Mark Levin goes nuclear over Romney’s inability to explain conservatism

Mark Levin spent part of his first hour playing Milton Friedman clips and explaining why Romney’s position on minimum wage is wrong, to educate the man and us. But as you’ll see in his monologue below, it frustrates him very much that he feels he has to do so.

He starts by playing a clip of Romney today that he was very much unimpressed with, which then turned into this amazing monologue where he explained why he is frustrated with Romney’s lack of conservatism.

This is a MUST LISTEN. Here is a partial quote from his monologue but you should really listen to the full clip below:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the country is going to hell and there’s only one party in a position to stop it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit on my ass like everybody else and just wave and just accept this! If the Republican Party cannot nominate somebody who understands basic capitalism and can discuss it without apologizing for it, if we can’t nominate somebody who will stop talking about class warfare and this class and that class, but talk about Americans, then it’s over! We’re doomed!

That’s why I’m passionate about this. That’s why I’m upset about this. I’m scared to death what’s going to happen in the next year, 2,3,4,5. I see it coming if we don’t change course! You do too! Look at the Occupy movements. I see the riots! I see the violence! I see the deterioration of our society! I see the bankrupting of Social Security and Medicare! I see the unsustainability of what’s going on and so do you!

So we can’t sit here like twiddle dee and twiddle dumb because somebody is running as a Republican who 15 years ago wouldn’t even do that! And we got to pay attention to this stuff folks!

I should not have to play clips of Milton Friedman for Mitt Romney to explain his problem with his position on minimum wage. I should not have to argue with Mitt Romney’s appointed hacks to explain the problem with RomneyCare. I shouldn’t have to explain to Mitt Romney why he shouldn’t feel guilty about his wealth and that he can explain to the American people more broadly why we want wealth creation in this country!

Because only that way can we lower unemployment. Only that way can we save the housing market. Only that way, through capitalism, wealth creation, productivity, can the American dream be returned.

Now if I can explain this in literally 3 minutes, why can’t he?!?!

And I know the answer to it and you’re not going to like it. Because he’s a corporatist and there’s a difference between a capitalist and a corporatist.

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