's overall interests are similar: American Studies.

    Thanks for Joe's email.

  4. Whether you or Alaskan's like Palin or not doesn't give anyone the right to infringe on her privacy. This is a time to think for yourself. We are on the brink of loosing this country with many lies and slants being flung and we got in this situation because we followed along and took the easy way and let others do our thinking. Bottom line – what McGinnis is doing is WRONG!!!! period. If we allow this to happen to one then it can happen to us as well. We need to stand for the rights of all in this country and not just those we agree with or like. That has been our strenth and success. I voted for Palin but not sure if I would vote for her next time (I'm leaving that open for more info) but the unfair way that she and her family has been treated is WRONG!!!!! Frankly I do not know what there is not to like. Many say they do not like her but cannot come up with any truth or solid fact to wararnt a dislike of a citizen that is trying to save this country. Fortunately she believes that this country is worth taking the heat for.

  5. You are making an “asp” out of yourself. There are a LOT of people who do not appreciate what you are doing. Maybe, you can work up a bigger scoop on Pelosi. Or check out Obama's background which he keeps hidden. That should be a real winner.

  6. I will note before I write this that although I cannot stand Sarah Palin, I think that this guy has taken things a little too far and I really don't approve of what he's trying to do.

    That said, I do believe that Sarah Palin is not particularly well regarded in Alaska anymore, so it wouldn't surprise me if her neighbors were some combination of the two. Also, it's a recession, and I'm sure he paid well.

  7. I'm curious what's with the neighbor that rented him the house. Are they out of sorts with Sarah P or against her politics also? They must have had some idea who he was. Joe McGinnis writes for Random House. I think emails to Random House may serve a better purpose saying we will not buy books put out by them if they don't call this guy off.

  8. Tempting, however attempting to remaining civil might give me an aneurysm of the brain.

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