Mark Levin explains why Judge Juan Merchan is a “hanging judge”

While closing arguments are being made to the jury today in this phony case against Trump which is playing out before the entire world, Mark Levin weighs in on why the corrupt Judge Juan Merchan is what people used to call a “hanging judge.”

He also passionately explains why, as he puts it, “Merchan is a crooked judge, pure and simple.”

I am not in the Manhattan courthouse, but I am listening carefully to what lawyers I trust (from Fox) who are there are texting/emailing to reporters, who are, in turn, reading them on air at Fox, as well as those who have left the courthouse and are speaking directly on air. The judge is a disgusting fraud who has his foot on the defense lawyer’s neck, while he allows the prosecutor to ramble on in every direction, including (only now) about federal campaign law and personal insinuations about Trump, as well as suggestions that Cohen’s actions can be inferred on to Trump. Outrageous.

This judge was specifically appointed to handle this case. From the start, he has shredded the law and the rules of evidence, he has stomped all over due process, he has silenced Trump respecting most aspects of the case, he has allowed collateral evidence into the trial (of which there is a ton), he has assumed jurisdiction over federal election law (preventing the defense from putting on one of the top experts in the nation from testifying to the jury), he has not directed the prosecution to state the alleged federal crimes with specificity (re federal campaign law, he has not required proof of anything let alone a citation to what law they’re only now inferring), etc. Then there was Stormy Daniels, who was used to embarrass Trump and spew her hate and nothing more. Michael Cohen, who lies whenever he opens his mouth, was the lead state witness. That is how preposterous this entire case is. Now, the Access Hollywood tape. None of this is relevant. It is all intended to create anger and hate against Trump by the jurors, which is an abomination. This character assassination, under cover of a so-called justice system, is pure Stalinism. One can only imagine what kind of jury instructions this so-called judge will give the jury.

Meanwhile, to underscore the political nature of all of this (as if it needs to be underscored), the Biden campaign used Robert De Niro, a foul-mouthed mad man, to accuse Trump of effectively being Genghis Kahn in the midst of the closing arguments, and the White House has told the media that Biden himself will comment as president after the jury issues its verdict.

Let’s remember, this is a non-case. There is no crime, federal, state, or local. The state misdemeanor having to do with corporate reporting was not violated. The NDA was a legal expense and reported as such. The misdemeanor statute had already run anyway.

As a result of leftwing groups filing a complaint with the FEC, claiming the NDA was an illegal federal campaign contribution, the FEC said it was not. As if all of this were not enough, the SDNY U.S. attorney’s office took another look at the case. It dropped it. Indeed, it was Cohen who agreed to committing a list of federal crimes, including perjury. The former Manhattan DA looked at it and dropped it. Bragg originally blew it off but when one of Biden’s henchmen was sent to NY to work on the non-fraud fraud case, and then moved to the non-crime criminal case, it was taken up. Then the preposterous theory was concocted: well, the state misdemeanor statute can be revived if the NDA can be said to have covered up another crime, in this case a federal campaign violation. And their key witness, Cohen. Of course, the DA has no jurisdictional authority on federal campaign matters. The FEC and SDNY do have jurisdiction but refused to bring charges. Hence, there was no federal campaign violation. The judge refused to allow Brad Smith, former chairman of the FEC and federal campaign law expert, to testify for the defense as an expert witness, who would have fired a fatal legal torpedo into the DA’s case. As he said on three different occasions on Life, Liberty & Levin, there was no federal election crime, which is precisely why the judge wouldn’t let the jury hear from him. There’s much more, of course.

The so-called judge in this case, Juan Merchan, is what we used to call a hanging judge. That is, the trial process is nothing more than a formality. In the end, nothing can be said, no evidence can be presented, no witness can alter, and no injustice can prevent the preordained outcome demanded by the judge. At least that is this judge’s intent and goal.

Remember, at the crux of all of this, there has been no evidence that Trump violated federal election law, let alone did so with intent and for which there is no reasonable doubt. The state law cannot be revived without proving this. My hope is that there’s at least one juror with the smarts, guts, and conscience, who cuts through the static, the collateral evidence, and the judge’s misconduct, and says no to Merchan, no to Bragg, no to the Biden regime, and no to this horrendous tyranny.

Nothing more to add except “A.M.E.N.”

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